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Feminine hygiene products and their uses

Like body wash, soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products also fall under personal care products. These products are mainly used to clean the vaginal area after vaginal discharge, menstruation, and sex. Some products are specifically designed to use during menstruation; we can also call them menstrual hygiene products. Intimate feminine hygiene products include tampons, pantyliners, menstrual cups, sanitary napkins.


Some products are used to cleanse the vagina or genital areas, such as liquid feminine hygiene wash, feminine wipes, douches, and antibacterial soap. These cleansing products also fall under Intimate feminine hygiene products. Experts always recommend mild liquid feminine hygiene wash to clean the genital part of your body. Because it is the most sensitive part of your body and mild hygiene wash maintains your pH balance.


Apart from the intimate wash, there are two categories of feminine hygiene products: disposable and reusable. Tampons, Sanitary Pads, and pantyliners are disposable feminine hygiene products. Organic pantyliners, Menstrual cups, period panties, menstrual cloth pads fall under reusable feminine hygiene materials. You can get the best feminine hygiene products from Trell Shop.


Before choosing a good quality intimate hygiene product, you need to gather basic knowledge of intimate hygiene. You need to understand that vagina and vulva are two separate parts of your body. The vagina is the muscular canal inside the body from where menstrual flows and childbirth takes place, and the vulva is the outer part of the vagina. Gynecologists say that vagina doesn't need to be washed because it's an auto-cleaning organ. A healthy vagina has an effective biome of bacteria that maintains the perfect pH level. The correct vaginal pH ranges from 3.5 to 4.5; the environment of the vagina is slightly acidic. The acidic pH environment prevents "bad" bacterial growth. But vulva is not a self-cleaning organ; you need to take care of the vulva with feminine hygiene products. Cleaning of the vulva should be present in your regular personal care regime to stay hygienic.


If you want to clean your vulva, warm water is an effective option. If you want to moisturize and freshen up your vulva, pick a mild feminine hygiene wash. When you use anything in the vulva (the outer part of the vagina), it automatically enters into the most sensitive vagina. So, you need to pick chemical-free or fewer chemical products to avoid irritation. The products containing more chemicals like scent disturb the pH balance of your vagina, and that causes dryness leading to infection, irritation. Gynecologists suggest not covering the natural vaginal smell with scented products.


There is a wide range of feminine hygiene products available online on the Trell Shop website. Pick the best that fulfill your requirements, and give the best care to your genitals.


All about intimate hygiene products you need to know


Feminine hygiene product options are gradually growing. So, you can choose at your convenience. Sanitary pads, period underwear, menstrual cups, and pantyliners are known as "feminine hygiene products" because they absorb the vaginal fluid, tissue, and blood that comes out from the vagina. They keep you fresh all day at the time of menstruation or non-menstruation. When a feminine hygiene product is in use at the time of menstruation, it is known as a menstrual hygiene product.


Menstrual hygiene products are available in a disposable and reusable format. They absorb blood and uterine lining during menstruation. They are usually worn with underwear to prevent leakage. They are supported with wings on both sides. Disposable menstrual hygiene products include panty liners, sanitary napkins, and tampons. Reusable menstrual hygiene products are menstrual cups, organic panty liners, period panties, menstrual sponges, and menstrual cloth pads.


Vaginal wash also falls under the intimate feminine hygiene products category, such as douches, unscented soap, and vaginal wipes. Douches are a fluid used to flush out the vagina. A feminine wipe is to wipe out the vulva. Liquid feminine hygiene soap is also available in the market. They are mild and suitable for cleaning your genital parts. It moisturizes and maintains the pH of your vagina. Liquid feminine hygiene soap minimizes the chance of irritation, dryness, and infection.


In Trell Shop, you will get the best soap for feminine hygiene and intimate feminine hygiene products. We are coming up with different brands with different categories of products. You can buy as per your requirements and budget.


Different categories of feminine hygiene products you should know


  • Sanitary pads: Sanitary pads are a narrow, thick piece of material that sticks to your underwear. They have wings folded over the side of your underwear to protect leakage and extra support. Sanitary napkins are generally made of disposable material, so they are use-and-throw products. We use sanitary pads on our menstrual days. It soaks heavy flow and keeps you dry. But don't forget to change your pads at 4 hours of interval.


  • Tampon: Tampons are a small plug of cotton that easily fits into a woman's vagina. It soaks menstrual blood during periods. Tampons come with applicators. This applicator helps you to enter the tampon inside your vagina. Also, have a string at the end of your tampon to pull them out easily.


  • Menstrual cup: Menstrual cup is a bell-shaped feminine hygiene product crafted explicitly for your menstrual cycle. Menstrual cups are made up of soft plastic, rubber, and silicones. It is convenient to use. You have to wear the menstrual cup inside your vagina, and it collects all menstrual blood from the vagina. Menstrual cups are reusable intimate feminine hygiene products.


  • Period underwear: Period underwear is quite similar to regular female underwear. But period underwear is coated with extra layers of fabrics to absorb the menstrual fluid during your period. You can pick the pantyliners according to your flow intensity (heavy, light, or medium). It is also a reusable feminine hygiene product that can be used with pads or on its own.


