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Menstrual Cups: Are Indian Women Ready for the New Revolution?

Sanitary products in India have long been limited to only sanitary napkins. You must have seen advertisements on television showing how sanitary pads can make your period a much more comfortable and “normal” experience. Well, we all know that they aren’t that promising. 


Sanitary pads are pretty irritating sometimes. They leave rashes and itch or even swell the skin sometimes. This irritation can either be due to the material that the pad is made of or the moisture and heat that combine to contribute to the build-up of bacteria. 


Also, a sanitary pad is perhaps the most stain leaving a product that anyone might have used during their periods. In comparison to that, a menstrual cup can perform much better in securing the flow and not letting your clothes stain. 


Moreover, napkins are irritating. You need to have a check on them now and then. They aren’t as long-lasting as other products, such as a menstrual cup. And the best part of menstrual cups being that you don’t even feel them once they are inserted into the vagina properly. This is in stark contrast to how sanitary pads make you conscious and keep reminding you of their presence every time!


But, the worst part is still in its way. The use of a sanitary pad isn’t healthy. It traps moisture, which, in turn, provides the bacteria and fungus breeding ground. Most women in India do not follow the essential hygiene practice of changing their pad every 6 hours. Some even put them on and forget about them for the rest of the day! Well, this is very dangerous. The pad becomes a ground for various infections to spread. Yeast infections are common. But, this problem is fixed by menstrual cups. They don’t absorb any fluid; instead, they collect it. 


Last but not least, the best menstrual cup can hold more liquid than any other sanitary products like napkins or tampons. It is beneficial on days of heavy flow. 


Menstrual cups are better and more promising than sanitary pads. Moreover, studies have shown that apart from being medically safe and effective, they are also a viable option for use in developing countries where menstrual products are limited because of financial reasons. The menstrual cup price is quite affordable and, in fact, lower than any other alternative in the long run. They are eco-friendly as well, solving the disposing issue, which has become a major concern in India as well! 


Menstrual Hygiene Still Sounds a Far Cry


Even though the menstrual cup seems to be a solution to all our problems, what stops India from switching over to them? They cost less, last longer, and are eco-friendly as well! Well, we need to look at history again. 


Back in the 1920s, when the menstrual cup was discovered, many Indian women were unaware of the sanitary napkins, let alone using them. Today, almost a century later, many women still don’t know what menstrual cups are. And those who know about them are uncomfortable with inserting a cup into their body. 


Well, this isn’t shocking. Today, when everyone knows about sanitary pads, many women don’t prefer to use them. Sometimes, it’s their financial conditions; sometimes, it’s a mere lack of knowledge about their importance. But, this cannot be a reason to let your hopes down and not bring in something new to the market!


We must look at how India reached this stage to create awareness about sanitary pads amongst many women. It was majorly the advertisements and the government policies that spread the word. Now, it is the need of the hour to switch to menstrual cups


Therefore, we need the policy to make people aware of menstrual hygiene and how menstrual cups are much better than sanitary pads in every aspect. The menstrual cup price is, on average, Rs. 300, and can be used for as long as five years with proper care. This costs much cheaper than other sanitary products! They are more comfortable than any other blood-absorbing product, and most importantly, they do not cause any harm to you!


Types of Menstrual Cups


Menstrual cups can be categorized according to their sizes. Most companies offer three sizes of menstrual cups. But, each company has a different measure, and there is no fixed diameter of small or large cups. One company’s small can be another’s medium!


  • Size 1 - This is the smallest, with a diameter between 36 to 40 mm. The capacity lies between 23 to 25 ml and is generally preferred by girls who haven’t given birth vaginally. 
  • Size 2 - This is the medium size with a diameter varying between 40 to 43 mm. The capacity generally varies between 25 to 27 ml and is used by women who have given birth vaginally or ones who have a heavier flow.
  • Size 3 - This is the largest size and with a diameter of 45 to 46 mm. The capacity ranges from 28 to 30ml and is generally used by women who have given birth or undergo very heavy flow. 


The size should be taken based on various factors, including the size of the cervix, age, and capacity.


Best Intimate Hygiene Brands to Use


Any company that sells menstrual cups has to get its product clinically tested before selling them. Otherwise, the product is considered inappropriate for sale. But, some companies are well known to be selling the best quality menstrual cup. Their products are easily available online and in the market as well. Some well-known brands selling clinically tested menstrual cups are:


  • Sirona
  • The Women’s Company
  • Gynocup
  • Sanfe
  • Divacup
  • Lunette
  • Lily Cup


Trell Shop has collaborated with some of these to provide you with the best menstrual cup in India




There are many concerns surrounding the use of menstrual cups in India among women. Some of these are due to a lack of knowledge, while others are genuine. These include -


  1. Impacts of inserting the cup inside the vagina.
  2. The issue of the correct size and correct shape before you buy it. 
  3. The high cost of a menstrual cup




Menstrual cups are often advertised as only made for cis women. But, periods don’t occur only to women. They are a phenomenon common to all humans who have a uterus and a vagina. Thus, even non-binary people and trans men having uterus and vagina go through the menstrual cycle. The companies producing sanitary products have identified this and have started producing gender-neutral menstrual cups as well. 


