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Natural Face Moisturizer For Skin Protection

Knowing which is the best natural moisturizer for your skin is ideal for keeping your skin protected. The presence of the right ingredients according to skin types caters to providing the right treatment. This additionally works to keep your skin young and glowing.

Both men and women should prioritize applying a natural moisturizer as per their skin type. For the best results, you should check the available ingredients in the pack. Additionally, understand if all the ingredients in the chosen product suit your skin. If you are unsure, you should consult with a professional and learn which ingredients are best for you.

Different skin types and issues require extra care for their treatment. Hence, you will come across various natural moisturizers for oily skin, moisturizers for combination skin, and natural moisturizers for dry skin, among others. Moreover, some of these moisturizers are applied after a bath or at night, depending upon the skin’s requirement. Using a natural skin moisturizer as per your skin type works magically to protect it from dehydration, wrinkles, dark spots, irritation, and other skin-related issues.

The quality of the human skin tends to change over time. While the skin is usually healthy and glowing during the teenage years, they tend to wary slowly as one ages. Hence, this demands increased care and the application of the right natural moisturizer to maintain the results. Daily application of the best natural face moisturizer assures amazing results and benefits. Apply a natural moisturizer for dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin after washing your face in the morning and before bed.

For better results, you should massage your skin after applying a natural skin moisturizer. Gently massaging the skin with a moisturizer will allow it to penetrate deep into the skin. This will better absorb the potent formulation available in the natural moisturizer to treat the layers within. Additionally, absorption of the moisturizer with a massage in your daily skin routine will help provide quick and effective results.

If you are using a natural skin moisturizer but are willing to try something new, or the one you are using isn’t giving the required results, don’t worry. Trell Shop is home to some of the best natural moisturizer products of popular brands. The platform offers the opportunity to get complete details about the products, including the available ingredients. You can pick the best natural moisturizer for dry skin or oily skin, or combination skin. Additionally, you can also enjoy offers and discounts on the website and save huge on your purchases.

An insight into the wonders of using the best natural face moisturizer

There’s no denying the fact that the market of beauty today is filled with endless options. Whatever may your skin concern be, you will come across natural skin moisturizer products of different varieties of various brands using an assortment of ingredients. This gives you multiple options to choose from based on the ingredient that suits your skin best.

Before buying or, for that matter, applying a natural skin moisturizer, it is essential to ensure that you know your skin first. As mentioned above, oily, dry, and combination skins are the common types of skin we know. Hence, a natural moisturizer for oily skin should only be applied by those with oily skin. Similarly, a natural moisturizer for dry skin should be applied by those with dry skin and a moisturizer for all skin types by those with normal skin.

Many people wonder and question, “which is the best time to apply a natural face moisturizer?” Well, this depends upon the skincare routine you are following and the treatment required. For instance, those following a usual skincare routine should apply a moisturizer first after washing their face in the morning and after cleansing and toning before bed. On the other hand, anyone with a particular skin concern, such as wrinkles or acne, may require to apply one type of moisturizer during the day and one for the treatment before bed.

Applying a natural moisturizer for dry skin or oily skin at night is considered ideal for rejuvenating the skin. As you fall asleep, your entire body goes into a relaxing state, including your skin. Hence, the ingredients required to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin during the 7-8 hours of sleep tend to process better. This is why many skincare experts recommend cleansing, washing, toning, and moisturizing the skin before bed for healthy skin.

Types of natural moisturizer

If you have been using moisturizers for ages, you may be well aware by now that there are dozens of varieties. Each natural moisturizer and cream works uniquely and is designed to treat skin disorders of different types. But how well-aware are you on the types and understand which needs to be purchased for what? Let us help you get a better insight into the types of moisturizers available today.

Humectants: The first type of moisturizers are easily absorbent humectants and have become a popular choice. With common ingredients being hyaluronic acid, glycerin, lactic acid, alphahydroxy acid, and urea, humectants are gel-based moisturizers.

Ideal for: Humectants are the perfect natural moisturizer for dry skin and people who reside in humid regions.

Emollients: Mostly oil-based moisturizers, emollients can also be found as water-based moisturizers and penetrates deep into the skin. They help treat the spaces between skin cells and moisturize them to keep the skin hydrated. Additionally, emollients also contribute towards keeping the skin smoother and rejuvenated for a long duration.

Ideal for: Aged skin and those looking for a natural moisturizer for dry skin to keep it hydrated.

Ceramides: This is a type of moisturizer which is ideal  for the skin. However, ceramides tend to get damaged or depleted as you age over the years. Young individuals do not require moisturizers rich in ceramides as their skin produces enough. However, people above a certain age or those facing troubles with wrinkles should use ceramide-rich moisturizers.

Ideal for: Individuals with normal or combination skin types and those with early signs of fine lines.

