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Mascaras: Eyes That Speak A Thousand Words!

Are you looking for the best eye mascaras? Trell Shop has the best range of Eye mascaras at excellent prices. One of the most descriptive online shops to buy from numerous leading cosmetic brands such as the Maybelline, Lakme, Lotus & Color Bar.


Won't you love to weave magic and entwine someone in playful mischievousness of your beautiful deep eyes?


A little make-on to your eyes-lashes with high-quality pigments of Mascara can instantly lift your mood and give your eyes gorgeous looks. A beautiful hue of color on the eyelashes makes you reflect a positive and confident persona.


Mascara is an extremely handy tool when you require an instant upliftment of eyes. It adds volume, definition and reshapes the eyelashes in great style.


Moreover, mascaras increase your eyelash's visual length and help you to look pretty effortlessly. 


Most new-age girls love putting on makeup. Yes, with the eyes, one can be so playful in terms of makeup. Eyes are one of the most accentuating features of the face. With the versatile range of Mascaras available in the market, there is one for each of us!


Define your  eyes for every look with the ideal waterproof mascaras online

Mascara gives your eyes more depth and definition. Mascara is now not limited to one monotone black color. Instead, they are available in all possible colors one could imagine. Tinted mascara is the next-in-thing for eye makeup products. The beautiful Indulgent blue heaven mascara is one of the most wanted colors in this range. Mascaras separate each lash and tighten and hold them for a longer time.


The best waterproof mascara allows you to wear it all day long without any fear of smudging or draining. Technically speaking, a good Mascara should have a short wand, soft stiff bristle brush, provide maximum coverage & easy to remove with micellar water, which is a cleansing solution made for removing makeup effortlessly or with a damp cloth. All in all, Mascara should be a total value for money for every woman.


The Lakme mascara price is also one of the best in India when compared to its counterparts, such as high-end brands like Benefit or FacesCanada. It is one of the best products and gives total value for money! Additionally, Lakme mascara comes with stiff brush bristles which align each lash and provide maximum coverage. Its contents are intensely pigmented, it is smooth while applying, and at the same time, every application moisturizes the lashes from edge to tip. It is a long-lasting formula but extremely easy to remove with a damp cloth or micellar water.


Best Volumizing Mascaras 


Buy Mascara Online to brighten up every beauty look 

Girls have often gotten confused about buying eye makeup. You will be pleasantly surprised to know the numerous types of mascaras available in the market. Yes, there is a solution for droopy, scanty, thin, straight eyelashes, and much more. 


Different types of mascara:

There has been a revolution in the wide range of mascara offered nowadays. Well, this makes your job all the more difficult, but we have got you covered. With an evolving makeup industry, mascaras have been revolutionized for longer wearability, improved spreadability, and brush application technicalities. 


Mascaras have become an essential makeup entity as much as other makeup products


The market is filled with numerous Eye Mascaras, and we have a list for you to make more known choices:


1. Waterproof mascara: Pouring nights are a curse for makeup lovers, and what if you have a date night when it rains? Well, waterproof mascara is the best choice for you to be wearing on that particular date night. No black drain lines, no spilling & you'll be super confident flaunting those gorgeous eyes. The best Waterproof Mascara is the Lakme Mascara, also available as one of India's best-priced Mascaras.


2. Lengthening mascara: This mascara gives your false eyelashes a tough competition. When you are on a hunt for long eyelashes, this innovative mascara not only straightens but also lengthens and curves the eyelashes naturally.


3. Volumizing mascara: This mascara holds all the drama for your eyeballs. For all those who have been dreaming of luscious and thick eyelashes, this mascara serves the purpose. It creates volume, bulk and adds a dimension.


4. Curling mascara: Eyelashes should be luscious and curled. Curled eyelashes are a sign of healthy eyelashes. This curling mascara is a helping hand to your eyelash curler. It aids in more curling of the eyelashes, giving them a more natural look.


5. Tubing Mascara: For all those who have a problem with thin lashes, this is a must in your kitty. The unique formula of this mascara ensures that your lashes are thickened uniformly, giving you an appearance of fuller & thicker lashes. 


Is applying mascara a tedious task? 

Let us walk you through a guide on the easy application of mascara: 


  • Curling your lashes: Start by curling your lashes with a curler. This helps to lift them and allows even application of mascara. Choose wisely, with a round upper pad, so you are possibly the closest to the edges of the lashes but do not pinch your eyelid.


  • Use an eyelash primer: This is something new! Just the way a primer works before foundation on your skin. This eyelash primer will help to hold the mascara so much longer. It helps to thicken the lashes, separates them, and preps them perfectly for an even application. Use two coats of primer, let the first one dry before the second application. A 30-second gap will do the trick.


