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Best Sunscreens for Face and Body in India

With summer around the corner, if there’s one thing that should be inside your bag, dressing table, car dashboard, or anywhere, it’s sunscreen for face and body. The sunscreen body lotion is the one product that keeps your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover, with the growing pollution comprising smoke from automobiles and factories, the ozone layer is quickly depleting. This increases the chances of your skin getting damaged by the deadly ultraviolet rays, and only sunscreen body lotion for summer helps. Additionally, a body sunscreen is one such product that should be worn in every season. Be it men or women, everyone requires the best sunscreen for the body. Only the best sunscreen body lotion works to get rid of the slightest rays of the sun, even during a chilly winter afternoon or the fresh rays of the sun after rain that can damage the skin. Applying sunscreen for face and body will ensure that any exposure to the sun will keep your skin protected.

Finding the best sunscreen body lotion is not a difficult task anymore. You can find dozens of options comprising different ingredients for different skin types. Besides, you can also choose a body sunscreen from the different SPFs available. This can be chosen based on the seasons you experience in the region you live in. Ensure that you also have sunscreen for face and body with an appropriate level of SPF based on the region you travel to. The easiest way to find the different SPF options is to search for the best sunscreen for body in India online and browse through the collection. Browse through the wide collection of products of the different brands available and pick your choice. Read the ingredients carefully and check whether each ingredient suits your skin. If the product is new for you or you wish to try a new brand, it is wise to consult a dermatologist beforehand. This will keep you informed of your skin type and what kind of ingredients would suit you best.


You can find the latest and widest collection of sunscreen for face and body on Trell Shop. Find the latest range and pick your choice from the list of brands such as Lakme, La’Decus, Fizzy Fern, The Man Company, Skinatura, Plum, Phy, and Cureskin, among the lot. Read on to know more about the different sunscreen products and get familiar with the types of sunscreens available to help yourself understand which is the best sunscreen for face and body and which one you should purchase today as your perfect summer shield for the skin.

Advanced Sunscreens for Your Skin

Giving Your Skin the Best Sun Protection This Summer

The use of sunscreen for face and body is still not accepted by many people. You always tend to look your best when stepping out to work, shop, enjoy a brunch with your friends, or a dinner night with your partner and loved ones. You choose the perfect outfit for the day and make it a point to look presentable. But how many of you give equal importance to your skin’s health and apply sunscreen body lotion for summer? Many people have the tendency to apply cosmetic products like eyeliners, foundation, lipsticks, and more and ignore essential ones like sunscreen. When it comes to applying sunscreen body lotion, many people give complete importance to it only during summers and not during other seasons. If you, too, follow such a practice, it is time that you pay attention and invest in the best sunscreen for body in India.


Beat the skin health effects that are caused due to continuous exposure to the sun by using the best sunscreen for body available on Trell Shop. No matter how strong the sun rays are, you can be assured of keeping your skin safe and eliminating the quick chances of premature ageing, skin damage, and even skin cancer. If you do not have any sunscreen and need to buy one, there is no need to step outside and face the torture of this summer heat. Instead, take the comfort of your home and place an order for the best sunscreen for body in India online on Trell Shop.

Types of Sunscreen for Face and Body

When talking about sunscreens, they can be majorly divided into two types:

  • Mineral sunscreen: Mineral formulations, also known as physical formulation, are made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. This type of sunscreen sits on top of the skin to deflect the harmful UV rays and protects the skin. Hence, anyone with sensitive skin that is easily prone to acne, allergies, or any other form of skin disorders can go for mineral or physical formulation body sunscreen.
  • Chemical sunscreen: Chemical sunscreens are prepared with either avobenzone or oxybenzone. The body sunscreen of this type is quickly absorbed by the skin. For those of you with a normal skin type, it is highly suggested to choose the chemical formulation sunscreens for the best results.

Tips and Tricks to Buying Sunscreen for Face and Body

To buy sunscreens, you should look for the formulas and science behind the product. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect sunscreen for face and body:


  • Always choose a water-resistant sunscreen: Be it a sunny day or a rainy day, it is highly recommended by experts to choose only a water-resistant sunscreen for face and body. The lotion or cream will stay longer on your skin even when you sweat during summers or drench yourself during monsoons. Additionally, water-resistant sunscreens are perfect for your beach days, wherein you can apply the lotion to your body and enjoy hours of swimming or any other water activity.


  • Check the label: The most common word that is used when we speak about sunscreen for face and body is ‘SPF’. The correct SPF does the trick of protecting your skin from both the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Hence, before buying a sunscreen, check the label to see the percentage of SPF. Experts suggest that the best sunscreen body lotions are the ones with SPF 50 or above. This ensures complete safety and protection from the chances of exposing the skin to premature ageing and several skin diseases. The SPF, however, can be lowered based on the region you reside in. 
  • Ensure the body sunscreen is rubbed well: Whenever you apply a sunscreen body lotion or gel, ensure that you properly rub it into the skin. Allow the formula to get absorbed and if required, apply another layer. This is the wisest and easiest way to be ensured that the application will work through your skin and keep you protected throughout the day. If you are on a vacation where you plan to tour the city, hit the beach, or shop all day long, make it a point to apply the sunscreen once after every two to three hours to stay better protected.


