Can I exchange a product delivered to me by Trell Shop?
Exchange is allowed only in the unlikely event when damaged, defective or different items are delivered to you. The exchange request should be placed within 24 hours after the product has been delivered.

What are the steps to exchange a product?
You can only place exchange requests for the products that are in your ‘My Order’ section. Go to My Orders in My Account section and click on the product Order code. Then click on the Return request/Cancel tab in front of the product that you want to exchange. Select the reason for exchange and upload the product image for the verification process.

-The order should be reviewed within 24 hours of delivery. The exchange request can be placed in two cases, either the ordered product is different or the ordered product is damaged.

What are the refund policies for exchange orders and will a full or partial refund be available?
We do not provide any refund for exchange orders. In case if the brand does not have the inventory, the customer will receive a full refund.

What is the time frame for requesting an exchange?
The exchange should be processed within 24 hours once the order is delivered.

Does the customer need to bear the exchange shipping cost?
No, the customer does not need to pay any extra shipping charge for an exchange order.

What is the time frame to exchange orders?
The brand will pack the order and the courier partners will get the products delivered in 7-10 business days once the exchange order is approved.