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Buy Men’s Trousers at the Best Prices on Trell

The perfect pair of trousers can save any outfit - be it for the office, for dates, or a trip to the wedding of a friend. A proper pair of trousers is a must-have article of clothing, and you should not compromise on fabric quality and fit. Poorly made trousers are uncomfortable and look very unsightly. You need to invest in some gorgeous trousers made of the best quality fabric and tailored with precision and skill. We have a collection of more than 70 beautiful pairs of trousers that you can browse through.

If you’re looking for clothes intended for work, you should go for classic cotton or blended pants. These are affordable, easy to maintain, and highly comfortable. If you want a pair of fancy trousers for date nights and other special occasions, you should look into pure cotton or linen. At Trell, you can find the best men’s trousers suited for all kinds of outfit styles and prices.

The Main Types of Men’s Trousers

Men’s trousers are uncomplicated. However, there can be various kinds of trousers that you should know about. Depending on the style, the occasion, and the fabric, men’s trousers can be classified into multiple categories. Here are the main types -

Formal Trousers: Unlike casual trousers, formal trousers imply elegance, formality, and proper social grace. That is why these are tailored to perfection and made of high-quality materials such as pure cotton or linen. You should always pair formal trousers with a nice shirt, a coat, proper socks, and formal shoes. You can wear these on special occasions.

Casual Trousers: If you’re looking for comfortable trousers that you can wear to dates or outings with your friends, then casual trousers are your best bet. These emphasise comfort and fit over elegance and poise. You can wear Casual pants with polo t-shirts, casual shirts, etc. You don’t necessarily need to pair such trousers with closed shoes.

Chinos: Chinos are trousers made of chino - a cotton blend fabric known as twill. These are extremely comfortable and versatile - and can be used in formal and informal situations. They are very stretchy, which makes them comfortable for plus-size individuals. They have visible stitching, making them an affordable alternative to fancier formal trousers. We have these in a wonderful variety of colours - ranging from black to olive green.

Patterned Trousers: Usually, trousers are plain or have a subtle stripe design. Recently, a lot of bold designers have come out with patterned trousers. You can opt for subtle prints like checks, tartan patterns, etc. You can also go for an image flashier and make more of a statement if you like it.

The Best Men’s Trousers Brands Available on Trell

We have quality products from some of the best apparel houses in India available in our store. Our men’s trousers are made from premium materials and are tailored to perfection. All you need to do is know your preferred style and waist size. Bewakoof and Canstol are two of India’s biggest upcoming clothing brands that you can find their products listed on the website. From formal to semiformal to casual, we have India’s best men’s trousers.

Gender of Men’s Trousers

Men’s trousers are not unisex clothing - so they are not tailored, keeping in mind the women’s body shapes. It is a better idea for our female customers to opt for women’s trousers as they have been tailored to meet your unique needs, measurements, and styles.

Why One Needs Men’s Trousers

Do we even need to discuss this? Men’s trousers are a versatile and necessary piece of clothing, and every modern man needs to have some in his closet. You need a pair of linen or cotton pants for special occasions. You should also bring a couple of pairs for work and a few chinos for dates and outings with friends.

Why Trell

Trell is a wonderful platform with a remarkable collection of men’s trousers - ranging from all kinds of styles, materials, and occasions. Just browse through our collection of 70+ products until you find the pair that’s just right for you.

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