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Liquid Lipstick

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All About Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipstick is a union of lipstick and lip gloss. It has color and pigment just as lipstick and its application with a stick is just as easy as lip gloss. Liquid lipstick such as Lakme liquid lipstick can do wonders in a single swipe, as one coat of liquid lipstick color is enough to get that perfect tinted look on your lips. The stick application of liquid lipstick shades allows better control and creates a crisp outline without a lip liner. The texture of these lipsticks, like Lakme matte liquid lipstick, is matte with a smooth finish.


Liquid lipstick is the better-looking version of normal lipstick, with a more vibrant color benefit. A matte liquid lipstick sits for a full day without smudging, which is one of the main reasons it is so famous. You can apply your chosen liquid lipstick at the beginning of the day and follow your daily routine without worrying about unpleasant stains on glasses or cups.


Applying primer and base to your lips before applying lipstick is an easy technique to prevent your makeup from fading. However, in reality, no makeup style is perfect without a pop of color on the lips in the form of the finest matte liquid lipstick.


Women who struggle to make a flawless lip outline with sticks prefer liquid lipsticks. In liquid lipstick, you should use the applicator or wand to create an accurate shape and appearance of the lips. You can also find matte liquid lipstick, semi-matte liquid lipstick, creamy liquid lipstick, and a variety of other variations in liquid lipsticks. Trell Shop is the place to go if you want to find the finest liquid lipstick in your preferred formulation and color. Trell Shop has a variety of liquid lipstick colors to match every look.


To get nicely defined lips, start by shaping your Cupid’s Bow with Lakme liquid lipstick. Then switch to the upper and lower edge for a dramatic look with just one stroke. Some of the best features of Lakme matte liquid lipstick are -


  • Smudge-proof matte finish
  • 30 vibrant colors
  • Deeply pigmented
  • Lightweight
  • All-day coverage


Removing liquid lipsticks can be a bit difficult as liquid lipstick is highly pigmented. You can’t remove the super stay color from liquid lipstick easily as it has a matte texture that dries and settles on the lip. Therefore, your cleansing products must have a moisturizing effect to remove liquid lipstick easily. These products include oil, vaseline, lip scrub, and water-based cleanser.


Get the Best Liquid Lipsticks From Lakme

There are 20 exciting shades in the Lakmé Forever Matte Lip Color Range. This expertly crafted liquid lipstick has an impressive matte finish that stays up to sixteen hours and seems recently applied. These intensely colored shades give your lips a long-lasting color that doesn’t fade. The color outcome is strong, but the texture is smooth and feels great on the lip. It is easy to use, glides on smoothly, and lasts all day. Get bright lips that appear beautifully painted all day with the liquid mattes in 20 bright colors. It works with a specially built tool to ensure that the application is accurate and painless and that you get the best possible payoff.

Trell Shop offers a user-friendly platform to provide you a hassle-free shopping experience from the comfort of your home. With many discounts and offers running all through the year, you can be confident to shop for your favorite beauty products at the best price. In addition, they’re easier to apply, have more pigment, and are even more long-lasting than ever due to the abundance of formulations.


Based on their formulation, liquid lipsticks can be categorized as:



Lakme matte liquid lipstick sets have been bestsellers in recent years. Lakme forever matte liquid lipstick has the most pigment and has a long-lasting effect. If you wish to try out new colors, the matte finish allows you to do so without disturbing the whole look while still having a strong effect. Exfoliating the lips before actually wearing lipstick is a good way to prepare them.



This texture of liquid lipstick combines the best of both worlds, from glossy and matte. Lakme liquid lipstick is perfect to begin with if you’ve never used liquid lipstick before. The composition of such lipstick is generally smooth and glides effortlessly over the lips, allowing a smooth application to achieve the desired color outcome. All you require for a healthy glow is some eyeliner and a swipe of one of these lipsticks to provide a pop of color.



A shiny or glossy liquid lipstick instantly transforms your appearance. This lip look, which was prominent in the 90s, is back in trend with shiny colors. Get your eye makeup, such as eyeliner, as discreet as possible, so you don’t go overboard. Use a lip balm prior to applying some makeup to keep the lips hydrated during the day.


Types of Lakme Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks offer different coverage and finish options as per your preference. You can choose from the following types of Lakme liquid lipsticks:


Lakme forever matte liquid lipstick

The Lakme Forever Matte Lip Color Range comes in 30 amazing colors. This expertly crafted lip color has an extreme matte payoff that stays for up to 16 hours and appears newly colored. These intensely pigmented shades offer your lips a long-lasting color that won’t smudge. Although the color effect is extreme, the feel is light and looks great on the lips. In addition, it is simple to apply as it glides on smoothly and lasts all day.


Lakme 9 to 5 liquid lipstick

This lipstick is ideal for a 9 to 5 workplace look. It functions as both lipstick and a cheek stain. Apply a powdery matte finish on your lips. Apply a second coat to intensify the hue with the convenient foam tip wand. Next, apply a light flush to the cheeks with Lakme 9 to 5 liquid lipstick. Mark the lipstick in a semi-circular formation under your cheeks, then blend with your fingers to get a blush look.