  • Apply the mascara: This may sound silly, but the technique to use the mascara on your lashes can affect the result. You can choose any product as per your convenience and liking (Lakme eyeconic Mascara), just twist the wand inside the bottle gently and wipe excess on the bristles. Avoid any excessive pigments hanging on the bristles as they will be sticking onto your lashes later. Most of the eyelashes look clumpy and too heavy because of the pigments. Also, avoid pulling in & out the wand as it dries out the pigment.


Start the application by looking up and then,  place the wand at the base of the eyelashes. Gently pull it up till the end. A slight wiggle while stroking upwards will allow pigments to hold on to the lashes.


Apply additional coats if needed but avoid too much product. Now move on to the bottom eyelashes. These are thin and scanty, so apply two coats generously, which will give a thickened effect. For an even coat, wiggle again the same way as done for the upper lashes.


Best eye mascara brands: 

With an evolving makeup industry, a plethora of brands gives long-lasting results for eye mascaras. Most of them are available online, but Lakme, Maybelline, Jovees, and Plum are the best brands. The Maybelline Mascara has multiple variants to help with thin, short, or scanty eyelashes. Also, the Maybelline mascara price is competitive when compared to its other counterparts. You can choose the one which suits you the best.


Why do you need Mascaras?

With trends coming up every day for eye makeup, we are always looking for additional things. Face makeup has been slowly shifting to eye makeup because of the sheer reason that masks have become an inseparable part of our lives. So buying and putting on lip tints has become a worthless investment. 


This has shifted the focus to eye makeup products. Plus, eyes bring out so much depth and definition to the face. Sometimes only mascara and a line of kohl are all that you need to pull you through the day. An eye mascara is something you are so comfortable using with no fuss at all. Women of all ages can look drop-dead gorgeous applying mascaras & you don't need to be a pro!


Whether you have small eyes or big eyes, mascara just opens them up, giving them a crispier look. Mascaras need no special practice and are very easy to use. 


Why shop from Trell Shop for the best mascara in India online and avail free shipping?

Trell Shop has been the one-stop destination for leading brands of eye Mascaras. These products are genuine & sincere. You have a generous amount of product reviews which makes your buying experience smooth. Trell Shop is an online trusted website with authentic brands. Payment modes are via debit card, credit card, or net banking, which have safe payment gateways.


FAQs on pick a mascara that won’t budge from you lash 


1. What are the things to be considered while buying mascara?

First things first, the application should be super easy. The wand should be small and thick to give a good grip and allow the hand to be as close as possible to the eye. It helps to control the application.


2. What can be the best Mascara for long working schedules?

The mascara should be long-lasting. It should be smudge-proof for at least 8 hours. Waterproof mascara should serve the purpose. Invest in a good waterproof mascara to avoid mishaps. Mascaras should dry off quickly & effectively.


3. How can you remove Mascara easily?

As important is its application, it is equally important that it should come off easily. Eyelashes are so delicate; the mascara should be easily removable with a wet cloth or micellar water.


4. How can one avoid clumpy mascara eyelashes?

Avoid clumpy mascaras by reading the ingredients added to them. To be less lumpy, mascara should have enough moisturizing agents. A good mascara does not affect the quality of the eyelashes. Last but not least, it should work for what it claims. 


5. Can I choose Mascara shades to suit my skin color?

A yes! There are so many shades available to suit every skin tone and eye color. You can even complement the shades with your outfits.  


6. Best makeup brands in the Indian market?

Lakme is one of the first makeup brands to introduce products in the Indian market. Maybelline, Jovees, Lotus, Color Bar are few other brands that are equally popular in the Indian Market.  


Choose a contemporary Indian beauty expert brand. Brands are continuously innovating to offer a wide range of cosmetic variants. Most popular brands have reached multiple audiences and have gained popularity in becoming a highly affordable house brand. Lakme, Maybelline has also become a brand that suits all skin tones & has a comprehensive beauty experience.


7. Why should I buy Eye Mascaras online?

While most products are available in supermarkets and outlets, buying online definitely gives you an upper hand in conveniently choosing the best one. All the products are available at a glance, their pros and cons are listed as reviews. So you can quickly come to a positive conclusion of which one to buy. There are multiple discounts available and additional comfort of buying from your home.


8. Which e-commerce platform offers trusted buys?

Trell Shop  has a wide range of trustworthy brands especially suited for Indian skin. The products are genuine, and there are multiple variants in color shades as well. There is Maybelline, Lakme, and many such authentic listed products. Easy to commute websites and simple payment options like debit cards, credit cards, or net banking make it user-friendly.


9. How important is the application of mascara?

Not to forget the fact that mascara application enhances the beauty of your eyes. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways of beautifying and defining eyes. Unlike kohl, mascara suits all eyes and adds grace to the eyelashes. Most of the time, girls apply eye mascara only to the upper lashes and finish off with kohl. While you run yourself into a fuss by using false eyelashes, using mascara will save so much time, and the glue will not even affect your eyes.


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