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Buy the Best Casual Jeans and Denim Trousers on Trell

What is the one common denominator when it comes to clothes and apparel across genders and personal styles? Jeans. Yes, denim trousers and jeans are an element you will find in all closets. Jeans are a flexible choice, and they can be suited to all kinds of occasions. You can wear them to a date, to a night out with friends, while spending time with family, and so on. Keep yourself stress-free by getting some nice jeans—and break them out when you feel like something casual and comfortable.

Trell has a collection of jeans from some of the best designer apparel brands in India. There are thousands of products for you to choose from, available in all kinds of fabrics, colors, and styles. No matter your style and aesthetic, you will surely find the perfect pair of trusty jeans on Trell. Jeans are affordable, require minimum upkeep, look great, and can be customized too!

Different Kinds of Jeans Available on Trell

Usually, jeans and denim trousers are classified based on their “fit”. The fit refers to the seat and the thigh, and different fits are appropriate for different body types and aesthetics. Here is a helpful crash course on the denim products available in Trell’s store.

Regular Fit Jeans: This is the kind of jeans most people wear. Usually, these pants are made to rest lightly against the seat and provide more room against the thighs. These are a comfy choice, and you can find loads of choices on the Trell website. These pants are available in all sizes.

Slim/Skinny Fit Jeans: Slim or skinny jeans are designed to hug the body. These pants use a smaller amount of fabric for the seat and have relatively narrower openings for the thighs. The pant legs come with tapered cuffs, making the legs appear skinny.

Relaxed Fit Jeans: Relaxed fit jeans are also popular among men and women today. These are roomy and comfortable since they have extra fabric in the back and openings for the thighs. These pants are ideal for plus-size people, and it lets them be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Jeans are also classified based on their “rise”—which refers to their place on the waist. On Trell, you will also be able to find high-rise and low-rise jeans. The former is made to be placed high on the waist. They’re comfortable, and can be used to conceal belly fat. Low-rise jeans are usually preferred by women since they sit low on the hips.

Best Jeans Brands on Trell

Trell has products from two of the best apparel brands, Pepe Jeans London and VOI Jeans. The former is a famous English-Spanish company that specializes in all kinds of denim products. From trousers to jackets, they have it all. VOI Jeans is an English company that has been creating designer denim trousers since 1988. They specialize in creating designer denim apparel targeted towards modern men.


All Trell denim trousers are perfectly unisex. Even though brands like VOI Jeans specialize in men’s jeans, ladies will easily be able to pull off their jeans without a hitch. Brands like Pepe Jeans London have jeans suited for all body types, styles, aesthetics, and genders.

Why You Need a Good Pair of Jeans

Jeans are the most versatile and comfortable choices of clothing. A good pair of jeans will be a valuable addition to any closet. They can be suited to any setting and occasion—and they are extremely easy to clean. They also require very little upkeep and can be paired with all kinds of outfit choices.

Why Trell

Trell has the potential to be the one-stop online store for all of your apparel needs. We have an amazing inventory of denim trousers available in all kinds of fits and colors. All of our products are sourced from the best apparel brands.

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