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Tired Of Chapped Lips? Try The Amazing Lip Gloss And Give Yourself A New Look!

Don't want the solid color of lipstick? And not that transparent one of a lip balm as well? Well, perhaps you should go for a lip gloss then. It is a cosmetic used to give a glossy and lustrous look to the lips with subtle color.

It isn't as solid and pigmented as a lipstick, mainly used as a part of the makeup. Neither is it as transparent as a lip balm which, on the other hand, is generally used for a soothing purpose.

Lip gloss was invented with the purpose of makeup only. Max Factor invented it to give the lips of actors a shiny and glossy look in the then produced black and white movies. It still retains its glossy nature, hence called "lip gloss."

But, apart from adding luster to your lips, lip glosses do a lot better to your lips. They aren't that solid like most lipsticks that it looks like you're heading for a party. Neither does it look very dull.

But, lip gloss has also evolved, and various new and exciting features have been added to it, making it even more fun to use. For example, lip gloss is now available in soft colors as well. So it adds color to your lips along with the gloss and moisture. Some lip glosses are also flavored. So, when you apply them, it tastes like strawberry or vanilla or raspberries, any flavor you like.

Lip glosses are creamy and oily. They are primarily semi-liquid and thus act as a moisturizer for your lips and prevent them from drying as well. It is used by many girls daily for shinier and hydrated lips.

Lip gloss is used mainly by people who don't want a made-up look of lipstick or a lip balm look. Also, lip gloss provides so many shades and options to choose from.

The transparent lip gloss if you want a subtle shine on your lips. Colored ones if you want a tint with it. Glittery, flavored, and so much more. Lip gloss is the midway that many girls tend to follow, looking subtle and shining simultaneously!

On the contrary, lip gloss is seldom used by boys for moisturizing their lips. They majorly don't use it because they feel girly and don't need it. Well, there is no such research or study which states that boys don't need to moisturize their lips or that they can't have glossy lips. Yet we don't see many guys using lip gloss.

Lip gloss isn't just about gloss; it's much more than that!

Lip gloss is a product that can be worn according to the occasion. If it is for daily use, you can try out using a transparent lip gloss that gives the shine you need to your lips and protects them from becoming dry often. This is perhaps the most helpful lip gloss for daily use.

You can also go for glitter lip gloss with a glitter base if you need something shimmery and glittery. Along with keeping your lips hydrated, it provides a shiny, glittery look to your lips. It makes you stand out (instead of shine out) among others using lipsticks or clear lip gloss.

If you want to go for something tinted but not bright, you can try out pink lip gloss. Along with the characteristic luster, it gives your lips the subtle pink shade which looks perfect on all complexions!

Lip gloss is a product majorly used by women daily. This is because lipstick colors are often very intense and bold and don't need to be applied daily. Moreover, it is also used by girls on occasions. This is because the intense color of the lipsticks often looks quite mature according to their age. Thus many companies offer lip gloss for girls, with a variety of shades of pink and red.

But, what is unfortunate is to see that lip gloss is limited to girls only. Men and boys don't tend to use it. And the reason is not that they don't require it, but that lip gloss seems to be girlish. Men must take care of their skin as well and keep their skin, including lips, hydrated. Lip gloss precisely serves this purpose.

Types of lip gloss

Just like lipsticks, lip glosses too are available in various forms and types. They can be categorized on various bases:

Colour and Glitter

  1. Clear lip gloss does not have any color or flavor. It just adds a glossy look to your lips. But, if you want more than that, then lip gloss offers it all.
  2. There are colored lip glosses like pink lip gloss, which is a combination of shine and color.
  3. Then glitter lip gloss is also available. It has a glittery base, either with or without color.
  4. Moreover, flavored lip glosses contain the essence of various flavors such as strawberry, cherries, vanilla, etc.

The Container

Lip gloss is available in various containers.

  1. Some of them are contained in small cylinders and are applied using an applicator wand known as a doe foot applicator. It can also be applied using a lip brush built-in in the container.
  2. It can also come in a squeezable soft plastic tube designed to be applied over the lips. It can also be first taken on the fingertip and then applied to the lips.
  3. Lip gloss is also available in small boxes and tubes.

Best lip gloss brands to use

Some of the best lip gloss brands are NARS, M.A.C, Fenty Beauty, Colourpop, NYX, Kylie cosmetics, Dior makeup, Buxom, Huda Beauty, and Lakme.

