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Best Exfoliating Scrub for All Skin Types

Clogged pores and dull skin are a nightmare for everyone. With the rising pollution level in urban areas, multiple skin problems like irritation, redness, and eczema are increasing. Long term exposure to UV-A and UV-B leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and premature ageing. Moreover, putting on beauty products such as foundation, concealer, compact, and highlighter daily clogs the skin pores. This does not allow the skin to breathe naturally, which gives rise to redness, bumps, pimples, puss-filled bumps, and acne. Pondering how to protect your skin? Not to worry at all because Trell Shop has bought the best brands of scrubs exclusively for you. 

Natural body scrubs and face scrubs contain coarse particles which facilitate exfoliation of the skin. They work gently on the skin by eliminating dead cells and lowering the probability of acne breakouts, thereby improving skin texture. Using face or body scrubs enriched with natural ingredients regularly also reduces the occurrence of ingrown hair, making the skin soft and smooth. It is beneficial for both men and women to apply scrubs to ensure a steady improvement in the quality of the skin. Natural body scrubs can be used by anyone with natural body scrub loofah irrespective of gender to get clear, healthy skin. There are no gender-specific scrubs in the market. All natural exfoliating body scrubs should be used, keeping in mind the nature of the skin. This is because different types of skin demand different scrubs with specific components that will be best suitable for the skin type.  

For people with oily skin, coffee scrub, green tea scrub, and charcoal scrub produce outstanding results. Furthermore, sugar-based scrubs, white tea, aloe vera, cucumber, and chamomile scrubs are meant for individuals having dry skin. One of the best brands on Trell Shop is Plum Goodness that provides various options to customers for every skin type. It has foam scrub, cream scrub, and gel-based scrub, each of which is free from harsh chemicals. With soft beads and gentle granules made from natural extracts, Plum scrubs treat acne, excessive oil, and blackheads efficiently. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub is one of the best performing products available on Trell Shop. The properties of cellulose beads and healing buckthorn promote the natural restoration of skin cells with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. In addition to this, Human nature body scrub is another widely recognised product among skin lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one from the vast range of cruelty-free natural body scrubs and face scrubs on Trell Shop and make your skin ready for this summer. Remember to use it twice daily to get noticeable results. 

Scrubs as a Skincare Partner 

A good skincare routine is composed of four fundamentals, of which exfoliation is a crucial part. Skincare professionals opine that exfoliating once or twice per week with natural body scrubs sweeps away buildups, brings out dead skin cells, and restores the natural glow. Best all natural body scrubs contain peels of natural ingredients and chemical exfoliating agents that deeply clean dermal pores. T-zone, that is forehead, nose, and chin are most prone to clogging. While applying a scrub on the face or body, finger motion needs to be focused on these areas having a high volume of blackheads, flakiness, and dark spots. During the ancient Egyptian era, both women and men used all natural exfoliating body scrubs with perfumed oils to keep their skin wrinkle-free and supple from the heat of the dry desert. Cleopatra herself used sour milk as her own formula of chemical exfoliation. During the Middle Ages, wine was used with tartaric acid as an active chemical exfoliant. Asian Countries like China practised exfoliation 100 years ago. 

Dermatologists started experimenting with phenols in chemical scrubs at the beginning of the 20th century that remained widely popular throughout it. DIY or homemade scrubs show mostly positive results as a natural body scrub for eczema. For instance, natural sugar scrubs are helpful for curing dry eczema without any issue of oozing or weeping. Mixing coffee scrub with avocado oil is also beneficial for treating eczema. Nonetheless, to treat eczema, visiting a dermatologist is the foremost remedy. Chemical exfoliators, despite having natural extracts, may worsen the condition.  


Types of Scrubs: One-Stop Information 

In reality, each scrub has various properties because of a variety of ingredients being used by manufacturers. However, each ingredient has its suitability to different types of skin. Here is a quick guide to some common types of natural body scrubs and face scrubs.  

  • Sugar scrub

Sugar scrubs are ideal for people with sensitive skin and normal to dry skin. The grains are usually smaller and less abrasive. Sugar works well to hydrate skin by locking moisture; thus, it is a natural humectant. Sugar-based scrubs are rich sources of glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid. These components are safe, natural chemicals that encourage faster cell rejuvenation. 

  • Herbal scrub

The potentials of herbal scrubs in treating skin are a handful. However, you need to be careful while selecting the product because human tolerance levels for different herbs are different. Lavender, rosemary, tea tree, neem, aloe vera are some prominent examples of scrub additives. Each of them has its own scent and a soothing quality as well. Herbal scrubs are more tender owing to their softer, crushed texture. 


  • Coffee scrub

Being a natural stimulant, coffee is one of the most widely popular exfoliating agents. It improves skin texture and stimulates faster cell turnover. Caffeine in coffee-based scrubs tightens skin and reduces inflammation. Additionally, it has therapeutic properties because of the aroma. 

  • Moisturising scrub

In most cases, these exfoliants are composed of fibres, coconut shells, seed extracts, and husks of grains. Such exfoliators do wonders on excessively damaged or dry skin with their moisturising and antioxidant properties. 