  • Pantyliner pad: Pantyliner pads are a piece of material worn in the gusset of panties. A panty liner absorbs daily vaginal discharge and light menstrual flow, post-intercourse discharge. It is not applicable for heavy flow during menstruation. It also acts as the menstrual cup or tampon backup and helps to handle urinary incontinence. Pantyliners are quite similar to sanitary napkins. So, their basic construction is the same-but panty liners are much narrower and thinner than pads. Hence, we can say it absorbs less discharge than pads. Therefore, it is primarily applicable for light discharge and regular hygiene. Women should remember that panty liner pads are not usable for medium to heavy flow during the menstrual cycle.


Best feminine hygiene product brands available in India


There are plenty of brands available in India offering the best quality feminine hygiene products. You can choose as per your purpose and budget. The brands available in the Trell Shop portal are Sanfe, Sirona, Carmesi, LetsShave, PeeBuddy, The Woman's Company, BodyGuard, inflame, Skinatura, INLIFE, Bombay Shaving Company, Gynocup, Poo-Dee-Cologne. When you buy from Trell Shop, you can get a wide range of options and brands to buy at your own choice. If you buy feminine hygiene products online, you can check product reviews before buying to help you make the correct decision.


Concerns regarding feminine hygiene products


You can shop for the right feminine hygiene products depending upon your concerns. Several genital problems can be resolved with the use of good quality feminine intimate hygiene products. Find the best one that suits your requirements.


To maintain good vaginal health -


  • Safe sex and intimate hygiene
  • Manage a healthy menstrual period
  • Cleanse and refresh the vulva
  • Moisturize and balance the vaginal pH


Some daily feminine hygiene tips you need to consider


Just like taking a regular shower, maintaining feminine hygiene is also vital for your body. If you perform good hygiene habits, you will be protected from infections. Here we will provide you with some feminine hygiene tips that must be implemented in your life:


  • Keep your underwear dry.
  • Clean your underwear with disinfectant.
  • Wash your vulva with lukewarm water and mild feminine hygiene wash.
  • Avoid chemical-containing soap; unscented wipes are the best soap for feminine hygiene.
  • Change sanitary napkins after 4-6 hours during menstruation.
  • Please avoid douching frequently.
  • Practice safe sex and clean the vagina after intercourse.


Why should you buy feminine hygiene products from Trell Shop?


Trell Shop is a good platform to buy feminine hygiene products online, offering a huge range of brands and products you may choose. The products offered by Trell Shop are always of the best quality and made with medicated cotton materials. You can choose the best soap for feminine hygiene from Trell Shop. We are offering good-quality feminine hygiene wash for daily use. The natural ingredients used in our product are vaginal ecology friendly. They don't hamper the pH balance of your vagina. We also have a huge range of menstrual hygiene products made of pure cotton biodegradable materials good for you and you. Our products are free from all harmful chemicals.


FAQs on choosing the right feminine hygiene products


1. What are the best feminine hygiene products?

The feminine hygiene product options have grown over the years. But you need to choose the best one to maintain good intimate hygiene. If you want to pick menstrual hygiene products, then opt for organic cotton material. And for intimate wash, you must choose the mild feminine hygiene wash that helps to maintain vaginal pH balance.


2. What is the safest feminine hygiene?

To maintain the basic hygiene of your vagina, you need to cleanse it with lukewarm water. Choose menstrual hygiene products that are good for your health as well as for the environment. Don't go for scented pantyliners, sanitary napkins. Instead, pick a menstrual cup or organic reusable cotton pads.


3. How do you have good feminine hygiene?

To maintain good feminine hygiene, you need to make the right choice. Please don't use powder, deodorant, or scented products in your vagina. Keep changing your panty and pads regularly to eliminate vaginal odor. Avoid tight and synthetic underwear. White cotton pads are the best option. To avoid leakage of vaginal discharge, you can use a cotton pantyliner along with cotton panties.


4. What is the best soap for feminine hygiene?

A mild liquid soap is good to maintain feminine hygiene that cleanses the area with care. Don't go for the products that claim to balance your vaginal pH. Generally, lukewarm water is good enough to clean the vulva area, but if you want to feel extra fresh, just go for the mild feminine hygiene wash.


5. Are baby wipes good for your vagina?

Yes, baby wipes are good for your vagina. It cleanses your vagina properly without hampering the pH balance. Baby wipes are gentle and not harmful. Feminine wipes are also available in the market. Both baby wipes and feminine wipes are similar, but choose unscented ones as scented wipes may irritate.


6. Is Dove soap good for your vagina?

Doctors don't recommend cleansing your vagina with Dove soap because Dove soap is mild for your body but not mild for your genital skin. It has a mild scent that can cause irritation to your sensitive parts. So we recommend not using anybody's soap into your vagina. Instead, you need to choose a mild feminine hygiene wash.


7. Is Dettol liquid good for washing private parts?

Doctors never recommend washing your vagina with an antiseptic liquid such as Dettol, Savlon, or Suthol, because antiseptic liquids are a bit strong for your vagina and cause irritation, dryness, and discomfort. So cleanse your vagina with simple warm water or mild feminine hygiene wash or unscented feminine wipes.

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