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The Key to a Flawless Face: Foundation 101

It’s a new millennium, and our lifestyle couldn’t have been faster. Given such times, first impressions do matter in all aspects. Be it an important job interview, or your best friend’s wedding, looking good has never been more important.


That’s why using makeup is not a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity, and it’s a part of your identity. And being the complex art that makeup is, it needs a firm base. And that’s where the foundation comes in.


A decent makeup is incomplete without a good quality foundation


But how do you choose the best makeup foundation? Should you choose a cream based foundation, or should you stick to a liquid foundation instead? Will it match your skin tone, or will your face look all cakey and splotchy?


Actually, choosing a foundation is different from choosing other makeup products. Before looking at the ingredients or types of the foundation, you need to look at your skin type, colour, and the kind of finish that you want after doing your makeup. You also need to be extremely careful about the shade you pick.


That being said, choosing a makeup foundation in a poorly lit aisle in the makeup store is difficult enough; imagine doing it online. But you needn’t worry much about that. We at Trell Shop have that part covered. You can browse through our extensive catalogue of foundations and choose the one that suits your needs best.


Everything You Need to Know About Foundations

Makeup is not a recent amenity as we think it is. The use of foundation makeup can be traced back to ancient Egyptian, as well as the Greek civilisation. Women, as well as men, used to apply lead powder, chalk, and creams to lighten their skin tone.


However, even in those times, foundation makeup was an item of luxury. But you don’t have to worry about using lead powder anymore, thanks to the innovative scientific advancements which have given us better and safer options. 


A foundation is a makeup item with several benefits and uses. These days, brands are upping their game to please their customers. Hence, like all makeup gears, foundations are also available in different variations.


To understand how the foundation works, we need to know a few things:


  • What finish do you want with your makeup?
  • What is your skin tone?
  • How long will you wear the makeup for?
  • What irregularities do you want to resolve?


There are basically four coverage types of foundation makeup, namely sheer, light, medium, and full. Foundations that give sheer coverage don’t cover prominent blemishes, as they have less pigment. Though it will not completely hide the spots, it minimises minor blemishes.


A light coverage foundation will cover uneven skin and minor blotches, but it will still not hide major marks and freckles. A medium-coverage foundation is pretty effective for pimple marks as well as minor pigmentation issues.


However, a full-coverage foundation will cover most major blemishes, as well as hyperpigmentation. So, while choosing the perfect foundation for makeup, it is wise to keep these points in mind.


Types of Foundation

A Foundation is the most basic product that needs to be in your makeup kit. 


However, all foundations are not the same for everyone. Their usage and application differs according to individual skin tone, skin type, and preferred finish. 


  • Liquid foundationThe texture is watery with a base of silicone mixture and is best for normal to dry skin type, and gives you a smooth finish. Liquid foundation will give you sheer to full coverage. It’s very good to cover up dark spots and age lines, as well as hyperpigmentation.
  • Powder foundationIf your skin is on the oilier side, a powder foundation is the best option to work with. If you are looking for full coverage, you should work with a powder foundation. With decent brushwork, powder foundation will provide you with a pretty smooth final makeup look.
  • Cream foundationIf you are all about sheer or natural coverage, the cream foundation will be your go-to. It is super hydrating, and will keep your skin moisturised for longer durations. If you like to wear makeup for a longer time, go with a cream foundation.
  • Mousse foundation: Let’s say we saved the best for the last. If you want your makeup to be as light as a feather, and still want the best finish possible, a mousse foundation is the new kid in town. It will give you the feeling of freshness throughout the day without any additional touch-ups. It is weightless, non-greasy, and provides your makeup with a super matte finish - a win-win product!


Best Practices to Follow While Using Makeup Foundation

Choosing the best foundation for your skin type and desired effect is only half the job. You need to know how to apply it in the best possible way. After all, you don’t want your face to become a Halloween mask; you want your makeup to blend perfectly with your natural skin.


Here are some best practices to follow so you get that perfect glowing look after your makeup session:


Clean your skin: 

Despite being a no-brainer, this one is an important part of the process. You can’t create art on a dirty canvas.


Our skin is exposed to various elements throughout the day, and hence, needs proper cleaning up. Also, exfoliating your skin before applying the foundation makeup is a must.


A clean skin will ensure that the foundation blends perfectly without getting cracked by oil or sweat. You can use cleansing wipes, cleansing balms, or even cleansing milk if you have sensitive skin.


