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Hair Care Products for All Types of Hair

Hair care products play a significant role in your daily self-care routine. The excessive increase in the amount of pollution, smog, dust, smoke, and other impurities has a terrible impact on your hair. These impurities can lead to itchiness, frizzy scalp, dry and rough hair, lifeless strands, and dandruff. Hence, it becomes important to select wow hair care products that suit your hair type. You can get the best hair care products in India from Trell Shop, such as Mamaearth hair care products.

To take care of your hair and keep them silky smooth, it is important to establish a good hair care routine. Using the right kind of hair care products is necessary. Each individual has a different hair type, and every hair type demands different kinds of care. Your routine will be determined by a few factors like the texture of your hair, the type of hair styling products you use on a daily basis, and the natural climatic conditions of the place where you reside. No matter what you’re struggling with: frizzy hair, dandruff, flaky scalp, or split ends, there is something or the other available in the market for you. 

The thing about hair is that they come in a variety of types and can’t be grouped as one. Some people may have lush and thick hair, while others may have thin and frizzy hair. Hair care products are essential for both men and women. Although most men don’t have lengthy hair, the use of hair gels and cream to set their hair a certain way might cause some harm. Hence, using the right products on your hair is important.

Men’s hair care products have come a long way, and there’s something or the other available for every type of hair. We want to make selecting the right kinds of products for your hair easier. The first step is to embrace your natural hair texture and use natural hair care products that will help you do so. Choosing the right kind of hair product can make a huge difference in the appearance and health of your hair. Hair care products are available in different forms like dry shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, serums, gels, and pomade.

There is a great variety of ayurvedic hair care products available for those looking for hair cleansers made of natural ingredients. Browse through a vast section of hair care products on Trell Shop and choose the right one for your hair type.

Natural Hair Care Products Offered Online by Trell Shop

Everyone needs to follow a proper hair care routine. A healthy hair care routine should be adopted as early as possible because it helps your hair stay healthy and shiny for long. Natural hair care products are in demand these days because they are less harsh on the scalp and don’t contain harmful chemicals. The moment you step out of your house, heat, humidity, and pollution make your hair frizzy or greasy. Only a good hair care product can eliminate all the layers of dirt from your scalp and make it clean.

Liquid shampoo, as we know it, was only invented in the 20th century, and prior to this, people used different natural substances to treat their hair. Mostly, organic and plant-based materials were used due to easy availability. Cleansing and conditioning involved using homemade products derived from age-old recipes passed from generation to generation. Hair care products have undergone many changes throughout these years.

The basics of how to build a hair care routine are rooted in the foundations of wash, condition, dry, and style. However, there are plenty of factors that need to be considered for the healthiest, lushest, shiniest hair. You don’t need a lot of the best hair care products and tools to get the hair you desire. Just know your hair type and pick products that suit you well. Some of the best hair care products in India are available on Trell Shop. In this guide, we’ve compiled a hair care products list for all types of tresses.

Types of Hair Care Products

Selecting hair products is the first step to achieving a desired look or hairstyle. There are many types of hair care products available in the market, and you should know about all of them to pick the right one for your hair type.


1. Shampoo

We’re all familiar with the function of shampoo - it cleanses the hair. But the tricky part is that there are plenty of different types of shampoos out there. From sulfate-free shampoo to straightening shampoo, volumizing shampoo, clarifying shampoo, and shampoos for colored hair. It is essential to pick the right kind of shampoo for your hair type.


2. Conditioner

The purpose of a hair conditioner is to smoothen the hair and restore moisture. It helps tackle frizzy and damaged hair. The most common type of conditioner is the rinse-out conditioner. You need to work through the ends of your hair and rinse it with water after a few minutes. 


3. Hair mask

Hair masks are one of the best hair care products for repairing extremely damaged hair. They contain ingredients like essential oils, emulsifiers, and waxes that treat the roots of your hair for maximum repair. 

4. Hair oils and serums

Oiling one’s hair has been an age-old practice to treat frizzy hair. Hair oils have again gained popularity and give your hair a polished look. There are a variety of hair oils available online, from argan oil to coconut oil. Choose one according to the texture of your hair. 

5. Dry shampoo

This product is best for those who are mostly on the road due to their profession or other demands. Dry shampoos come in the form of a spray or a powder. They are meant to absorb extra oil to give a fresh look to your hair. If you don’t have enough time for a proper head bath, just apply some of it on the roots and massage a little. 


