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Why (not) tampons?

It's no secret that every female goes through at least four days of pain, torture, and suffering, commonly known as 'the beautiful process of menstruation.' Everything hurts, you're exhausted - physically and emotionally, and that's why you're constantly on the lookout for something that might ease your pain, something that comforts you, and something that makes you feel even slightly better. And we have the perfect solution for you - tampons!


Tampons are a common alternative to pads and/or menstrual cups. It is essentially a menstrual product designed to absorb blood and other vaginal secretions during menstruation. Unlike a pad, it is placed inside the vaginal canal, and once appropriately placed, expands to its full capacity.


Tampons usually come with an applicator that helps you put in the tampon, and tampons also come with a string attached to the end, so you can easily pull them out.


The FDA regulates these as medical devices, so you know they're safe to use.


Several brands sell reliable, comfortable, and good quality tampons in India: OB Pro Comfort Super Tampons, Bella Tampo Super Plus Easy Twist, Sanfe 100% Organic Cotton Digital Tampons, Organyc Regular Tampons with Applicator, Sofy Soft Tampons, Sirona FDA Approved Premium Digital Tampon, FLOH FDA Approved Regular Tampons, Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons, Tampax Radiant Plastic Unscented Tampons and EverTeen SuperPlus Tampons with Applicator for Women.


Tampons are made with super absorbent fibers capable of absorbing menstrual blood, such that you get 100% leak-proof protection. When inserted properly, it ensures maximum comfort, sometimes even making you forget that it's there.


Tampons are available in various sizes, so you choose what works for you best, according to your flow and requirements.


In a country where menstruation may be considered a 'taboo' in several areas, tampons also provide you with the utmost discretion because they're so small and can easily fit into your purse and/or bag without drawing any unnecessary and unwanted attention towards it.


Imagine this, you're at work, grinding away, and doing your best to meet the hundreds of deadlines you have when you realize that something might be off. Your favorite monthly visitor is here (not)! Anyway, you cannot let anything distract you, it is an extremely important day for you at work, and you have a presentation in the next hour. What do you do? You rush into the nearest washroom, put in your tampon carefully and properly, and then get back to work. Now, you're unstoppable.


Parts of a tampon


Well, there's always a tampon and a string. The tampon is usually made of cotton, rayon, or organic cotton. The tampon is a small cylinder that fits inside the vaginal canal. The material is such that it's compressed and expands when it gets wet. The string is a part of the tampon that remains outside the vagina after it's inserted. It helps with the removal of the tampon. The applicator surrounding the tampon and string helps you do the hard work of pushing the tampon in.


How to use a tampon?


1. Buy the tampon that you think might be right for you. Test out a few brands, find what works for you best.

2. Wash your hands—good hygiene triumphs over everything else.

3. Breathe. Relax. You don't want to make any mistakes here (PS, you usually don't need extra lubrication, your menstrual fluid is enough).

4. Now, if it's your first time, it's advisable to have a visual aid to help you. A hand-held mirror is a good idea.

5. Find a position that's comfortable for you.

6. Now, it's easy if you're using a tampon with an applicator. Just find the vaginal opening, and insert the applicator tip first, and gently push the plunger to release it in. Once you've done that, you can remove the applicator.

7. Without an applicator, it's slightly different. You have to use your fingers to push the tampon in.


It might take some getting used to, but usually, if inserted correctly, it won't feel very different or unusual.


Also, it's advised to change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours. Never leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours.


It's also important to know how to remove a tampon.

1. Wash your hands, yes.

2. Get into a comfortable position (preferably the same one you used to get the tampon in so it's easier to pull it out).

3. Gently pull the end of the tampon string to release it.

4. Once it's out, carefully wraps it up in toilet paper or a newspaper and dispose of it in a trash can.

5. And that's that! It's an easy and convenient device to use while menstruating.


Different types of tampons


Now the most difference there can be, is with the absorbency power of different tampons. There's no such thing as sizes of tampons according to the size of your vagina.


There are usually five different absorbency powers that tampons have, and that's what tampon sizes are based on.


For example, Tampax has five different tampon sizes - Light, Regular, Super, Super Plus, Ultra. If you're new to using tampons, you want to use a tampon size that's easy to insert and remove. Again, tampon size has nothing to do with your experience using tampons or body size, but about the size that works best for your flow. You might have to experiment with different sizes for a while to find what's most adept at meeting your needs and keeping you comfortable, but once you do - there's no stopping you!


What is the difference between tampons and pads?


