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Intimate Hygiene

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What is intimate hygiene? Is it crucial?

Intimate hygiene is all about keeping your private body parts hygienic and clean. Even though it sounds so simple, it is a concern that many don't even know about it. Unfortunately, the subject of intimate hygiene is never brought up and discussed openly as much as it should be. It has instead become a taboo.


Many people don't even know about the difference between intimate hygiene and regular hygiene. They discuss the new beauty products and general cleanliness topics quite often but prefer not to talk about intimate hygiene.


But, it is of utmost importance to maintain personal hygiene. Not only because it helps you feel good and stay clean, but also because it prevents infections, irritation, foul odor, itching, and many other health issues. However, such an important issue isn't even discussed. As a result, the same old practices continue, irrespective of whether they are right or not.


For example, generally, people use soap and water to clean their privates, similar to what they use for the rest of their bodies. But using soap for cleaning intimate areas is not correct as it causes an imbalance in the naturally maintained pH level in that area. The pH level of our skin is 5.5, so using soap doesn't harm our skin too much. But, the pH of the vagina needs to be maintained between 3.8 to 4.5, very different from the skin's pH level. Thus, using soap will change the pH level of the vagina, making it prone to infections.


Reading this, many men would think that intimate hygiene is only essential for women. Well, that isn't the case. Men's intimate hygiene is equally important. Not doing so makes them prone to problems like fungal infections. Maintaining the natural pH is also very important.


Medical practitioners suggest using only hot water for cleaning. But, if you feel that you need a cleansing agent, you can try an intimate hygiene wash. There are several products available in the market and online that may help you out. Anything and everything that you can think of is available in the market.


But, you must be cautious before you choose the right product for you. Selecting a well-known branded product will be better in this regard because you won't want to compromise on the quality of the product and not let it harm you.


Are you confused about the products? Here is a brief guide


After discussing intimate hygiene at length, you must think of the endless options you have available for intimate hygiene. There are many, in fact, numerous products available in the market. It becomes pretty difficult for most people to decide which one would suit them best.


The first and foremost thing that you need is a good site or a catalog of intimate hygiene products that can show you all the products you may have at your disposal. Then you can choose the ones that suffice your requirements.


An intimate wash, for example, would be the one you should look for if you want to replace soap and water for your privates. It is a solution that is made keeping in mind the gender of the person. Thus, an intimate feminine hygiene wash is available for women. Similarly, intimate hygiene wash for men is available separately. They are readily available at any online or offline hygiene store.


Another important product that you may use is intimate hygiene gel. It is formulated to keep the intimate area fresh and clean and prevent any unpleasant odor. It helps restore proper pH in the intimate area. It thus helps prevent infections and irritations also.


Armpits are another area that though not avoided but aren't taken care of too. They quickly get sweaty and lack ventilation too. Not cleaning them properly irritates you and sometimes the people around you. Products like Underarm sweat pads and deodorants, scrubbers, and whitening agents help you keep the armpits clean and smooth always.


Types of intimate hygiene creams


Intimate hygiene creams are mainly divided based on gender for women and men. These intimate hygiene creams generally differ based on the skin of both men and women. At the same time, Men's creams are made for slightly stricter skin, while women's creams are pretty complex.


Best intimate hygiene brands to use


There are many intimate hygiene brands in the market today. Trell Shop has a collaboration with some of the top companies producing the best products for intimate hygiene. We provide some of the brand products: Sanfe, Sirona, Gynocup, PeeBuddy, Mancode, The Women's company, Volamena, Carmesi, and Skinatura.




Intimate hygiene has consistently been underestimated and neglected. Many people are unaware of the consequences they may face due to a lack of proper intimate hygiene practices. Some of the significant concerns related to not practicing intimate hygiene include -


  • Wetness and irritation in the private area
  • Being more prone to Fungal infections
  • Various other Vulvovaginal infections


Gender-specific intimate hygiene


Intimate hygiene essentially refers to the hygiene practices for private parts. Male and female private organs are of different nature; hence the products used for their hygiene are different. The intimate hygiene wash, gel, deodorants, and many other products are made especially for different genders separately. Also, some products such as armpit sweat pads, creams, and wipes are gender-neutral.


Thus, you will get female intimate hygiene products and male intimate hygiene products separately if you shop for intimate hygiene products. Products for all genders are available on Trell Shop.


Why should you use intimate hygiene products?