Occlusives: Perfectly penetrating deep into the skin, this form of moisturizer comes with hydrating properties. They work wonderfully to help reach the moisturizer and trap them to cater to effective results. As they are thick and heavy in texture compared to the other types of moisturizers, occlusives are highly recommended to be used more as a body moisturizer instead of a face moisturizer.

Ideal for: Mature and dehydrated skins that lose their moisture quickly. People residing in humid regions can also choose an occlusive moisturizer for their skin.

Best natural face moisturizer brands

We all want the best for our skin, and nothing beats the results that natural ingredients have to offer. Today, several brands produce the best natural moisturizer for the face and body, and you should try them. With potent ingredients like Vitamin C, jojoba seed oil, almond oil, aloe vera, and more, you can buy your natural face moisturizer as per your skin type.

A few popular brands you can consider for your skincare regime include Just Herbs, Nivea, Lakme, Khadi Essentials, Mamaearth, The Man Company, Ponds, Biotique, Bombay Shaving Company, Plum Goodness, and Urban Veda.

They have the best natural moisturizer that replenishes the skin and reduces pigmentation. Additionally, the products are ideal for treating dark spots, uneven skin tones, skin dehydration, and patches.


Most of the natural face moisturizer products that you come across today are safe to use and offer excellent results, as claimed. However, there may be a few ingredients that may not suit specific skin types or, in some cases, skins that are sensitive to new ingredients. Such ingredients may include milk, oil, and herbs. Hence, this can cause skin concerns such as:

  • Acne
  • Redness
  • Spots
  • Formation of pus
  • Itchiness
  • Dryness
  • Pore clogging
  • Rough skin

Gender: Most of the best natural face moisturizer products we come across today are produced irrespective of gender. Both men and women can include their preferred brand’s natural moisturizer for dry skin or natural moisturizer for oily skin as they deem fit. Unlike earlier, skincare regimes are now actively included by men across the globe who are looking for healthy and glowing skin. They can apply as per their skin concern or daily routine, such as after a shower or before bed.

Why do you require a natural face moisturizer?

Moisturizers are one essential way to keep the skin hydrated and away from skin-related issues. As the skin is exposed to pollution and harmful UV rays, it is prone to suffer from several skin disorders. Additionally, the aging of the skin tends to make it easily prone to several skin issues. Hence, applying the right moisturizer according to your skin type will keep replenishing the quality day after day. Additionally, it will add to other benefits such as reducing blemishes, fighting wrinkles and other fine lines, tightening the elasticity, and repairing damaged skin cells. Therefore, you must pay attention to buying and applying the best natural face moisturizer. You can browse through the list of products available and purchase the ideal natural moisturizer for dry skin, natural moisturizer for normal skin, and natural moisturizer for oily skin.

Why purchase the best natural moisturizer for oily skin and dry skin from Trell Shop?

Trell Shop is your one-stop shop for all things beauty. You can browse through a wide collection of the best natural face moisturizer products of various choices and make a purchase. You can select from brands such as Mamaearth, The Man Company, Plum, Ponds, Lakme, and more. Not only can you find excellent choices in natural face moisturizer, but you can also fill your cart with haircare, perfumes, wellness, and makeup items.

FAQs on moisturizers

1. Why is a natural moisturizer essential?

A natural moisturizer plays an active role in keeping the skin hydrated. A well-hydrated skin further ensures to keep the skin glowing and maintain its elasticity, moisture, and overall health.

2. When should I apply a natural moisturizer?

A moisturizer should ideally be applied after you wash your face with a gentle face wash. If not, you can also include it during your daily skincare routine, which involves the CTM process (cleansing, toning, and moisturizing).

3. How do I know my skin type?

In order to determine your skin type, you must give a careful analysis throughout the week. Additionally, check if there are any changes when you eat certain foods, during climate changes, and while following a diet. You will get a fair idea after that if your skin is oily, dry, or combination type.

4. Should I get professional assistance before applying a moisturizer?

If you are new to the journey of applying a moisturizer and have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist first. If not, and you are looking to change the current moisturizer, browse through the products available in Trell Shop. Use the filter feature to list products according to skin type, brand name, moisturizer type, and price, if necessary. Read the given details of each product and choose your natural face moisturizer comfortably.

5. What else should I do than apply a natural moisturizer?

Keeping your skin hydrated is the best way to ensure its good health. Hence, along with applying the best natural face moisturizer, you must also ensure to drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps remove toxins from the body and keep your gut healthy. After all, a healthy gut makes a healthy you (overall).

6. What ingredients should I look for in a natural moisturizer for dry skin?

Some of the best natural moisturizers for dry skin products come with potent ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, honey, and oats.

7. Which are the best natural moisturizer brands for oily skin?

You can come across several natural moisturizer brands in Trell Shop offering the best products for oily skin types. Some include Plum Goodness, Mamaearth, Khadi Essentials, Volamena, Just Herbs, and Biotique.

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