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Lip Balms Are A Must In Every Skincare Routine

Chapped lips are an absolute no-no. Apply lip balm everyday to appear and feel good with your beautiful, pouty lips. Trell Shop has  a fantastic range of best lip balm brands such as Nivea lip balm.

It's essential to keep our lips hydrated throughout the year, whether it is summer or winter. Lip balms aim to protect the surface of our lips safe and moisturised, resulting in fuller lips. Using a good lip balm will save you from having cracking lips, which are painful and unsightly.

A decent lip balm with SPF would not only shield your lips from harmful UV rays but will also preserve the moisture of your lips. Our lips have thinner skin than the rest of our face. Wearing lip balm with SPF containing shea butter and hydrating vitamins can help the skin recover quickly to keep it hydrated. Add a pop of colour to your lips to break the monotony with multipurpose tinted lip balms.

You can pick between natural, herbal, and Ayurvedic products, and a tint that matches your skin complexion. Trell Shop makes your online shopping experience enjoyable and satisfying by providing multiple options and easy delivery.

Say bye to chapped lips with SPF based  lip balms 

From organic and natural to the one with ingredients that shield the lip surface from getting a tan, lip balms are an indispensable part of your regular beauty essentials. Lip balms fill the gaps and smoothens the lip skin so that you can apply more colour. As a result, it's ideal as a lipstick foundation. 

The Trell Shop offers a delectable range of lip balms to choose from.  You can use organic varieties like the Himalaya lip balm to relieve your rough, cracked lips in the winter. If you're getting ready for a nice day at work, apply a dab of your favourite fruity Nivea lip balm. For your first day at the office, you can also select a subtle mauve shade from the Lakme lip balm collection. Choose a nourishing Nivea lip balm to improve your confidence and get motivation. A dash of strawberry Lakme lip balm for a fast makeup fix can make you look chic at an evening out with friends. After a shower, unwind and treat yourself to the Biotique lip balm to hydrate and moisture-lock your lips.

Some other popular lip balms in India include Blue Heaven and the Body Shop lip balms. While Blue heaven lip balm is an affordable option, the Body shop lip balm falls in the luxury range with elite ingredients and fewer additives. For those with a love of pop up colours, Maybelline’s baby lips balm is the best choice.

Lip balms are usually used to keep the lips moisturised and smooth, turning dull and chapping lips into glossy and plump ones. It is recommended that you apply lip balm each hour or so because it quickly wipes away. Buy the best lip balm in India online from Trell Shop; choose the best lip balm based on your preferences and budget from the host of options available.

Ultimate hydrating lip balm

Redefine Your Beauty with a Potent Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Lip balms are, sadly, the makeup regime's underdogs. The lipstick alone would not be enough to hide dehydrated, flaky, or sun-damaged lips. No matter how many coats of your high end lipstick you apply, the cracks will become even more prominent.

Let us consider some benefits of applying a good lip balm:

  • Say goodbye to chapped, dry lips and annoying damaged lips, with an easy application of lip balm.

  • Lip balm with SPF shields your lips against the sun's rays, preventing them from getting discoloured and irritated.

  • If you didn't know, when you're sleeping, your lips push out toxins and dead cells to create new skin cells. As a consequence, the lips lose moisture overnight. So it would help if you used a lip balm coat when you rest at night to ensure moisture and protection.

  • If you need to go for a fast run but don't wish your lips to appear flat without lipstick, try a tinted lip balm. It adds a splash of colour and glows without being as glaring as lipstick.

  • You can use a lip balm as a primer for lipstick. A thin coating of a lip balm, owing to its silky texture, will enable your lipstick to slide smoothly on the lips and give a smooth finish.

Types of lip balm

Flavored lip balm

Flavored lip balms are common, especially with young boys and girls. Some brands specialise in exclusive, pleasant flavours, but most major brands offer at least one flavored product. Strawberry, vanilla, cherry, berry and mint are popular flavors, with some companies offering unusual flavours like coffee. Using flavored lip balm can make you feel like you're enjoying your favourite dessert while keeping your lips hydrated.

Tinted lip balm

Tinted lip balm adds a touch of colour to your lips, hydrates and moisturises them, and often also offers additional skincare benefits such as sun protection and anti-ageing properties. It is an excellent substitute for cosmetic lipsticks.

Tinted lip balm can be worn alone, under a lip gloss to build a moisturising foundation, or under your matte lipstick. Some formulations may also be used as an eye shadow or cheeks tint. It adds colour to your lips and looks amazing in photos for weddings or other special occasions.

Organic lip balm

Natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils make organic lip balms that are gentle on the skin. These organic substances not only provide natural moisture to your lips but are environment friendly too!

