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Panty Liners

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Use Best Quality Panty Liners to Maintain Regular Hygiene

Maintaining feminine hygiene is an important factor to get good vaginal health. Otherwise, you can suffer from vaginal infections and related diseases. Here, panty liners play a crucial role to keep your vagina healthy. Panty liner pads are a piece of material worn in the gusset of panties. It absorbs daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, and post-intercourse discharge. It also acts as the menstrual cup or tampon backup and helps to handle urinary incontinence. 


Ladies' panty liners are quite similar to sanitary napkins. So, their basic construction is the same, but ladies' panty liners are much narrower and thinner than pads. So, we can say it absorbs less discharge than pads. Therefore, it is mostly used for light discharge and regular hygiene. You should remember that panty liner pads should not be worn for medium to heavy flow during the menstrual cycle. The use of panty liners during periods may cause undesirable leakage. 


We should not compromise on our intimate hygiene. Vaginal discharge is the biological behavior of our body, and we can’t ignore it. So, you can handle the process with care, and a panty liner is the best solution for it. You’ll find different types of panty liners available online carefully made to solve womens’ daily hygiene problems. There are two types of panty liners available in the market. The first one is disposable like sanitary pads, and another one is reusable organic cotton panty liners. They come in a variety of materials, colors, patterns, sizes, and the capacity of absorbency. Panty liners usually have wrap-around wings to provide extra support. 


Reusable panty liners are organic, so you can wash and reuse them in the long run. An organic panty liner is a boon for women struggling with urine incontinence. But one should not wear panty liners every day for a longer period, as it may cause harm to your sensitive area. So, you need to change them every 4 to 6 hours. Long-wear of panty liner irritates the sensitive area of women’s vulva. Therefore, one should avoid scented or perfumed panty liners because synthetic panty liners create a moist environment and can cause irritation, redness, and itchiness in your genital area.


If you are dealing with vaginal discomfort, you need to choose the best panty liner pads. And the organic cotton panty liners are the safest option for you. Organic panty liners are less harmful than non-organic panty liners because they are chemical-free, non-toxic, and reusable. You can even wash them every day. You can pick the best panty liners online that are organic from Trell Shop. 



Get Premium Quality Panty Liners in India


Do you think about using panty liners on a regular basis? Then we would recommend organic or pure cotton panty liner for daily use. You will get premium quality panty liners online as per your convenience of price, shape, size, and color. Experts never recommend synthetic scented panty liners for regular use, as they cause irritation. Apart from that, the use of eco-friendly panty liners reduces plastic waste. Eco-friendly organic panty liners are biodegradable, comfortable, and easy to use. You will get good-quality panty liners in India without giving stress to your pocket. Pick good quality ladies' panty liner and make an eco-friendly switch while maintaining your intimate hygiene.


Some of the panty liners have an antibacterial property that keeps you fresh and odor free all day long. Even though you are not on your period, you may face undesirable vaginal discharge; hence you can use cotton panty liner pads with antibacterial properties. Urine incontinence is a common problem in older women. They can use panty liners while they get out of home for long hours. You will find a number of brands that offer the best panty liners in IndiaPanty liners' price varies from brand to brand. The antibacterial property of panty liners gives women a fresh and confident feeling. Hence, you don’t need to worry about irritation and odor on non-period days. 


Generally, you have to change the liner every 4-6 hours to feel more refreshed all day. Panty liners with antibacterial sheets provide you with 99% protection from bacteria. There are plenty of reputed brands that offer panty liners in India, including Natracare, SOFY, Organyc, The Honest Company, Pee Safe, Sanfe, Carmesi, Corman Organyc, GladRags, Genial Day Feminine Liners, Dollar Maxi Pad Club. So, choose one of them and stay hygienic throughout the day. 


Types of Panty Liners - All That You Ought to Know


There are different types of panty liners available in the Indian market. You should know about all of them. It will help you to choose the perfect one that meets your requirements completely.


  • Antibacterial panty liner

Antibacterial panty liners have a sheet for up to 99% bacterial protection. It has quick-absorbing pores to absorb vaginal discharge instantly. This formula keeps your panties clean and refreshed. The antibacterial property of panty liner pads keeps your intimate area hygienic and odor-free. So, you don’t need to worry about odor and irritation during non-period days. This makes a woman confident every day. These types of products are very thin and comfortable to use.


  • Organic biodegradable panty liner

If you are looking for organic biodegradable panty liners for your normal days, opt for Pee Safe biodegradable organic panty liners. The cotton-made top sheet of organic panty liners ensures comfort and full-proof protection on your non-menstrual days. It absorbs vaginal fluids quickly and always makes you feel comfortable and confident. Cotton and bamboo fibers are the basic raw material of organic and biodegradable panty liners in India. You can buy panty liners online


  • Hypoallergenic panty liners

This kind of product is made from 100% cotton material, with no assimilation of synthetic material. Hence, your delicate genital area is protected from irritation and inflammation. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about rashes and allergies. Pure cotton panty liners are reusable, breathable, and biodegradable. 


  • Water-proof panty liners

It is a safe and daily consumable panty liner pad available in the Indian market. Good to use on rainy days when you have a high chance of getting wet. These liners have a very soft and organic absorbent cotton top sheet. It is made with pores of premium absorbency. A water-proof panty liner is always supported with water-proof backing to prevent undesirable leakage.


