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Latest Collection of Lipstick Shades Online in India

Be it a weekday, working weekend or Saturday night, a woman’s look is incomplete without a good lipstick shade. Rather all one requires is a good-quality and subtle nude lipstick shade to complete your entire look, and that’s about it. Be it a nude color lipstick or one of any other color, it just enhances the looks and gives you ample confidence. 

Indeed, lipstick is one makeup item, which can never go out of fashion. Be it a casual meeting with someone, a birthday party or a cocktail night, you can never feel comfortable without lipstick! One can afford to miss any other makeup item, but lipsticks have become part and parcel of our daily beauty routine. 
The best part is that there is a vast variety is available today, such as liquid, matte, etc. These also come in different shades such as nude colour lipstick, pink lipstick, red lipstick, etc.
Trell Shop is the one-stop solution and one of the most enhanced online platforms for all your beauty and makeup-related products. Especially when it comes to lipsticks, it will offer you plenty of options. You will be amazed by the sheer variety offered here. It is high time you amp up your entire makeup routine by shopping for the best lipstick brands available. 
Shop for the latest collection offered on the Trell Shop, available at the most affordable prices. 

Best Quality Lipsticks Available Online


It is an indisputable fact that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Still, beauty can sometimes also come in the form of divine lipstick shades. With time, makeup trends change, but lipsticks are forever. 
At Trell Shop, we have a huge collection of lipsticks, ranging from glossy, matte, creamy lipsticks to richly or tinted pigmented lipsticks; we have got it all. Give your lips the perfect shade by choosing from our extensive collection.

We have Lakme lipsticks, elle 18 lipsticks, faces canada lipsticks, and other branded ones that are designed to provide you the look that you require. We are not just lipstick fans, but we also provide other related products, such as lip gloss, lip liner, lip fillers, lip balms, etc. Several varieties of lipsticks are available in the market, and Trell Shop is an umbrella platform for all this variety. 

We also have lipsticks that suit every skin tone. Don’t worry about anything; we have a shade for each tone.

Different Types of Lipsticks Available

Here’s what’s on offer:
Liquid lipstick: Liquid lipstick is in demand today. The primary reason is its long-lasting nature. It is said that a liquid lipstick from a good brand can remain intact for 7-8 hours! One of the best things about liquid lipsticks or liquid matte lipstick is that they do not smudge easily while you rub and has long lasting matte.

Even when you have drinks or food, the lipstick stays on for a longer duration and will not come away easily. Dark and bright colours look superb with liquid lipsticks. Let it be a party or a casual outing, liquid lipsticks go well with all outfits. 
Matte Lipstick: This lipstick category has been one of the oldest and has managed to remain our favourite. Matte finish suits every skin tone especially the Indian skin tones. Moreover, matte lipstick shade are lightweight, and unlike other lipsticks, they do not stick to the lips.
After applying the Elle 18 color pop matte lip color, you will not even realize that you have applied something on your lips. The creamy matte goes best with formal outfits. If you are inclined towards matte lipstick, then you should go for light-colored outfits. 
Glossy Lipstick: This is the current favourite of the Gen Z. Be it a date night or a Saturday night party, and whether your dress is shimmery or not, your lips would surely shine because they come in amazing lip colors . The best part about glossy lipsticks is that they are very versatile. One can use glossy lipsticks directly on the lips or one can also combine them with another lipstick layer. 

Best Lipstick Brands at Trell Shop


Trell Shop has numerous brands. Since there is a huge demand for lipsticks out there, there are multiple suppliers. Some of the notable brands of lipstick at Trell include Elle, Maybelline New York and Just Herbs. Although there are many more brands for lipsticks, these are two of the most notable and trustworthy brands available. 

 What’s more, the prices are affordable at Trell Shop. Of course, the price of every lipstick does vary depending on the brand and type you choose. You need not worry if you are a newbie or a professional makeup artist, you can go for any product. 

Why shop from Trell Shop?


Trell Shop is the one-stop solution for multiple varieties of lipstick brands and lipstick types, matching your skin tone and available with attractive discounts. You can choose from the trending combos as well. You only have to click on your favourite items, and we will deliver them on your doorstep within a few days. 

Get the most genuine products, which are tried and tested from the top beauty brands of the country. The Trell Shop website has a filter option that allows you to easily navigate multiple brands, categories, shades, types and prices. You need not fear about the quality because Trell Shop provides nothing less than the best to customers. Keep an eye on the discounts!


1. Is Elle 18 Colour Pop Matte Lipstick good for my lips?

The collection of Elle 18 colour pop matte lipstick is considered one of the best, as it is water- and dust-proof, and sticks to your lips completely. The lipstick does not wash away easily, even when you are drinking and having food. The overall texture of the lipstick is very smooth and you get red lips or nude lips real easy.

2. What are the current trending searches for lipstick?

The current trending searches for lipsticks are as follows:
Lipstick, lipstick shades, nude lipstick, lipstick color, matte lipstick, nude lipstick shades, lipstick brands, liquid lipstick, red lipstick, nude colour lipstick, pink lipstick and best lipstick brand. 

3. How do I choose the best lipstick colour for myself?

Keep these points in mind:
1. If you have a fair skin tone, you must go for either bold or nude colours. You can even choose light lipstick shades, such as pink, coral, etc.
2.If you have an olive skin tone, you should opt for bright colour lipstick shades, such as pink and red. You can even go for nude shades.
3. If you have a darker skin tone, choose deep shades, such as cherry red, deep plum, etc.
4. If your skin has yellow undertones, you must go for shades that give a slightly warmer look.
5.If your skin has pink undertones, then you must go for pink and nude shades.

4. How good is the Just Herbs ‘Herb Enriched Ayurvedic Lipstick’?

Herb Enriched Ayurvedic Lipstick is an organic lipstick, which does not harm the lips. It is a lightweight lipstick and is very affordable at the same time. One can surely go for this lipstick, as it goes well with all your looks.

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