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The Best Nail Polish To Shower Your Nails With All The Love

Fond of nail polish in unique hues and textures? Are you searching for nail polish styles that add more than colour ? Whatever the occasion or season, the Trell Shop has a selection of shiny and metallic nail polish variants for you to mix and match. Pick your perfect nail colour from a variety of top brands.

There are simple filters that allow you to search nail polish by shade, brand, cost, popularity, and other criteria. With a fantastic range of colours and textures, pick a new nail polish colour and match it with your new outfit. Make an excellent first impression by showing off your painted nails that have gotten polished in your new favourite nail polish style.

Colour the city purple, orange, or green with your sassy looks. A diverse range of nail polish colours awaits you at Trell Shop, choose from the ideal shades to create a forever collection . Pick from greens and blues, plums, beiges, gem tones, and nude nail polish colours to suit your personal style. Are you stumped when it comes to picking a nail polish colour? You can choose colours depending on the clothes you have in your closet, the season you are in, or the tone of your skin.

Traditional reds and pinks are perfect for party dresses, neon nail polish colours are perfect for a spring fest, and transparent nail polish with a hint of glitter is a vintage, daily nail polish style. Glitter nail polish is very popular now, so choose from various options at Trell Shop and glam up your style statement. There is a vast range of nail polish colours available for women and girls. You can select any shade according to your mood, liking, and outfit. 

How do you pick a nail polish colour that looks good on you? Your skin tone determines the perfect nail colour for you. Tanned skin tones are appropriate for warmer colours, such as browns, purples, and pinks; pale skin tones can wear pastel shades, and brighter shades of pink or red. People with medium or olive skin tones may wear pink, brown, purple, and orange. Do you want to wear a nude nail polish, as a timeless classic of all seasons? Selecting the perfect nude nail polish, like choosing the correct shade of blush or lipstick, is mainly based on your skin tone.

At Trell Shop there is a variety of nude nail colours, dripping with elegance and beauty, and shimmery bright coloured nail paints that are trendy and chic.

What Are the Types of Nail Polishes Available? 


A suitable nail colour is a thing of beauty. This makeup item is the ideal combination of variety, feelings, sophistication, glamour, and cost-effectiveness. People worldwide have a shared passion for wearing different colours of nail polish to beautify their fingers. One of the greatest makeup joys you can have is flaunting the perfect nail polish colours. You should shop nail polish online at Trell Shop for a decent cost that will please both your desires and your pocket.

Our hands and nails are the most susceptible to harmful bacteria. Everyday household work and exposure to the outside world can harm your nails. Cleaning, dusting, washing utensils, slicing vegetables, and working outside can affect your nail hygiene. Maintain good nail hygiene by cleaning your nails everyday. You should also ensure that you follow a daily nail-care regime to prevent any unexpected illnesses. Beautification comes after healthification, so maintain the health and hygiene of your nails first, and then decorate them with your choicest nail polish colours.

Types of Nail Polish

Trell Shop has a large selection of nail polishes to fit your everyday needs. Simply pick a colour that complements your skin tone, or goes with a specific outfit for a special occasion.

Glitter nail polish

Glitter nail polish is the best companion for a gorgeous party look. Nail polishes that glitter or shine in the lights are quirky and enjoyable, and they're ideal for summer. These nail polishes typically have flecks of glitter floating in a transparent gloss polish. Don't miss the topcoat, because chipping is more apparent with this nail polish design, and expect a more difficult cleaning process than normal. Glitter nail polish is, however, well worth taking the trouble of maintenance.

Metallic nail polish

Metallic nail polish has a metallic finish. It lacks the big, transparent particles of sparkle found in glitter nail polish, but it has a lustre similar to that of metals like silver, gold, and copper. Furthermore, unlike glitter nail polish, these do not have a rough feel. You can buy a nail polish set of metallic colours and use them, in contrast, to give an edgy feel to your nails.

Nude nail polish

Shades that complement your skin are stylish, subtle, and lengthens your nails at the same time. However, not just any nude will suffice. Warm nude colours would be highly complementary if you have a warm undertone. If you have a cool undertone, light colour nail polish with cooler nudes will look better on you. You can opt for any nude nail polish if you have neutral undertones. Nude shades give the nails a simple coating and a polished finish.

Gel nail polish

Gel nail polish is sometimes confused with crème nail polish, but it lasts longer, is more chip-resistant, and more costly. Previously, the final look of a gel nail polish needed processing under UV light. Now, this technique can even be used at home to achieve similar results.

There is, indeed, a variation in how creme nail polish is set compared to gel nail polish. People originally used the term gel to describe the strong UV gel that binds and stays set under a UV lamp.

