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Best Sanitary Pads in India

The human body is a very complex machine where different systems keep functioning all the time. The human reproductive system is one such system that is in both males and females. Menstruation is a part of the female reproduction system. The menstrual period occurs every month for girls and lasts for 2 to 7 days. During this period, girls go through vaginal bleeding. Cotton sanitary pads are the absorbents that girls need during these days to absorb the blood flow. There are a number of sanitary pads brands in India to choose from.


Every girl understands the need for sanitary pads. It is a must-have thing for women. The evolution of sanitary pads in India started a few years ago. Earlier, women in India were not aware of hygiene and health, and they were using old clothes instead of sanitary pads. These pieces of clothes were every month during periods. That was a very unhygienic practice that was the root cause of many issues related to women. Consequently, people became aware of this, and as a result, sanitary pads became popular in India. Though, it was difficult for women to accept using sanitary pads initially due to different factors, such as high sanitary pads price.


Today, there are many sanitary pads brands in India that manufacture sanitary pads of different sizes, absorbing capacities, and materials. In fact, there is a large variety to choose from in terms of price, brand, and size. As different women have blood flow that varies with days. Women can find the one that suits their requirements. One can get sanitary pads online as well as from the market. Today, companies have started manufacturing sanitary pads that are eco-friendly in nature. Trell Shop has all the varieties of sanitary pads from which you can choose. All the well-known brands are available on Trell Shop, including Whisper, Stayfree Secure, Sofi, Carmesi, Pee Safe, Carefree, Azah, etc.


Though everyone knows about periods, yet they keep mum or avoid talking about it. Some women even feel awkward or uncomfortable buying pads at the store. But with Trell Shop, no need to feel awkward anymore. With Trell Shop, You can order the sanitary pads online and get them delivered to your doorstep without any hustle and anyone knowing about it. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Trell Shop now and choose the best sanitary pads online. Not only the best sanitary pads, but Trell Shop also offers every kind of product, including makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, perfumes, and deodorants for both men and women, that too, at a discounted price.


Get Sanitary Pads Online at Trell Shop


A sanitary napkin or pad is used by women during menstruation, experiencing an abortion, bleeding after delivery or miscarriage, recovering from gynecologic surgery, or many situations where absorbing the blood flow from the vagina is necessary. A sanitary pad gets worn inside the underwear. But you should not use it for a long time. Women need to keep changing these cotton sanitary pads or napkins according to the blood flow or after every 3 or 4 hours to avoid any bacteria that can spread infections in the blood.


Women wear sanitary napkins or pads, considering the different absorbances they offer. There is a large variety of sanitary pads available in the market. These include pads of different sizes and absorbing capacity. Some of them are for the lighter flow days and others for the heavy flow days. However, there are bigger and longer napkins, majorly used in the night to safeguard women while they move in the sleep and provide them with a tension-free sleep during their periods. Also, there are many sanitary pads brands in India, offering different types of sanitary pads online as well as in stores made of different types of materials, such as cotton sanitary pads, reusable sanitary pads, odor-free sanitary pads, and many more as per the requirements of the women. Reusable sanitary pads are new in the market and avoid the pads as waste.


With advanced technology, there is a diversity of sanitary pads in India, considering the period-related issues. First of all, a girl needs to know her requirements as per her periods and the body. Then, she can choose the best sanitary pads suiting her monthly cycle.


Types of Sanitary Pads


There are different types of sanitary pads in India catering to the different requirements of Indian women. Hence, they can pick the one suiting their menstrual cycle. Below are some types of the best sanitary pads in India:


1. Cloth Sanitary Pad: They are eco-friendly sanitary pads, which are washable and reusable. These are made of soft and light fabric and are safe and secure for women on their menstrual cycle.

2. Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad: These cotton sanitary pads are the safest sanitary pads available in the market. These are especially great for women having latex allergies. Only natural products are used while making organic cotton sanitary pads. These sanitary pads do not contain any bleaches and chemicals, which are harmful to the human body.

3. Regular and Heavy Flow Sanitary Pad: A woman with normal flow uses a regular and a light sanitary pad that is one of the best sanitary pads. This pad needs to be changed every couple of hours. On the other hand, a woman with a heavy flow uses heavy flow sanitary pads, having side wings and extra absorption power. These are disposable pads and need to be disposed of after each use.

4. Reusable Sanitary Pad: Reusable pads come with a gap in the middle where a liner with extra absorption power gets inserted. Reusable pads are eco-friendly and also called washable pads. These pads do not need to get thrown away and disposed of as they can be reused after washing. 