Using intimate hygiene products is very important to keep your private parts healthy and safe from various infections. Many people, unaware of the importance of proper intimate hygiene, use regular soap and water for their private parts, similar to what they use for their body parts.


But, it is crucial to understand that soap maintains your skin's pH - which is close to 5.5. The pH of private parts of the body is much lower, close to 3.8 or 4. Thus, using regular soap and water will harm your intimate parts and disturb the natural pH that needs to be maintained. Moreover, our private parts are susceptible and prone to infections, if not taken care of. The use of wipes and gels to keep it clean as well as dry is essential.


One more crucial issue is intimate hygiene during the menstrual cycle. The general assumption is that intimate hygiene is not so important during the menstrual cycle. The use of intimate washes is also forbidden. Well, indeed, using washes and wipes during the cycle is clumsy, but there are some crucial points that women generally don't notice. The vagina is most prone to catching infections and falling prey to various fungi development during the menstrual cycle. It thus becomes imperative to follow intimate hygiene practices during the Menstrual cycle as well. Regular change on tampons/pads/menstrual cups is very important. Also, cleaning the private parts twice a day, wearing comfortable and loose undergarments and clothes should be followed.


One common misconception among males is that they think that intimate hygiene is a female-related issue; this is entirely wrong. Men need to take care of their private parts equally well and use good intimate hygiene products. Intimate hygiene for males should not be neglected and be taken care of.


Why purchase intimate hygiene products from Trell Shop?


Trell Shop is the ultimate stop to your search for intimate hygiene products. The products offered are branded, genuine, and authentic. You can even scroll through the reviews to find out the products that have the highest ratings, which satisfied the consumers or failed to. Moreover, there are various payment modes that we accept. Online payments through debit cards, credit cards, net banking are all accepted.


Moreover, you will find almost all the products, right from female intimate hygiene products consisting of wash, gel, armpit pads, etc., to all the male intimate hygiene products. Everything is available under one banner. Another plus point of landing on Trell Shop for finding Intimate products is the range of products and brands that we offer.


FAQs on intimate hygiene products


1. What is meant by intimate hygiene?

Intimate hygiene, as the name suggests, refers to practices to keep your privates clean and hygienic. People generally tend to neglect intimate hygiene and keep following procedures the same as they do for the rest of their body parts. But, intimate hygiene is different and needs to be followed so that the pH of the privates is maintained and you do not become prone to any infections.


2. Is it safe to use intimate hygiene wash daily?

Yes, intimate hygiene wash is made to be used daily to keep your vaginal or genital area clean and healthy. It will eliminate the chances of you catching any infections and make you feel fresh. Using intimate hygiene wash daily is an essential part of intimate hygiene and should be practiced without any doubt.


3. What is the best intimate hygiene wash?

You can choose the best intimate hygiene wash after looking at its ingredients and the reviews that it has garnered from its users. You will get reviews of all the available hygiene washes quite easily on Trell Shop. Moreover, you should look out for a pH-balanced wash that has natural and plant-based ingredients. Awash that has no chemicals, synthetic or artificial ingredients should be preferred for best results.


4. Which intimate hygiene wash brand should you use?

Many brands offer the best quality intimate hygiene products. These products are made after putting in a lot of research and the best quality material to suit your body and make it feel fresh and clean. To find out the best Intimate hygiene wash brand, you can visit the Trail Shop website, which offers top brands such as Sanfe, Sirona, Mancode, and many others, and decide yourself the best one among these.


5. How can you maintain intimate hygiene?

Some of the essential intimate hygiene practices include using a good quality intimate wash, washing your privates daily, wiping correctly, washing only outside the private parts, not spraying water directly into the vagina, and not using a sponge or gloves. Wearing comfortable undergarments, being more careful during the menstrual cycle, using soft towels and undergarments are some other practices that you should adapt to.


6. Can you use baby wipes for intimate hygiene?

Using baby wipes is not recommended for intimate wash and hygiene purposes. It is because it isn't formulated according to the pH of your privates and would disrupt the natural pH. Moreover, they use harsh ingredients such as sulfates, glycerin, and parabens, leading to infections. Similarly, scented wipes and deodorants are not suitable to wash and maintain the privates as they can prove harmful.


7. Can you use intimate hygiene during menstruation?

Intimate hygiene is even more important during menstruation. Because your vagina is more prone to catching infections while you are on your menstrual cycle, intimate hygiene should be your priority while on a period. It would help if you kept changing your tampon/pad regularly to prevent any fungal infection.

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