  • Fragrance-free panty liners

If you don’t want to irritate your genital skin with perfume or scented material, then pick fragrance-free panty liners. These kinds of products are completely free from synthetic chemicals, toxins, and chlorine. Unscented panty liners are made from pure cotton material. So, they are comfortable, hypoallergenic, breathable, and convenient for regular use. 


  • Reusable panty liners

These kinds of sanitary napkins and panty liners are now available in the Indian market. Reusable panty liners are eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly. This highly breathable product is generally made from pure cotton material, having a master absorbent formula for quick absorption. They are completely toxic and chemical-free. You can opt for reusable panty liners to save your expenses. Reusable panty liners' price depends on the quality of the cotton used in it.


Buy Panty Liners India From Trusted Brands


There are a large number of brands in India that offer premium quality panty liners. You can pick according to your necessity and budget. If you are looking for an antibacterial one, you can go for Sofy, SanNap Anion, Seven Step Anion. Pee Safe and Carmesi offer good-quality biodegradable cotton panty liners. The Honest Company manufactures good quality water-proof organic cotton sanitary napkins and panty liners. These brands are available on different online platforms like Trell Shop.


When you buy from Trell Shop, you can browse through a wide range of brands. Choose the best panty liners that can solve the purpose and fit into your budget. Just go through our website and opt for the best product. You can read well-written reviews and decide whether the product will work for you or not. 




You can buy the right panty liners based on your feminine hygiene concern. A quality panty liner resolves several women’s hygiene issues that they face every day. So, find out the best one for you.


The top concerns of using panty liners are:


  • Avoid the feeling of wetness and irritation
  • Urine incontinence
  • Light flow during menstruation
  • Manage the undesirable vaginal discharge
  • Catch the postpartum flow of vaginal liquid


Why Should You Use Panty Liners on Non-menstrual Days?


We can’t avoid the inevitable occurrence of our body but can manage it with feminine hygiene products. Panty liners are the safest option to pick on your non-menstrual days. Here is the versatile usage of panty liners


  • Regular vaginal discharge makes you feel damp and uncomfortable. Here, panty liners absorb the fluid and make you feel dry. But don’t forget to change it every 3-5 hours.
  • It arrests urine continence. It is a common problem after delivery and in old age women. It happens at the time of jumping or laughing. To avoid embarrassing situations of urine leakage, one can use panty liners.
  • Panty liners are convenient for lighter menstrual days. It absorbs a small amount of menstrual flow and keeps you spot-free. You can also use them right before the day of periods and late period days.
  • It absorbs postpartum flow efficiently. New mothers often struggle with postpartum flow. However, liners can easily give them support to manage postpartum leakage.
  • Use panty liner with a menstrual cup or tampon. Menstrual cups and tampons are good to use during menstruation. But there is a chance of leakage. Using panty liner along with them prevents unnecessary leakage.   


Why Should You Buy a Panty Liner From a Trell Shop? 


Trell Shop is a good platform to buy panty liners online as we have a huge range of collections of brands and products to pick from. The products offered by Trell Shop are always premium quality and made with pure, non-toxic materials. So, you can select the best product out there. 


We offer the best panty liners in India at a very affordable price. We never compromise with the quality of our products. The primary material used in our product is bamboo fibre, pure organic cotton. Experts say that pure cotton biodegradable panty liners and sanitary napkins are good for feminine hygiene and reduce plastic waste. Our products are chemical-free and cruelty-free.


Trell Shop is a trusted website. We offer payment options including debit and credit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery. Avail of one of them at your convenience.


FAQs on Why a Panty Liner is a Necessity to Manage Feminine Hygiene


1. What is the purpose of panty liners?

A panty liner is a very important woman’s hygiene product. It absorbs daily vaginal discharge, post-intercourse discharge, light menstrual bleeding, urine incontinence, and postpartum discharge. It keeps you fresh and irritation-free. It makes you feel confident throughout the day.


2. What is the difference between pads and panty liners?

Pads or sanitary napkins generally come in a bigger size with greater thickness as they absorb more fluids during heavy menstrual days. But panty liners are for everyday use (non-menstrual days). It also handles the light flow of the menstrual cycle but is designed to maintain regular feminine hygiene. 


3. How often should you change your panty liner?

Experts recommend you should change your panty liners every 3 to 5 hours to maintain the best level of hygiene. They are not designed to wear for a long day. It has a lower absorption formula than sanitary napkins. It can help catch accidental leakage and save underwear from staining. 


4. Can you sleep with a panty liner?

You should not wear panty liners when you sleep. You should allow the genital skin to breathe properly at night time. So, stay comfortable at bedtime. Avoid panty liners during heavy periods; panty liners are thinner than sanitary napkins, so they are unable to provide adequate protection.


5. Are reusable panty liners safe?

Yes, reusable panty liners are safe for regular use. It is made with pure cotton material. These types of panty liners are completely chemical-free, scent-free, and washable. So, they will give breathable comfort to your genital area.


6. Are organic panty liners better?

Organic panty liner pads are the safest option to manage your feminine hygiene. It is the least harmful version of all panty liners available in the slandered supermarket brands in the Indian market. Organic panty liners are generally made with pure cotton, breathable material. They are comfortable to use and don't irritate.


7. Are panty liners washable?

Cotton panty liners are washable, but synthetic panty liners are not washable. Organic cotton panty liners use natural color fabrics instead of chemicals to avoid irritation and inflammation. So, cotton panty liners are better than synthetic use and throw panty liners. You can reuse them like your clothes.

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