Whatever you use, make sure to clean it properly, and don’t forget to apply a good quality moisturiser.


Start with a small amount: 

Now, you don’t want to walk away looking like a whiteboard after your makeup, do you? Well, to avoid that, start with small amounts.


Despite the warnings, it’s a temptation to get carried away and end up applying copious amounts of foundation; resist that temptation.


Even with a super matte finish, the key to a natural-looking makeup is to apply small amounts of foundation and blend it properly.


Centre and outwards: 

That’s the trick. Apply the desired amount of foundation on the centre of your face, preferably the apples of the cheek, and then gently spread outwards.


A blending sponge is a perfect tool for the best possible outcome. A brush might leave fine lines despite the mild strokes.


Dab small amounts of your foundation on the skin, and then spread it out with mild strokes with the sponge. A wet sponge will give the best outcome.


Blend properly: 

The foundation looks best if the starting and finishing points of the strokes don’t show. Make sure to blend the foundation well for the perfect makeup look.



Despite the advancement of science, there are a few downsides to wearing makeup regularly and keeping it on for long durations. A few of them are mentioned below:


  • Clogged pores
  • Acne, due to the above reason
  • Allergic reactions
  • Change in natural colour of the skin
  • Untimely, premature ageing of the skin


Gender: Even though the usual perception is that makeup is for women, it couldn’t be more incorrect. Like mentioned earlier, makeup was used by both males and females in earlier times; and it hasn’t changed. Looking good is the right of every person, never mind their gender.


Moreover, it’s the age of influence. And a little makeup enhances the beauty of a person.


Why Should I Buy a Foundation?

Let’s face it, be it a zoom call, a nature photoshoot, or a wedding, you can’t show up looking unadorned. We are not saying you need to pull a Joaquin Phoenix, but a decent touch of makeup will enhance your appearance and make you look relaxed and fresh.


And like we have discussed so far, a good foundation is a major factor for good makeup. So, you should look for a foundation that best suits your skin and start looking fresher and livelier.


Why Should I Buy on Trell Shop?

The safety of your home has never been more important, yet you deserve the best. That’s where Trell Shop comes in.


Trell Shop offers you a wide range of products to choose from, sitting in the comfort and safety of your home. Our foundation collection ensures that you get the best foundation for your makeup kit at the best price.


Our collection boasts of makeup foundations from premium brands like Lakme foundation makeup, MyGlamm, Color Fx, etc. Makeup essentials at Trell Shop are categorised properly so that you can choose from a wide variety.


Moreover, we have various shopping methods, so you don’t have to compromise on your shopping experience. We accept credit cards, debit cards, payment wallets, or net banking. We also have the option of cash on delivery so that you don’t have to pay without getting the product in your hands.


So what are you waiting for? Browse through our long list of foundations and filter as per your preference. Look at the reviews if you are hesitant to make a decision. And of course, keep an eye out for the amazing discounts offered.


FAQs About Foundations You Need to Know


1. Is it harmful to wear a foundation every day?

Regular and prolonged use might clog your pores and result in acne. But you can avoid such issues with proper cleanup both before and after using makeup.


2. Can wearing a foundation age my skin?

Not necessarily; this is mostly dependent on your skin type and the usage routine. A perfect balance of on and off makeup is the key.


3. Is a brush better than a sponge to apply foundation?

Well, neither is better than the other. While both brush and sponge will work just fine, it depends mostly on how you apply it.


4. Which are the top brands available at Trell Shop?

We have a curated collection of makeup foundations from the top brands available in the market. Top brands available on Trell Shop are Lakme foundation, Basicare, Maybelline New York, Colorbar Aquafeel, Nyx, Revlon, and L'oreal Paris, to name a few.


5. What is the best price of a foundation?

Usually, foundation makeup prices vary due to their type, amount, and brands. At Trell Shop, you get the best foundation for your makeup kit at the best price available. The prices are usually in the range of INR 500 to INR 5000 (approximate range).


6. How can I buy makeup foundation online?

Visit our website and choose from our diverse inventory. Apply the filters as per your requirements and get a list of recommendations. Choose your best fit and checkout with a happy face, or should we say makeup?


7. Is my payment information safe while paying online? 

Yes, it is. We follow the best security practices for safe and secure online transactions. But, if you are unsure, you can avail of our cash-on-delivery option.


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