Lakme absolute matte liquid lipstick

Lakme absolute matte liquid lipstick comes in eight enticing colors spanning from a bold neon red to a deep nude. This matte lipstick will give your lips a rich, matte, and stylish appearance. It has a silky matte finish that gives it a luxurious leather appearance. It offers long-wear in vibrant colors. The best matte liquid lipstick with a perfect lightweight solution gives the lips a long-lasting silky warmth without drying them out. It is fully transfer-proof and will last the whole day. The wand is specifically created to offer your lips an even hue that will better distinguish the lips.


Liquid lipstick set

A single lipstick is never enough for your varying moods and occasions. You need different shades of a Liquid lipstick set with different outfits, and a lipstick set works best for most women and girls. Lakme forever matte liquid lipstick value set is a great option, as it has beautiful shades from red, orange, peach, and pink bundled together in a combo.


Best Brands of Liquid Lipsticks Available at Trell Shop

Trell Shop provides its customers with the most successful and genuine brands available. There are liquid lipstick choices at Trell Shop suitable for both women and girls.

Some of the best brands available for liquid lipstick are Lakme, Maybelline, Revlon, Sugar, MyGlamm, and many others.



Usually, lips are tender and prone to problems. Lips need intense care to prevent several concerns. These concerns include -

  • Dry lips
  • Chapped lips
  • Pigmented lips
  • Sensitive lips
  • Sun protection
  • Anti-aging


Why Do You Need Liquid Lipstick?

Classic lipsticks tend to be greasy and don’t last all day. Liquid lipstick is among the best dependable beauty items out there, thanks to its deep pigmentation and tendency to hold on during a long day. Since liquid lipstick formulations are so coloring, one stroke is usually sufficient. When applying liquid lipstick, you usually don’t require a lip liner because it’s designed to go on smooth lips and creates clean-looking edges. The thin formulations are normally transfer-proof and stay on the lips for a long time. If you are in a hurry or want to go with a classic look, utilizing your liquid lipstick as a blush is a perfect way to add a touch of color to your cheeks.


Why Shop From Trell Shop for the Best Liquid Lipstick?

Trell Shop is an online marketplace for beauty products and wellness products. It is a useful platform to search for your favorite products among a wide range of skincare products. 

Trell Shop has various products ranging from makeup, skincare, bath and body, wellness, tools and appliances, and hygiene products. Get the best liquid lipstick from Trell Shop at a reasonable price. Choose a color that matches your style and flaunt your fresh look with the best liquid lipstick from Trell Shop. You can select your favorite liquid lipstick using filters such as price, brand, and shade.


FAQs on Choosing the Perfect Liquid Lipstick


1. What is liquid lipstick?

Lipstick available in liquid form in a small bottle that has a wand or applicator to apply it smoothly is a liquid lipstick. It offers more control and is easier to apply because of its texture.


2. How do I apply liquid lipstick?

To apply the liquid lipstick, first prepare the lips by exfoliating with a lip scrub. Then moisturize the lips and let them absorb the moisture for a couple of minutes. Now use the wand of liquid lipstick to create an outline starting with the cupid’s bow. Lastly, swipe the wand all across the lips to get the perfect liquid lipstick look.


3. Which is the best brand of liquid lipstick?

Many famous brands offer a great variety of liquid lipsticks. The best brand of liquid lipstick is Lakme, with its range of Lakme 9 to 5 liquid lipstick, Lakme absolute matte liquid lipstick, and Lakme forever matte liquid lipstick.


4. Where can I buy liquid lipstick online?

You can buy liquid lipstick online at the best price at Trell Shop. Trell Shop offers a range of liquid lipsticks from your favorite brands. You can go to Trell Shop’s website and select the best liquid lipsticks at the most pocket-friendly liquid lipstick prices.


5. What are some liquid lipsticks under Rs. 200?

You can get liquid matte lipstick under Rs. 200 online at Trell Shop. Some liquid matte lipsticks under Rs. 200 are Blue Heaven Hyper Stay Weighless Liquid Matte, L.A. Colors Matte liquid lip color, Swiss Beauty Matte Me Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick, and Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick.


6. Is liquid lipstick better than usual lipstick?

Liquid lipsticks are ideal for making detailed and smooth lines. However, conventional lipsticks require the use of a separate lip liner to create the same effect. So, if you want a neat lip outline and are tired of creasing lipsticks, liquid lipstick could be the best choice for you.


7. What are the popular shades of Lakme liquid lipstick?

Lakme has an elaborate range of liquid lipstick shades at reasonable prices. Lakme forever matte liquid lipstick shades include shades such as nude liquid lipstick and coral liquid lipstick. The red liquid lipstick shades from Lakme have beautiful shades of Red Carpet, Red Velvet, Red Revival, Crimson Rose, and Red Sangria.

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