As we already know, tampons are devices that are inserted into your vaginal canal to absorb menstrual blood, and therefore, are something that works internally. It's invisible protection and virtually unnoticeable - and, when inserted properly, you barely even feel its presence!


On the other hand, a pad is also made of absorbent material but used externally. It's something that you stick on your underwear, yep. Like tampons, pads are also available in various sizes depending on your flow - it's up to you to choose what works for you best!


According to Kecia Gather, MD, double board-certified OB/GYN and Director of Perinatal Services at NYC Health, "One advantage tampons have over pads is that you can go swimming, actively engage in sports, and strenuous activities without really worrying about a pad moving around."


She further states, "Differentiation between menstrual products is a personal choice as long as they are used as directed, either are efficacious."


Why should you use a tampon?


  • Tampons are used internally, and therefore, work with literally any outfit you choose to wear, be it yoga pants or a dress.
  • Tampons are small and portable, and hence, can be easily carried in either your pocket or your purse.
  • Tampons are one of the menstrual products you can go swimming with. Kecia Gather also says, "One advantage tampons have over pads is that you can go swimming, actively engage in sports and strenuous activities without really worrying about a pad moving around."
  • Another advantage is that tampons are essentially invisible. They're not bulky at all, and you also don't have to worry that it might look weird.
  • Day or night, tampons can be worn for up to 8 hours and don't move no matter how much you toss or turn, therefore ensuring a peaceful night's sleep without worrying about leaks.
  • Good-quality tampons are super-absorbent and hence, provide complete leak-proof protection for a maximum of 6 to 8 hours, therefore effectively avoiding stains on your clothes and/or menstrual odor.


Average price points for tampons in India


The price of a box of tampons depends on the brand and the number of tampons in a box.


1. OB, Pro Comfort Tampons - Regular - Average Flow - 20 pieces: will cost you approximately Rs. 230.

2. Sirona Heavy Flow Premium Digital Tampon - 20 pieces: will cost you Rs. 315 originally, but with a 29% discount on TrellShop will cost you only Rs.223.65. They have several other offers on their website as well.

3. The Woman's Company Tampons without Applicator - 18 pieces: is originally priced at Rs. 499, but with a 10% discount on TrellShop you can get it for Rs. 449.10 only.

4. The Woman's Company Tampons with Applicator - 16 pieces: is originally priced at Rs. 599, but with a 10% discount on TrellShop is available for Rs. 539.10 only.

5. Sirona Medium Flow Premium Digital Tampon - 40 pieces: is originally priced at Rs. 590, but with a 33% discount on TrellShop you can purchase it for Rs. 395 only.

6. Sirona Medium Flow Premium Digital Tampon - 40 pieces: is originally priced at Rs. 590, but with a 32% discount on TrellShop you can get it for Rs. 401.20 only.

7. Sirona Premium Applicator Tampons by Super Plus Heavy Flow - 16 pieces: is originally priced at Rs. 720, but with a flat 41% off on TrellShop, you can purchase it for Rs. 424.80 only.


Hence, as you can see, various tampons are available on the TrellShop - be it according to flow or the number of tampons in each box. Rest assured that the TrellShop will only provide you with the best of the best!


FAQs about tampons


1. How do tampons work?


Tampons usually work by absorbing menstrual blood and other fluids and work best for a maximum of 8 hours.


2. Does it hurt when you use a tampon for the first time?


You CAN experience slight discomfort when you use a tampon for the first time, but if you choose the right size and use it the right way, it doesn't cause any issues.


3. How do I know which tampon size is the right one for me?


Tampon size mainly depends on how light or heavy your flow is, so it's best to experiment with different sizes initially to know what works for you best. There's also no compulsion to use one size for as long as your period lasts; you can switch between multiple sizes depending on your flow for that day.


4. How long can I keep a tampon inside?


The maximum you can keep a tampon in is for 8 hours. If you keep it in for any longer than that, it may lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome, and therefore, it's advised to change your tampon every 4 to 6 hours.


5. Can you wear a tampon when you go swimming?


One of the biggest advantages of using a tampon is that you can use it when you go swimming. A tampon absorbs all the menstrual blood and does not leak into the water, making it completely safe to use!


6. Can I use a tampon if I'm a virgin?


Unlike Indian society, a tampon does not care if you're a virgin or not. As long as you're a woman who gets her period, you can use a tampon.


7. Is it comfortable to use tampons?


Like mentioned earlier, when you use tampons that are right for you and your flow and inserted in the right way, you don't even realize it's there. That's how comfortable it is.


8. Can I sleep with a tampon in?


Of course, you can! Just be careful about the fact that you don't leave it in for more than 8 hours.

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