Matte nail polish

Matte nail polish eliminates the polish from the process, leaving the nails coloured, but without the shine. If you're looking for matte nail polish, try to find exclusive pastel shades or light nail polish colours. While this nail polish type is anti-shine, good quality polishes provide plenty of texture and colour for a noticeably creative look.

Best Nail Polish Brands Available at Trell Shop

Trell Shop provides its customers with the most popular and genuine nail polish brands.

Some of the best available nail polish brands are Color Fx and MyGlamm. Trell Shop showers its consumers with the most profound and well-known brands in the market. Our products cater to all genders. We offer varied health and skincare products at affordable prices and hard-to-miss Super Saver Deals for you to select from. You no longer have to worry about visiting your local salon for your Nail Care appointments. Trell Shop has everything that you require.


More than any other body part, we use our hands for getting most of our work done. Hence, nail care is an essential part of the self-care process. You must maintain good nail hygiene for the overall betterment of your body. 

Some concerns related to nails are:

  • Cracked nails
  • Dry nails
  • Weak cuticle
  • Yellow nails
  • Brittle nails
  • Pits or grooves 

Why do we Need Nail Polish?

Nail care improves your nail health, while also beautifying your hands. According to dermatologist Dana Stern, nail polish binds the nail cells together protecting nails from fraying or splitting. Applying nail polish stylises your overall appearance. You feel more secure, and also catch a few eyeballs every time you use your hands while speaking. 

Women add a coat of polish to their nails to make them look nice and keep dirt and grime accumulating on their nails. These are used to ensure a long-lasting manicure.

If you have crooked or unsightly fingernails or toes, nail polish will help hide them. You should generally keep the nails clean, but nail polish can conceal unsightly flaws. Many modern nail polishes, and even some nail polish removers, contain vitamins and moisturisers that protect the wear and tear of nail enamels due to the regular use of nail polishes.

Beautifully manicured nails will give you a boost of confidence and make you feel amazing!

Why Shop from Trell Shop for the Best Nail Polish?

Whatever the situation, Trell Shop brings you many of the finest nail polish colours in various finishes such as matte, shiny, and gel by famous nail polish brands in India. To make your selection easier, we've included filters that allow you to choose a nail polish based on the occasion, cost, and personal preferences.

Trell Shop offers the finest nail polish brands at the best value, giving you glistening, flawless nails. Trell Shop is the one-stop solution for nail polish shopping online, with everything from metallic nail polish to gel-based nail polish. You can get authentic items from all of the top beauty brands delivered to your doorstep at zero delivery cost. You can also look at our special deals section to find the perfect rates on the best nail polish combos.

Nail polish FAQs

1. What are the best nail polish brands?

Several famous brands offer many affordable and impressive nail polish combos and nail polish sets for you. You can buy different nail polish shades, including light nail polish and metallic nail polish, from any of the leading brands, such as Elle 18, Maybelline, and Lakme nail polishes.

2. What are the best shades of nail polish?

Playing around with nail polish colours that complement your skin tone is always a good idea. Light-skinned people can try dark colours like burgundy and magenta. Tan-skinned people can rock pastels and neons, such as fuchsia and poppy green. People with a medium skin tone can apply almost all the shades from dark red to mauve.

3. Where can I buy branded nail polish online?

You can buy the best-branded nail polish online from Trell Shop. We offer a vast range of amazing nail polish colours from top brands at affordable prices. You can go to Trell Shop’s website and select various items to choose the finest nail polish at the most cost-effective price.

4. What is the cost of nail polish?

The price of a nail polish varies according to its contents and the brand. Lakme nail polish price lies in the range of INR 90 to 400, while Maybelline nail polish price lies in between INR 100 and 800.

5. What are the benefits of nail polish?

Nail polish is used to enhance the appearance of a woman's hands and safeguard her nails against the effects of the sun. Vitamins and minerals are present in some of the polishes. As a result, the nails are strengthened, and the cuticles are cleaned. The cuticle oil is added as a gel and maintains the skin around the cuticles smooth and healthy.

6. How long does nail polish last on nails?

A standard nail polish will last anywhere from 5 to 14 days on your nails. You can keep the nail polish working better if you apply it correctly and take good care not to chip it. That depends on your way of life. The more you use your hands, the shorter the life of your nail polish.

7. How long should I let the nail polish dry?

Allowing nails to dry for two minutes between coats is a perfect time. Any less time and the nails are more prone to damaging or smudging, leading to irregular nail polish coverage and peeling. Certain factors, such as the colour of the polish and the thickness of the polish layers, may also influence drying time.

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