  • Salt scrub

Salt-based scrubs are highly abrasive as different categories of sea salts are their primary constituents. They generate good results for acne-prone, troubled, and oily skin. Salt pulls out excess oil secreted from the skin and cures blemishes due to its antiseptic properties. Salt exfoliators are also detoxifying agents because of their anti-inflammatory properties. 

Best Exfoliator Brands Out There

The utility of scrubs depends on the selection of the right product according to skin types. Fortunately, there are multiple natural body scrubs and face scrubs with distinctive properties which are ideal for different types of skin. Some of the well-recognised brands in the market are Human Nature Body Scrub, MCaffeine, Plum Goodness, Biotique, Khadi Essentials, Himalaya, and Jovees.


The most concerning aspect while purchasing a natural body scrub or face scrub is the aggressiveness of the grains. Excessive harsh beads create micro-tears, flaky patches, and sensitivity. Plum scrubs and Human Nature Body Scrub are the best choices for sensitive skin owing to their moisturising, gentle, and soothing properties. Some other related concerns are:

  • Parabens 
  • SLS
  • Dryness
  • Whiteheads
  • Allergy
  • Rashes

Why Do You Need a Good Exfoliator?  

Systematic exfoliation not only drives away dead, dry skin cells but also boosts the brightness of the skin. Thorough skin messaging stimulates blood circulation in the body and face muscles. In this way, oxygen-rich blood heals the blemishes, dark spots, flakiness, and acne. High-quality exfoliators with tender beads and natural extracts are favourable for any skin type, from sensitive to combination skin. More specifically, exfoliation provides the best results in oily skin. In addition to improvement of skin texture, smoothening, and curing pimples, exfoliation helps to get rid of unnecessary oil secretion. Scrubbing should be included in the skincare regimen for significant differences in skin health. At Trell Shop, you will find a vast range of suitable scrubs, including all natural exfoliating body scrubs and face scrubs.


Why Should You Prefer Purchasing Exfoliators From Trell Shop?

Trell Shop is a growing online beauty shopping store where you can browse the best all natural exfoliating body scrubs and face scrubs. At Trell Shop, we value the well being of your skin to a great extent. We strive to provide viable services to our customers such as Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery, Discounts, and Free Gifts. We provide only branded and supreme quality scrubs, which are clinically tested with various steps of the quality checking process. Not only face scrubs and natural body scrubs, but you can also browse our unique collection of moisturisers, toners, face washes, perfumes, and makeup products. Visit our website to explore more collections and give a head start to your skincare journey.

FAQs on the Usability of Natural Exfoliating Scrubs 

1. How many times will I have to use a scrub?

It is recommended to use a face scrub and natural body scrub once or twice a week. If your skin is oily, you can increase the frequency up to thrice a week. For combination to excessively dry skin, once a week is advisable to preserve the natural glow. 


2. How shall I apply scrub?

Choose the best all natural body scrub according to your skin type. Take a few drops of water, rub both the palms together and spread evenly. Gently massage the scrub into moist skin for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry and apply a moisturiser to soften your skin. 


3. Will there be any side effects of using a scrub?

Excessive scrubbing will disrupt the delicate layer of skin making it more sensitive to harmful UV rays. Skin becomes dry, patchy, and rough due to the extraction of natural oils. Moreover, choosing an unsuitable natural body scrub or face exfoliator can cause redness, pimples, and limps. 


4. What happens if I apply scrub daily?

Scrubbing daily would make the skin excessively dry, rough, and dull, therefore, causing skin damage. Your skin will lose its natural glow, and you may also face a burning sensation or itchiness. Even if you use all natural exfoliating body scrubs, stripping the skin of all essential, natural oils causing breakouts. 


5. Can I exfoliate my skin before bed?

According to experts, exfoliating in the evening or morning is beneficial for skin instead of at night. While sleeping, friction between the face and pillow prevents the benefits of the face scrubs and natural body scrubs from soaking into the skin. Nighttime is ideal for skin rejuvenation and not exfoliation. 


6. Are natural body scrubs and face scrubs harsh on skin?

Natural body scrubs and face scrubs are not at all harsh on the skin, given that they are nourishing products. Unless you have any pre-existing skin problems, natural exfoliators act gently on the skin. Select face exfoliators and all natural exfoliating body scrubs according to your skin type for the best results. 


7. Are scrubs with fragrance harmful?

Natural body scrubs and face scrubs with strong fragrance contain harsh chemicals, including lead, parabens, and SLS. These absorb into the skin, causing long term skin damage. It is recommended to use scrubs with mild fragrance as those consist of natural ingredients which are safe for the skin. 


8. Is it necessary to use a natural body scrub loofah or a face loofah?

Loofahs are very effective for cleaning the skin, but they are not the best choice for exfoliation. Natural body scrub loofahs are made of dried gourd and are characterised by a coarse texture that can be harsh for the skin. 


9. Do natural body scrubs or face scrubs cure eczema?

Eczema or dermatitis is a medical condition that gets worse if commercial products are used. You must use a medicated natural body scrub for eczema under medical supervision. Homemade or DIY scrubs with natural ingredients can also treat eczema.


10. Can I use a body scrub on my face?

As a fact, using natural body scrubs on the face is not recommended. Basically, natural body scrubs are made of more aggressive beads, which can wear the skin away. As facial skin is more sensitive, it will lead to breakouts.

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