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Soft Baby Wipes & Buds for Child Care

Taking care of an infant is challenging, especially with their immunity being new and developing. At Trell Shop, find safe baby care products made of natural ingredients. The specially modeled baby wet wipes, mosquito repellant, detergent, and all-purpose cleaner caters to the needs of all parents with young children. 

As health care takes a step forward, countering viruses every day, taking care of your baby’s sanitary needs is important. Trell Shop has partnered with the highly esteemed BodyGuard and Mustela brands, who are known to take premium care of your child’s hygiene. 

Prime Range of Baby Care Products

Let us explore the various types of child care products available at Trell Shop. 

Mosquito Repellent Cream - Have you experienced the constant buzzing of mosquitoes during the summer and monsoon season? They may transfer harmful germs or bacteria into your body, which can cause itching or even malaria and dengue. 

It is extremely important to realize that Mosquito Repellant is an essential buy for your child’s health. The BodyGuard cream available at Trell Shop contains herbal extracts of Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus Oil, and Neem. It is free of chemicals, making it safe for use by infants. Moreover, not only does the Mosquito Repellant cream give an 8hr round-protection from mosquitoes, but it also moisturizes the skin with their natural ingredients.  

Baby Wet Wipes - You need an easy to wipe cloth to clean after the baby. Made of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E extracts which smoothen your skin, the Wet Wipes found at Trell Shop are Alcohol-free and Paraben-free. 

The Baby Wipes ultra-soft nonwoven fiber makes the child feel relaxed and has positive results on their skin. Additionally, the Wipes are made of 98% water, making them ideal for use on dry bath days and even clean surfaces while traveling. 

Baby All-Purpose Cleanser - Trell Shop brings you a Chemical-free surfactant, curated specialty for babies. An eco-friendly option that is 100% biodegradable, the All-Purpose Cleanser helps clean objects and surfaces with no residue left behind. 

BodyGuard’s Baby Cleanser is made of Lemon Oil which spreads a natural aroma and coconut extracts. Bottles, Breast Pumps, Pacifiers, Rattles, Prams, etc., can all be cleaned with this natural solution. The Cleanser does not hamper the quality of the object and is the best buy while undertaking a baby care job.

Baby Laundry Detergent - The Baby Detergent is another 100% Biodegradable choice made of bio-enzymes and plant-based surfactants. It is highly safe for washing children’s clothes and removes stains exceptionally while maintaining the quality of the clothes. 

Only 30ml Laundry Detergent is needed to wash a large number of clothes, making it economical and productive. The BodyGuard Laundry Liquid contains no dyes, harmful chemicals, or toxins, making it comprehensively safe for baby use. 

Baby Cleansing Wipes - A gentle protector of your baby’s skin, the Mustela Cleansing Wipes are for parents everywhere. These Wipes are free of Paraben and Alcohol and tested by Dermatologists and Pediatricians. 

Trell Shop caters to Baby Wipes that are made of natural ingredients like castor oil, aloe vera, and tartaric acid. The purifying and enhancing features of the Cleaning Wipes help add a protective layer to the skin and moisturize it.

Why Do We Need Baby Care Products?

Are you having a difficult time adjusting to motherhood as a new mama? Especially with the needs and care of your child being considerably different from yours? You want to use the safest things while taking care of your baby. 

Since babies have immature bodies and can not use the same products as adults, one must use harmless products to take care of them. Exclusive baby care amenities, such as Wet Wipes, Detergent, and Cleanser, have been introduced, ensuring that no dangerous bacteria cause harm to your child. Taking care of the baby’s well-being by using natural elements, the Baby Care Products are the need of the day.

Why Choose Trell Shop?

Trell Shop beholds safety and reliability as key standards for sale. Its baby sanitation products are affiliated with some of the most reliable brands in the market and can be bought online with ease. The several filters at Trell Shop help you find exactly what you are searching for and ensure cruelty-free services. Further, Trell Shop allows several payment methods like card, bank or even cash-on-delivery. 

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