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Buy Face Pack and Sheet Masks for Men on Trell

Skin is the largest organ in the human body. When it comes to skincare, the skin on our faces takes priority for us. 

We are pretty much past rigid gender norms for makeup and cosmetics products. Men have recently discovered the positive aspects of spending a little more time on skincare and personal hygiene. As a result, many of them now include cosmetic face masks and face packs into their skincare regime. 

From skin moisturization to getting rid of acne, face masks could do wonders for the skin. Although there are a plethora of cosmetic face masks available for men in the market, choosing the right one is crucial to get the desired results.

Types of Face Masks You Can Buy on Trell

Application Masks: One of the most popular face masks everyone uses is the application mask. Application masks are usual face masks packed in bottles, jars, and tubes. Examples of application masks are coffee face packs, clay masks, and charcoal face packs. Some of the common ingredients you will find in these masks are:

  • Clay for excess oil removal
  • Charcoal for deep cleansing of pores
  • Neem for clear skin 
  • Turmeric for radiant skin
  • Coffee for tan removal

Trell offers a variety of application masks for men, blended with the goodness of these natural ingredients. 


Peel-off Masks: These masks may sound painful, but they aren't! Peel-off masks help in deep cleaning the pores of your skin. The two primary varieties of peel-off masks are: 

  • face peel offs 
  • nose peel offs

Nose peel-offs are also called blackhead strips, and the most common component in them is charcoal. The Man Company Charcoal nose strips available on Trell have aloe vera extract as the secondary ingredient, known for its soothing properties. 


Sheet Masks: These masks are infused with active natural ingredients and nutrient serum. When you put on a sheet mask, your skin absorbs the serum and gets hydrated. You should select the right one for your skin. Some of the common ingredients in sheet masks are:

  • Vitamin C for skin rejuvenation and to enhance skin tone
  • Charcoal extract for pore cleansing and skin damage reversal 
  • Hyaluronic acid for deep nourishment and skin hydration

It is highly recommended to use these masks at least 2-3 times a week. These masks will let your skin benefit from all the natural ingredients present in the hydrating serum, and your face will start glowing more than ever before.  

Popular Face Mask Brands for Men Online

There are several face packs and sheet masks brands for gents available in the market. However, only a few rank among India's best men's grooming products brands.

Trell Shop offers multiple choices from brands like Man Arden, Beardo, The Man Company, Mancode, Garnier, and Bombay Shaving Company. You can choose the face mask that meets your needs and budget.

There are plenty of offers on face mask products at Trell Shop, and you can avail them with ease. 

Why Do Men Need Skincare?

Enjoying a rejuvenating spa at the parlor is not just for women, and men can also do their part to enhance their skin health. Men also need skincare as they are not immune to dust, acne, or wrinkles. Their skin is thick and tough with large pores. As a result, the oil secretion is much higher for men than women. Following a good skincare regime will help men reduce pore size, thus minimizing oil production. Trell has a plethora of top-rated men's skincare products from well-known brands, and they will help you maintain healthy and youthful skin forever.  

Why buy Skincare Products for Men from Trell?

Trell is a one-stop destination for men's skincare products. It offers a variety of sheet masks and face packs for men from well-known brands worldwide. Moreover, you can avail plenty of offers on these grooming products on their website. Trell provides various payment methods, including cash on delivery, for your convenience. The products are sustainably made to ensure they cause no allergic reactions to your skin.

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