The colour of these organic lip balms is also obtained from vegetables and fruits such as beetroot powder, hibiscus powder, etc. Such a lip balm with chemical-free formula causes no side effects.

Plumping lip balm

Using lip plumper to make thin lips appear luscious and fuller has been a common trend for quite some time. A plumping lip balm boosts your lips, making them appear bigger and plumper naturally.

Plumping lip balms give the lips a fuller appearance. These products often contain ingredients that cause your lips to swell naturally, such as menthol, capsaicin, and ginger. The plumping lip balm for girls enhances lip fullness and refines lip outlines for a voluptuous, bee-stung appearance.

Lip balm with SPF

You must use sunscreen on your lips in the same manner as you would on your skin. When going outdoors, reach for a lip balm with at least SPF 15 and apply it. Lip balm for men shields the lips from signs of ageing and prevents them from appearing dry.

Lip balm with SPF is the best lip balm for those who enjoy a lot of time outside in the sun. The majority of lip balms that protect your lips have an SPF and include aloe and vitamin E.

Best brands of lip balm available at Trell Shop

Trell Shop  provides its customers with the most successful and genuine brands available. There are lip balm choices suitable for both men and women.

Some of the best brands available for lip balm at Trell Shop are Lakme, Biotique, Nivea, Himalaya, Bombay Shaving Company, Mancode and many others.

  • Nivea lip balm is the most widely used lip balm by boys and men as it comes in a tint-free stick.
  • Women and girls who prefer natural products opt for Biotique lip balm and Himalaya lip balm.
  • Lakme lip balm is a favourite of tinted lip balm lovers because of its amazing colour options.


Using a good lip balm offers a solution to your lip care concerns. Some of the most common concerns of lip balm users include:

  • Dry lips
  • Chapped lips
  • Pigmented lips
  • Sensitive lips
  • Sun protection
  • Anti-aging

Why do we Need Lip Balm?

Lip balm is a kind of ointment applied to the lips to maintain their moisture and assist in the healing dryness and cracks. Different forms use various ingredients, ranging from petroleum jelly to "natural" ingredients like beeswax. A lip balm is different from lip gloss and lipstick as these are only limited to cosmetic use. In addition to giving a glow to the lips, lip balm helps combat chapping and secures the delicate lips from sunburn.

Why Shop from Trell Shop?  

Lip balm is an important and versatile part of the self-care process. Almost all girls and women use a good lip balm every day to protect their lips. Now, even boys and men have started to realise the importance of using a hydrating lip balm.

At Trell Shop, there are various options to choose from, whether you like coloured lip balms, organic lip balms, or even a lip balm with SPF for sun protection.

You may read customer reviews to determine which products are the best and most reliable. You can make purchases online using a debit card, credit card, or net banking, safely and conveniently. Trell Shop has many exciting and lucrative offers available all around the year for a better shopping experience.

FAQs on gaining flawless and healthy lips with lip balms

1. How do lip balms work?

Lip balm works by forming a shield between your lips and the environment, restoring hydration and preventing moisture loss. It prevents your lips from drying out, or chapping. It hydrates the lips and makes them tender, smoother, and supple.

2. How can I get brighter lips?

To get brighter and pink-looking lips, you must invest in a lip balm with SPF that protects your lips from the harmful radiations of the sun. You must also maintain hydration by drinking enough water throughout the day.

3. What are the best brands for lip balm?

The best lip balm brands are Nivea lip balm, Biotique lip balm, Body shop lip balm, Himalaya lip balm, Lakme lip balm, and Maybelline baby lip balm.

4. When should I apply lip balm?

To maintain your supple lips, you should apply a nourishing lip balm every few hours. You can apply a thin layer of lip balm when getting ready in the morning. You must include lip balm in your night-time skincare regime to wake up with softer, smoother and hydrated lips the next day.

5. What are the other uses of lip balm?

Apart from providing hydration to dry lips, a nourishing lip balm has several other uses. You may use a tinted lip balm as an eye shadow or cheek colour. A lip balm with extra moisture can help to smoothen dry elbows and cuticles.

6. What is the price of lip balms?

The price of a lip balm varies according to its contents. Lip balms with chemical by-products are cheaper, and those with organic contents may end up on the expensive side. Nivea lip balm price lies in the range of 180 to 200 rupees, while Body shop lip balm price lies in between 300 to 700 rupees.

7. Which e-commerce platform offers the best and trusted brand in regards to lip balms?

Trell Shop offers a range of lip balms from your favourite brands. You can go to Trell's website and select from various items the finest lip balm products at the most pocket-friendly prices.

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