While body sunscreen can do wonders for the skin, there can be a few people who face certain issues based on their skin type. While the popular sunscreen brands, including The Body Shop sunscreen, Lakme, The Man Company, and many more, meet the standards of the FDA, a few others do not. Ingredients such as Oxybenzone, Titanium Dioxide, Tinosorb S, Mexoryl SX, and Octinoxate are a few potent ingredients approved by many countries. However, it is ideal to consult a doctor to understand which ingredient in sunscreen for face and body may not suit your skin type. A few common concerns that you may have regarding sunscreens include:

  • Itchiness in the area of application
  • Redness due to the sudden reaction of an ingredient
  • A burning or stinging sensation of the skin
  • Rashes in areas of application that may further extend to unexposed areas
  • Pus in the applied areas in an extreme situation


Which Sunscreen Body Lotion for Summer Should You Go for?

There are multiple sunscreens for face and body available in the market today. Based on the type of skin you have and the region you reside in, you can place your order. Here are our top picks from the wide range we have available:


  • Lakme Sun Expert: This ultra-matte lotion formula acts not only as a protection for the skin from harmful UV rays but can also be used as a light foundation for everyday use.
  • La’Decus Ultra Soothing Sunscreen Lotion: La’Decus’ SPF 30+ PA+++ sunscreen comes with the goodness of shea butter to restore your skin’s elasticity and ageing properties along with protection from the sun rays.
  • The Man Company Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion: With an SPF of 40+, this sunscreen is designed to protect your skin as well as nourish it due to the presence of Sea Buckthorn oil.
  • Plum Green Tea Day-Light Sunscreen: This light body sunscreen with SPF 35 PA+++ is a gel-based sunscreen that is perfect for those with combination, oily, and acne-prone skin. It contains natural ingredients like aloe juice, calendula extracts, and green tea extracts.
  • Fizzy Fern Sunscreen Cucumber Manjistha & Mulethi: With an SPF of 30, the Fizzy Fern Sunscreen Cucumber Manjistha & Mulethi keeps the skin protected and cool due to the presence of these amazing ingredients.


Why Do You Need Sunscreen?

The summer heat that we face in India is torturous. While the ongoing pandemic has given us the option to work from home, there still is a need to step out to run errands. So, the quickest way possible to protect your skin from the sun rays is by applying the ideal body sunscreen. When in a hurry, it becomes hectic to cover yourself with stoles, and moreover, they do not provide complete protection. They can cause discomfort with the mandatory need to wear a face mask. Both men and women should step out only after applying sunscreen for face and body. Sunscreens also work to protect the skin from pollution and other elements that can cause skin cancer.

Why Shop From the Trell Shop for the Best Sunscreen for Body in India?

Experience the comfort of shopping for the best sunscreen for body in India with Trell Shop. Be it for men or women, Trell Shop offers a wide range of sunscreen for the face and body that are handpicked by experts for the best results. You can pick your choice based on your skin type and the ingredients that suit your skin the best. Each product available on Trell Shop assures authenticity, as it is directly sourced from the brands. What’s more? Trell Shop offers the opportunity to shop comfortably and experience safe payment options, including cash on delivery, card payment, and UPI. You can shop for authentic products and get them delivered safely to your doorstep.


FAQs on Picking the Right Sunscreen That Suits All Your Needs

1. Which is the best sunscreen for body in India?

Brands such as Lakme, La’Decus, The Man Company, Plum, Fizzy Fern, and Skinatura are some of the leading brands that offer the best sunscreen products. You can check the ingredients of the products and pick your choice to suit your skin.


2. What is the price range of sunscreens?

Based on the size of the product that you require, you can buy a sunscreen that starts from as low as INR 160 and ranges up to INR 716.


3. Why should I buy body sunscreen online?

Online shopping offers you the opportunity to shop from a wide variety of products from the comfort of your home. Plus, you can choose to pay online or at the time of delivery.


4. Can sunscreen cause skin damage?

Applying sunscreen will not damage your skin but instead, protect it from the harmful rays of the sun that damage skin cells and result in older-looking, dry, and wrinkled skin.


5. Can everyone use the sunscreens available on Trell Shop?

Sunscreens are designed to protect the skin from the rays of the sun, and hence, they can be applied by both children and adults. However, you should check the ingredients before application and consult with a dermatologist, if necessary.

6. My skin is sensitive and allergic. Should I use sunscreen?

You can use any mineral sunscreen rich in natural ingredients. Additionally, it is highly suggested that you first consult a doctor before applying any of the sunscreens to avoid unfortunate reactions.


7. Which is the recommended sunscreen SPF for summers?

Experts recommend using sunscreen with SPF above 50 to receive the best results and protection against the harmful rays of the sun and other elements.

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