The types of sanitary pads given above are available in different sizes and prices. All these sanitary pads are available online at Trell Shop. You can buy them as per your requirements and choice.




Sanitary pads are a crucial part of a girl’s life. They need to use it regularly every month during menstrual days to get rid of vaginal bleeding. The use of cloth in older times was very unhygienic and a source of many diseases. Cotton sanitary pads provide an easy and hygienic option over using clothes. Below is the list of concerns for which ladies need sanitary pads:


  • Menstruation
  • Bleeding after delivery
  • After gynecological surgery
  • After abortion or miscarriage




Sanitary pads are used by females only. The females need to start using it after puberty and keep using it every month during menstruation. Every month, girls have the menstruation phase that lasts for 2 to 7 days. During this time, girls use cotton or reusable cotton pads to absorb the vaginal bleeding. Some women also use it under certain conditions, such as gynecological surgery, miscarriage, abortion, or giving birth.


Why Do We Need Sanitary Pads?


Every girl goes through the menstruation cycle in her life, which is healthy and normal. It is difficult for women to manage these struggling days every month, and they have to take special care of hygiene. Otherwise, they will suffer the consequences of their physical and mental health. Unhygienic menstruation can cause many diseases to both men and women. In the earlier times, women used old clothes during their periods, which were entirely unhygienic. With time, the sanitary pads replaced this culture and provided the safest and hygienic way of dealing with periods. So, using a sanitary pad is the best way for women to deal with their periods in a hygienic and healthy manner. These pads absorb the blood flow and prevent the risk of any kind of infection in the women.


Why Buy Sanitary Pads From Trell Shop?


Girls need sanitary pads every month during menstruation. They need to purchase it every month, which sometimes becomes awkward for the girls while buying from the market, especially when the shopkeeper is a male. Through Trell Shop, you can get rid of this awkwardness and discomfort. Trell Shop is an online platform where you can get sanitary pads without feeling uncomfortable. At Trell Shop, you can get every type of sanitary pad in all sizes and manufactured from different brands. Trell Shop is an easy way to order sanitary pads and get them delivered at home safely using easy payment options. Also, at Trell Shop, you will get the discounted rates. It is a brilliant platform for online shopping and is worth giving a try.


FAQs on How Cautiously Sanitary Pads Can be Used


1. How often should a girl change her sanitary pad?

Keep health and hygiene on priority. Women should keep changing their sanitary pads every 3 to 4 hours, considering the blood flow. If they keep wearing the sanitary pads for a long time (8 to 10 hours), it could result in blood infections and bacterial growth, which can cause some chronic diseases.


2. How can a woman dispose of the used sanitary pad in the correct way?

Every girl or woman must dispose of the used sanitary pads in a correct manner. The used sanitary pads need to be wrapped in the paper bag and thrown in the dustbin. Never use any plastic bags to dispose of them. And, do not forget to wrap them up as an open sanitary pad becomes the source of breeding for germs and bacteria. Also, do not flush them in the toilets as it causes clogging drains. Looking at the increased waste of sanitary pads, reusable sanitary pads are the best option.


3. Can a sanitary pad be a reason for any health-related issues?

Yes, it can be. Some sanitary pads contain plastic that can cause pelvic inflammatory diseases and vaginal infections. So, it is very crucial for every woman to be careful while choosing a sanitary pad. Always use a sanitary pad that is chlorine-free.


4. Is it safe to use cotton sanitary pads for the long term?

Using any sanitary pads for a long time can affect women’s health as they contain plastic and chlorine. Women should use chlorine-free sanitary pads and keep changing every couple of hours.


5. Should a woman buy the sanitary pads in bulk and stock up?

There is no harm in stocking up the sanitary pads in bulk for a long time. But sanitary pads have an expiry date of 2 to 3 years. So, make sure that you have checked the expiry date before stocking it up.


6. Is using sanitary pads the best option during periods?

There are some other options available in the market, such as menstrual cups. But it depends on how comfortable you are with them. If there is no irritation or infection, then it is also a safe option to use. In addition to that, the sanitary pads may be more comfortable while travelling or going out with friends, and more.


7. Is there any harm to switch the sanitary pads brands every month?

If the sanitary pads you wear do not contain plastic and chlorine, then it does not matter what brands you are using every month. Just make sure that you are using biodegradable sanitary pads, which are environmentally friendly, and you can dispose of them with ease.


8. Does a non-biodegradable sanitary pad impact the environment?

A non-biodegradable pad contains plastic, which you can’t destroy or vanish. It also releases a large number of toxic gases if you burn it. It is an alarming situation for the environment. Now it is time to find an alternative. It is the main reason women are diverting towards biodegradable sanitary pads, which are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment.

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