NARS: The NARS lip gloss has ten shades and two finishes. It lasts incredibly long and has a unique glossy look. Indeed one that you must go for!

M.A.C: This lip gloss leaves you with a fantastic glass-like finish. It is available in all trending colors, from soft and subtle ones to intense ones.

Glossier: The Glossier lip gloss has perhaps the most fabulous texture. Further, it is specially made to nourish your lips with Vitamin E.

Lakme: It indeed provides the best lip gloss in India. Lakme lip gloss provides the customers with a wide range of products to choose from with so many shades and flavors.


Many people don't know the differences between lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm. They often get confused about what they need and end up buying the wrong product for themselves. Some other concerns related to lip gloss include -

  • Choosing the right color.
  • Choosing the best lip gloss which doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

Gender: Lip gloss is something that has been used majorly by women. But, the product is not at all gender-specific. It is just a moisturizer for your lips that also provides a glossy touch to your lips. Moreover, if you don't want any color, then there is clear lip gloss available too. Despite all these facts, they are generally used mostly by women.

Why should you use lip gloss?

If you are a person who doesn't like to use lipstick because it's too intense, lip gloss is for you! Or, if you think that lip balm is too plain and lipstick too very bold, again, lip gloss is your thing.

Lip gloss is the solution to your problem if none out of lipstick and lip balm are your preferences. But, this doesn't mean that it doesn't have its advantages!

Whether you need glittery lips or a subtle shade of pink or red, or a glassy finish to your lips, lip gloss has it all. It not only keeps your lips moisturized but also provides you with a variety of glossy and classy shades and textures to try out. So, if you want to have a subtle yet shining look, do try it out.

Why purchase lip gloss from Trell Shop?

Trell Shop is the ultimate stop for you if you are a newbie searching for the best lip gloss. You can find dome of the best brands selling the best lip gloss in India at Trell Shop. The products offered and delivered are 100% authentic.

You can even scroll through the site to give a quick read to all the consumer reviews. Moreover, the delivery procedure is fast, and the payment method is safe. You can pay through various online modes such as debit cards, credit cards, and net banking, among others.

Lakme is one of the amazing brands that Trell Shop works in collaboration with. It provides the best products at a very reasonable price. One such product is lip gloss. The lip gloss price is also affordable, and it is of the best quality.

FAQs on lip gloss you should know

1. What is the benefit of using lip gloss?

Applying the best lip gloss has many benefits. It provides your lips with the perfect color and luster and moisturizes them throughout the day. If you are a person who does not want any solid and intense lip color (a more makeup-oriented look), then lip balm is perhaps your pick.

2. Which is the best lip gloss?

If you are looking for the perfect lip gloss for you, you must try out Lakme lip gloss. Made with the best quality materials, Lakme lip gloss is available in various flavors and colors and provides a long-lasting shine to your lips. It is one of the brands with the highest demand and liked by the customers for its non-sticky and durable nature.

3. Do lip gloss have flavors?

Yes! Lakme lip gloss is available in various flavors, including strawberry, vanilla, chapstick cherry, raspberry, bubblegum, and many others. Moreover, they are made up of quality products that do not harm your lips with very soft skin compared to other parts of the body. With a variety of flavors, Lakme is the best lip gloss in India.

4. Is lip gloss bad for lips?

No, lip gloss is not bad for your lips, even if you use it regularly. But, nothing should be used in excess. Lip gloss, too, shouldn't be applied very frequently. Applying three to four times a day is ideally enough. Applying it at a frequency more than that can lead to chapped lips, which would then require you to apply more lip gloss.

5. Can you use lip gloss instead of lipstick?

Indeed, you can apply lip gloss instead of lipstick if you want to. It will just change the finish and the look of your lips. Rather than a solid color, it will give a subtle color and more luster to your lips. It is absolutely fine if you want to go with lip gloss instead of lipstick.

6. Can you wear lip gloss daily?

Yes, you can wear lip gloss daily. You can apply it twice or thrice a day, according to your needs. It does not cause any harm to your lips. But, if you apply anything on your lips at a frequency more than required, your lips would start drying out and become chapped. Therefore, daily application is not a problem until you apply it at reasonable time intervals throughout the day.

7. Are lip gloss still in trend?

Yes! They never were out of trend. This is because it looks very subtle and makes your lips hydrated and glossy at the same time. Plus, they are available in so many varieties according to your needs, clear lip gloss, transparent lip gloss, glitter lip gloss, pink lip gloss, whatever you need!

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