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The Concealer Guide You Were Always Looking For

Concealer is a makeup product that is intended to conceal blemishes and pimples while highlighting the high points of the face. Concealers are available in a lot of colours to match your skin tone. They come in a variety of formulations, including liquid concealer, concealer stick, concealer palette, and cream concealer, all of which are available online on Trell Shop.

For crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a smooth yet lightweight texture, Maybelline concealer is the right choice for beginners and pros. It camouflages shadows underneath the eyes. Choosing oil free and fragrance free concealers should be your aim.

The MAC concealer is a professional palette that includes four concealers, two colour correctors and amazing shade range with a medium-deep colour wave that provides medium to absolute buildable coverage with a natural finish. It is super easy to apply.

Lakme concealer is the best-selling face concealer that treats and conceals puffiness and dark circles while still providing complete coverage. It comes in many colours for medium and deep skin tones.

Why Do We Need a Concealer?

Concealer masks dark lines, age wrinkles, blemishes, and other flaws by covering pigments and blending them into the skin. Often, women use a concealer on top of the makeup to save it from smudging. Concealer is a corrector that is usually used on blemishes and under the eyes. It conceals flaws by blending in with the normal skin tone. 

How To Use the Right Concealer?

To use the right concealer, follow these steps:

1. For acne, use a pencil concealer with a sharp tip to make applying concealer over acne patches smoother. 
2. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and moisturiser before applying concealer. 
3. The first step while applying makeup is using a concealer. 
4. If your skin is oily, choose a powdered option; if your skin is normal or mixed, choose a combination of powder and stick.
5. Using a hydrating cream base and primer if your skin is oily.

Types of Concealer

Since there are so many concealer formulations to choose from, it's possible to get confused while browsing for one. Here we have listed four types of concealers for your understanding:

Liquid concealer

It is among the most common forms of concealers. Depending on the ingredients, it can have sheer or absolute coverage.
Liquid concealer should be avoided by those with dehydrated (or very dry) skin because they can accentuate dry spots and make them appear flaky. Normal and oily skin types, on the other hand, can use it without a problem.

Cream concealer

Cream concealers are ideal for concealing dark under-eye circles and discolourations. Stippling through your finger seems to be the easiest way to use this concealer. It also sits well with a makeup sponge or concealer brush.

Balm concealer

Balm concealers have a smoother feel and should be preferred during the day, making them ideal for those with oily skin. Many balm concealers are also color correctors that are used under the foundation to cover discoloration or redness. 

Stick concealer

Stick concealer is ideal for concealing dark marks and blemishes, as well as touch-ups. Stick concealers need a lot of blending, but use stippling movements with a finger, brush, or makeup sponge to apply it, feathering out the edges onto the skin.

Best Concealer Products

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Maybelline New York's new Fit Me concealer is for makeup that makes you carry out your inner charm flawlessly. You'll have the best touch-up on your black spots with the Fit Me concealer. You can say farewell to any imperfection that holds you apart with this concealer.

MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

This is a compact, creamy concealer with an emollient foundation that offers discreetly invisible coverage. It contains SPF 35. With such a natural matte texture, it provides flawless, long-lasting, transparent correction for any skin blemishes, imperfections, and discolourations.

Lakme Concealer: Absolute White Intense SPF 20

Are you looking for a way to conceal dark circles? Lakmé Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick is the one for you then. It has Vitamin B3 and SPF 20 Ultra Light protection. It covers blemishes and spots.

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD

The HD Pro Concealers from LA Girl are fabric, sheer, and have a creamy yet lightweight feel. The concealer's formula hides dark circles, redness, and skin imperfections. Concealers from LA provide a natural-looking even skin tone by concealing dark circles and reducing fine lines around the eyes.


Scars and pockmarks are very prevalent because of skin conditions like acne and eczema. There are many ways to use a concealer, depending on the scar type. If the scar is hollow, apply a softer concealer to correct it. Following are the possible concerns that women might have when they look for a concealer:
1.It will clog the pores 
2.It might worsen the acne

Why Buy Concealer Online from Trell Shop?

You can shop for concealers on Trell Shop from the comfort of your home. We have the largest selection of colors and formulation choices in the market for concealers. With our seamless checkout procedure, quick payment options, and delivery service, you'll have the most hassle-free online transaction experience.

Our goods and services are not only affordable but are delivered to you right at your doorstep. To help you deal with your retail orders faster, we offer the convenience of paying for your purchase on delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concealers

1. How do you choose a concealer colour?

It's very normal for people to try to brighten up their under eye area, so heading a shade or two lighter is a good idea as the makeup artists suggest. Bear in mind the foundation colour you're wearing when deciding how deep to go with concealer; usually, 1-2 shades lighter is sufficient.

2. What is the best place to put a concealer?

Concealers can be used at many places, including brow bone and under the eyes, to conceal dark circles, as well as to conceal redness or blemishes. You may also use it to lighten up some areas of the skin.

3. Is concealer applied before or after the foundation?

Concealer is normally applied after the foundation to provide high coverage to the under eyes or other parts. Since it is meant to level out the entire base first, and then concealer is applied when further coverage is required.

4. What is the perfect concealer usage technique?

Make use of a brush, soap, and your fingertips. If you want extra coverage, a sponge is ideal because it allows you to buff the texture onto the skin. Apply concealer to areas such as the under eye and sides of the nose.

5. What is the perfect concealer color for dark circles?

Black, pink, yellow, or brown color correctors will help to cancel out the bluish-purple colour of under-eye circles.

6. How do you choose your concealer shade?

The shade you use to conceal redness or blemishes around your eyes would most definitely be different from the shade you use to conceal redness or blemishes on your face. To brighten the area around your eyes, use a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. 

7. What's the safest way to use a concealer to hide blemishes?

Use a thick and angled brush to hide spots so you can precisely locate your coverage area and just mask the spot itself. Apply a small amount of concealer, wait a few minutes for it to dry, then tap and mix it in with your finger. When blending with a brush, you risk moving the product around too much and losing coverage, particularly if you're trying to conceal a texture.

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