6. Hair wax/Pomade

Hair wax or pomade is a great hair care product for adding more texture. It makes the hair silky and smooth for styling. This product is very popular among men as it gives the hair extra hold for complex hairstyles. You can use pomade when creating detailed braids. Mix hair wax with a drop of oil or serum and massage to impart it extra shine and hold.

Best Hair Care Product Brands

The best brands for hair care products for women include Khadi Essentials, OGX, Mamaearth, Tresemme, Biotique, The Body Shop, etc. Some of the great brands for best hair care products for men include The Man Company, Spantra, Volamena, Misters, etc. all these brands are available on Trell Shop.

When you browse through a wide range of products, make sure you opt for those that suit your hair type and budget. There are all kinds of items available like curly hair care products, shampoos for dry and damaged hair, hair oils for treating hair fall, etc. Go through the review section to know whether a specific product will work for you. When you buy online, carefully look through all deals and discounts, you can bag to save your hard-earned money.


Between the hair straightening addiction, hot showers, and blow-dry habits, we are all guilty of causing damage to our hair. Several hair problems can be resolved with the use of the right hair care product. Listed below are some of the most common hair problems:


  • Dandruff
  • Frizz
  • Dull hair
  • Hair loss
  • Dry hair
  • Damaged hair due to heat or excessive hairstyling 
  • Damage caused due to hair color 
  • Oily scalp
  • Split ends

Why Do You Need Hair Care Products?

Hair care is very important for both men and women as hair health is a reflection of daily hygiene. Every day our hair battles humidity, harsh winds, summer heat, and rain. Thus, taking care of your hair is as important as any other skincare routine. While you tend to cover all other body parts, your hair, on the other hand, is subjected to a lot of dirt and pollution. Nobody wants to step out of the house with frizzy or dry hair. Just washing your hair using shampoo doesn’t mean you are taking good care of it. Hair care also includes proper grooming and making sure you are applying the right kind of products. Using the right hair care products ensures less damage, hair fall, and dryness, leading to shiny and healthy hair.

Why Should You Buy Hair Care Products From the Trell Shop?

Trell Shop is the ultimate online store to buy some of the best hair care products as it has a great variety of brands to select from. All the products offered are of high quality and do not contain harmful ingredients. Most of the products are cruelty-free and obtained from natural sources. Some of the common ingredients include aloe vera, argan oil, almond extracts, coconut, etc. All these ingredients have been proven to improve hair health and reduce hair fall. Trell Shop lists products manufactured by the best brands. It is a dependable website, so you can place your orders without any worries. Trell Shop allows you to make payments using a variety of options like debit and credit cards, cash on delivery, net banking, etc.

FAQs on All the Dos and Don’ts of Choosing the Right Hair Care Products


1. How to select the right hair care product?

To pick the right hair care products, you need to see how your hair responds to particular hair care products like shampoos and conditioners. Carefully examine the condition of your hair after you’ve used a certain oil or shampoo. Determine your hair type and pick products that will suit you.


2. How do I determine my own hair type?

Sometimes it is not easy to determine the hair type on your own. We recommend you get help from a professional before choosing hair care products. A professional stylist can check individual strands from your head and test elasticity and tensile strength. Hair strands have different thicknesses, diameters, and wave patterns.


3. Why is deep conditioning important?

Deep conditioning provides intense moisture to your hair and roots, thereby helping restore natural oils. It can help tackle dryness and brittle hair. It can also enhance your hair’s luster and shine.


4. Is too much conditioning bad for hair?

Yes, excessive conditioning can lead to dull hair as it can weigh the hair down due to excessive coating. This can hinder proper styling and influence the ability of the hair to hold intricate styles. Pick high-quality, lightweight conditioning products that don’t clog pores.


5. How often can I use dry shampoo?

To prevent hair damage caused due to dry shampoo, doctors and professionals recommend you apply it no more than two days in a row. Dry shampoos can cause a lot of harm by stripping the natural oil from your roots and making your hair dry.


6. What are the harmful ingredients to be avoided in a hair care product?

There are a few toxic ingredients in shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks like parabens, sulfates, triclosan, Polyethylene Glycol, etc., that can cause harmful side effects. Avoid using hair care products that contain one or more of the above-mentioned ingredients.


7. What are the organic ingredients to look for in a shampoo?

Some of the organic ingredients in your shampoo and other hair care products include coconut oil, olive oil, hydrolyzed keratin, aloe vera, etc.

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