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Exquisite Range of Eyebrow Pencil collection at Trell

If you want to highlight your facial features, defining your eyebrows is a must. It is where the eyebrow pencils come in handy. The eyebrow pencil makes your brows look darker and gives a preferred shape. Your brows will appear complete after applying an eyebrow pencil. It is very easy to use, unlike eyeliner and kajal.


Eyebrow pencil can be used for any type of brow, be it thin, thick, or light-colored. You should accordingly choose the type of eyebrow pencil that suits your brows and gives a perfect shape. Trell offers all types of eyebrow pencils from the preferred brands. They are made from harmless ingredients that add color and turn it out good-looking.


Types of Eyebrow Makeup Products 

  • Waxes

Choose a brow wax for a long-lasting cosmetic appearance that won't require touch-ups. Brow waxes, like makeup primers, act as a canvas for brow pencils and powders to adhere to.

  • Powders

Powder compacts are ideal for gently building up color. Many palettes have at least two hues, allowing you to choose your color.

  • Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow pencils are ideal for filling in thinning or over-plucked brows. Keep in mind, though, that pencils might be difficult to deal with.

  • Gels, both clear and tinted

Brow gels work best on brows that are naturally thick. A clear gel is the brow equivalent of hairspray in that it helps hold unruly hairs in place.

  • Brow Pencils

Brow pencils may resemble markers, but that's where the similarities end. Felt-tipped markers have a thin pigment that allows color to be built up gradually.


Best eyebrow brands


Color essence, Faces Canada, Blue Heaven, Swiss Beauty, and Lakme are among the most popular and best eyebrow pencil brands. These are the finest brands to buy eyebrow pencils online.


This water-resistant brow pencil lasts a long time and doesn't need to be touched up, and it may be used for a more dramatic look; the brand is great for giving that finish.


From natural and thick brows to classic well-defined winged brows, you can now achieve any look in the blink of an eye, with L'Oréal that brings great arch to your brows.

Faces Canada 

Get a show-stopping style with the Brow Shaping Kit. It comes with a color pigment for filling and a colored wax to keep the stain in place—a double-sided brush for shaping the brows.

Swiss Beauty 

Use the Brow Wax to keep your brows in place while smoothing and establishing a solid basis for the powder to cling to. It includes a brush for easy application.


It's a brow pencil with a retractable brush. Its distinctive slender angled tip produces precise strokes to fill brows and provide a natural brow look, as well as smooth strokes from any angle.


A slender, sharpenable pencil for outlining and detailing brows. It is free of animal cruelty and parabens. It gives you an extra shimmer, too, making you stand out. 

Blue Heaven

Eyebrow definer is a retractable pencil that has a precise balance of pigment and moisturizer. Blue Heaven is excellent at providing the perfect balance to make you look the best.


Dual-function pencil with a shaping and an angular filler pencil makes drawing precise hair-like strokes so much easier, Coloressence provides you with the best care with the best products.




Historically, eyebrow makeup was only available to women. But nowadays, male grooming has rapidly grown in prominence and is now considered a necessity in professional situations. Both men and women can use it to fill in their brows and structure it.


Why do we need eyebrow makeup?


In the beauty industry, brows have become a style statement lately. While thin brows were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, bigger, fuller, and denser brows are now in style. Unquestionably, the most challenging feature to master is the eyebrow, yet they can completely modify your appearance.  When it comes to eyebrows, there are many things to think about, from the form and arch to the thickness and what equipment to use. They help to frame the eyes, shape the face and play an essential role in communicating. 


Why choose Trell?


Trell is a one-stop-shop for all of your make-up needs. By tweaking our criteria, you can locate the things you need and find the most excellent match for you. We think that the consumer is king; thus, we provide a variety of payment ways, including cash on delivery, for your convenience. Our products are functional, nutritious, and devoid of animal cruelty.

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