Why Should You Use Menstrual Cups?


There ought to arise many doubts in your mind before you switch to anything new, especially when it is so intricately related to your health and comfort. Menstrual products moreover have a history of not being accepted for a very long time in India. But, keeping all these things aside, the fact is that a menstrual cup is the best solution to all the problems you face during your period. Don’t believe it? Here are some of the many advantages of menstrual cups over conventional tampons or napkins. 


  • Menstrual cups hold more liquid than any fluid-absorbing product such as tampons. The capacity of a menstrual cup varies between 25 to 30 ml depending upon the size of the cup. 
  • They don’t interfere with your vaginal flora. They, unlike tampons, don’t absorb vaginal fluids, letting them prevent any infections and growth of fungus or bacteria. 
  • They are reusable and can be used for many years. The best menstrual cup can be used for as long as 5 to 10 years if properly maintained. Thus, they are cost-effective too!
  • You can’t even feel them once they are properly inserted. You can insert the cup inside your vagina and then forget about it for the next 6 to 8 hours. And, thus, you can go to sleep peacefully! No leakage tension, no waking up at odd hours at night to see if the pad is full. 
  • They are eco-friendly, unlike the tampons and pads that end up in the landfill. Thus, menstrual cups are the solution to the disposable problem of menstrual products as well. 
  • There is no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, contrary to tampons. 


Why Purchase Menstrual Cups From Trell Shop?


Trell Shop is the ultimate online store where you will find all the leading brands offering menstrual products. The products being sold are authentic and genuine. You can even scroll through to read the reviews by our customers to know what they feel about the product and the ease of dealing at Trell Shop. Right from getting your favorite brands offering all your required products to making the payment super easy for you, Trell Shop is the one you can always count on. 


The payment modes are also safe. These include payment via credit card, debit card, net banking, and others. 


Moreover, we collaborate with the best brands in the market to bring to you the best products available. Some of the brands selling the best menstrual cups at Trell Shop include Sirona, Gynocup, The Women’s Company, and Sanfe. The delivery process is quick and easy, and we ensure the best service provision to our customers. 


FAQs on Menstrual Cups Which You Should Know!


1. Are menstrual cups bad? 

Not at all, menstrual cups in India are one of the best options available for menstrual hygiene. Unlike all the other absorbing products, menstrual cups don’t dry your vagina, thus preserving the healthy bacteria that protect it from infections. Menstrual cups are chemical-free, long-lasting, and don’t even feel like something is inserted in your vagina! Moreover, they are environment friendly and don’t cause much burden on your pocket. 


2. Is it safe to use a menstrual cup?

Yes, it is safe to use a menstrual cup. They are not associated with toxic shock syndrome, mostly linked to the use of tampons. They cause lesser cramps as well (as reported by the users). Unlike tampons and pads, they don’t contain any chemicals and preserve the good bacteria required in your vaginal area to prevent any infections.


3. How do menstrual cups function?

menstrual cup is a small cup made of silicone which is a very flexible rubber-like material. Rather than absorbing the blood that flows during your period, it collects it. To use it, you need to insert it into your vagina. This can be easily done by folding it appropriately and then inserting it safely. The steps to be followed are generally mentioned on the packet of the cup as well. 


4. How to remove a menstrual cup?

It is quite easy to remove the cup. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is to relax! The cup can go nowhere except coming out once it is in your vagina. Sit on the toilet seat comfortably. Take hold of the lower part of the cup that should protrude out and easily be felt. If you don’t find it, don’t worry. Try squatting and leaning forward to find it. Now, gently pull the cup out and throw the blood in the drain. And you’re done!


5. How to know the size of menstrual cups?

There are various factors that you need to consider before deciding on the correct size. These include age, pregnancy, size of the cervix, flow, bladder (softness of the muscles), and your lifestyle as well. If you change one or two tampons a day, a small cup might be the one, but if you change it more frequently, then you may need a medium or large cup based on that. Also, the size should be according to the size of your cervix. 


6. At what duration should you empty menstrual cups?

The maximum time limit for leaving the cup is 12 hours. Further, depending on how heavy the flow is, you need to remove it. If the flow is heavy, emptying it every 6 hours will be the best choice. If the flow isn’t that heavy, for example, on the fourth or the fifth day of the period, you can leave it in for 8 or 9 hours. 


7. Can you use baby wipes to clean menstrual cups?

Using baby wipes for cleaning your menstrual cup is a strict no. This is because they are soaked in chemicals such as alcohols, oils, and fragrances. All these chemicals can cause damage to both your cup and vaginal health. Using gentle, unscented, oil-free soaps is recommended to clean and maintain your menstrual cups.

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