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Feminine Hygiene Products Safe to You and the Earth

Intimate feminine hygiene is still a taboo and a hushed topic. Many women are hesitant to talk about personal hygiene and buying female hygiene products over the counter. However, personal hygiene is very important to maintain overall health and to avoid vaginal problems like vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, bad odor, vaginal infections, cervical cancer, etc. There is a wide range of feminine hygiene products that help in keeping intimate areas clean. The availability of female intimate hygiene products ensures better feminine health and lifestyle. 


Knowing about the importance of personal hygiene and the intimate feminine hygiene products right from puberty can make a big difference in female health and wellness. The world today is different. Gone are the days when women were just homemakers and remained within the four walls of their homes. Today they have to step out of their homes for work when they have their menstrual periods. So they need the best menstrual care products. 


Moreover, they are too busy balancing their professional life and family life. So they tend to ignore their personal hygiene. The use of the right products ensures the best intimate health for women. 


What are the products available for maintaining the best female hygiene? The first and foremost are the menstrual cups, tampons, and reusable pads. Do you know the plastic used in disposable menstrual pads takes more than 500 years to decompose? It can cause a lot of environmental and health hazards. Moreover, most of them contain harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds that can get absorbed into the body through the vagina. The dangers of using disposable pads have led to the usage of cups and tampons. 


The feminine hygiene products list is long with many more products like panty liners, vaginal tightening gel, breast enhancement cream, sweat pads, vaginal wash, intimate deodorant, stand and pee sticks, and many more. They all help to keep your private parts healthy, hygienic, fresh, and odor-free. 


Although many personal hygiene products for females are available, many are still shy to talk about their personal care. If you are reluctant to buy them from the retail shops, you can buy them online from Trell shop, where you can find all types of female genital hygiene products from all top brands. 


Top Female Hygiene Products Sold Online by Trell Shop 


The genital organs are the most intimate parts of both males and females. The personal hygiene of females is more important than males because they menstruate every month for several years in their lifetime. Genitals play a significant role in a woman’s health. They can be safeguarded only if you follow strict personal hygiene. Every woman should have an idea about intimate hygiene right from the start of puberty. If proper hygiene is not followed during menses, it can cause bacterial growth in the genitalia. Feminine hygiene cleaning products and other feminine hygiene products are very helpful to keep your private parts clean and healthy. 


The history of female hygiene products dates back to the 5th century when women used tampons made from softened papyrus. Female hygiene has come a long way since then. The modern sanitary pads, cups, and tampons came into usage only after the 1920s. As menstruation was considered taboo in India, female hygiene products in India have introduced only a few decades ago. However, more and more women have started to understand the importance of personal hygiene, and hence the sale of intimate hygiene has stepped up. If you want to reduce the risks of vaginal diseases, you should make sure that you use the best female hygiene products


Some experts say that vagina is self-cleaning, and it can eliminate bacteria and dead cells. However, the main concern is the bacterial population in the vulva. The high population of bacteria calls for the use of personal hygiene products. The best thing is to avoid hygiene products that contain dangerous chemicals. Go for safe feminine hygiene products.  


Types of Female Hygiene Products That are Commonly Used 


The term female hygiene products generally refer to the products used during the menstrual cycle of a female. However, more products like toilet sprays, intimate wash, and vaginal tightening creams have also been added to the feminine hygiene products list. 


  • Menstrual pads - They are placed on the panties to absorb the blood released during menses. They are available in many lengths and thicknesses to accommodate the various levels of menstrual flow. They are disposable and can harm the environment. However, some brands like Carmesi are manufacturing eco-friendly pads. 
  • Panty liners - They are very thin menstrual pads that can be used on the last day of the periods when the flow is very little. It is also used by females who have white discharge. 
  • Menstrual cups - Menstrual pads are external personal hygiene products. On the other hand, menstrual cups are used internally. It is inserted inside the vagina and collects the menstrual blood. It is reusable and hence eco-friendly. It is available in many sizes.
  • Tampons - This is also an internal period product like menstrual cups, but they are disposable. When inserted into the vagina, it absorbs blood internally. This is less messy than pads. It is comfortable while exercising and playing sports. 
  • Menstrual panties - They are specially designed to make sure that there are no leaks and stains on days when the flow is high. They are washable and odor-resistant.
  • Toilet spray - It is a blessing for women who have to use public toilets and toilets at workplaces. It should be sprayed on the toilet before use. This helps in the prevention of infections and bad odor.
  • Vaginal tightening gel - It helps in tightening and revitalizing the vagina that tends to loosen after vaginal delivery.
  • Intimate wash - It keeps away the bad odor and itching from the intimate parts. It keeps them clean and fresh.
  • Breast firming cream - It helps to strengthen the ligaments in the breasts to keep them firm. It increases the elasticity of the skin of the breasts and makes them firmer.


Best Female Hygiene Product Brands that are Highly Recommended 


The best female hygiene product brands include Sanfe, INLIFE, Carmesi, Sirona, Niine, Gynocup, Mermaid, Inflame, etc. The products from these brands are safe feminine hygienic products because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They can be bought online. You are saved from the embarrassment of asking for intimate products from a male salesman. Moreover, when you buy online, you can get discounts and deals. You will be able to decide which is the right product for you with the help of customer reviews and ratings. 




You should know the concerns about feminine hygiene products before buying them. 


  • Toxic chemicals present in pads and tampons 
  • Intimate washes can kill the good bacteria
  • The artificial scents in the intimate washes may cause allergies
  • Plastics in pads can harm the environment. 


Make sure you read the materials list before buying and buy healthy feminine hygiene products that are safe. 


Why Do We Need Female Hygiene Products? 


It is a fact that the vagina is a self-cleaning part. However, the private parts should be protected from the risk of infections while using public toilets. We need them to avoid urinary tract and vaginal infections. A survey says that 60% of Indian women are affected by urinary and vaginal infections every year. 

They are also important for the overall health of females. When women have infections, it may affect their sexual partners too. They make sure schooling and work are not disrupted. Playing sports will not be a big issue when you use female hygiene products. There is no anxiety of stains and leaks. 

They give women a lot of confidence and keep them comfortable. Moreover, using normal bath soaps for cleaning the intimate parts can affect the pH balance of the vaginal area. It can cause dryness and increase the risk of fungal infections. Make sure to buy the top female hygiene products brands to get maximum benefits and avoid side effects and allergies. 


Why Should You Buy Female Hygiene Products From Trell Shop?


It is a one-stop destination for a wide range of feminine intimate hygiene products. They are from top brands and contain natural and organic ingredients. They are of high quality and safe to use. They are available at affordable prices and are delivered to your doorstep. You have tracking options to have an idea of when you will get your order delivered. It is a reliable website and has a safe payment gateway. There are many payment options like net banking, debit cards, credit cards, UPI, wallet, and cash on delivery. The products are packaged securely in bubble wraps. If the product is defective, you can return it and get a refund. Shopping in the Trell Shop is an enjoyable experience. 


FAQs on Female Hygiene Products


1. Do feminine hygiene products cause irritation and itchiness? 

Best feminine hygiene products made with safe natural materials do not cause any undesired side effects. If you are sensitive to fragrances and scents, you should strictly avoid scented products that contain artificial fragrances. 


2. Can sexually inactive and virgins use menstrual cups? 

Yes, they can use menstrual cups. They need a little practice because their vaginal entrance is smaller, and their hymen may be intact. Once they get used to it, they will not have any problems. 


3. Is it uncomfortable and painful to wear menstrual cups? 

No, there are no discomforts. It gets fixed with a slight suction. It stays in place. There is no fear of leaking and staining. So it is comfortable. It does not hurt. Initially, it may be a little stressful while inserting the cup, but once you realize it is easy to insert, you will not have any stress. 


4. Can I flush the used sanitary pads in the toilet? 

No, they should not be flushed in the toilet as it may clog the drain. Used sanitary pads should be disposed of with care. They should not be thrown in the open as they become the breeding ground for bacteria. They should be wrapped in a newspaper and left in the garbage bin. Today, households, workplaces, and educational institutions use incinerators to get rid of the used pads. 


5. Some sanitary pads have traces of phthalates. Are they safe? 

The environment contains trace residues of phthalates. During the manufacturing process, the residues in the environment get into the products. Traces are safe and don’t pose any health risks.


6. How to select the right tarpon size? 

Tampons are available in many sizes, ranging from junior to double plus. You should take into consideration a few factors before selecting the correct size. They are virginity, vaginal labor, and heaviness of flow. 


7. How to choose the right menstrual cup size? 

You have to choose the menstrual cup size, taking into account the length of the vagina, the diameter, and the capacity. If your menstrual cup is too big, it may cause pain and cramps. 


8. Which size and type of sanitary pad are right for me? 

Most women believe that all sanitary pads are the same, but in reality, there are several sizes like XS, S, M, L, and XL. If you have a heavy flow, you will need an extra-absorbent pad. If you have a gym session or other sports activities, you will need a winged one. Winged pads are the best for nights. You should go for smaller ones or panty liners when the flow is minimal. With the correct pad, periods can be easily dealt with more convenience.

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