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Browse All Makeup Products For Flawless and Gorgeous Look

In today’s world, makeup is as much a necessity as any other skincare or haircare product. While the latter helps keep our skin and hair healthy and nourished, makeup allows us to create perfect natural makeup looks for any occasion. Though the typical definition of makeup attributes it as a beauty aid, it is not only an aid to beautify, but simple natural makeup also helps to make us more presentable and confident. 

When it comes to the bare minimum natural makeup necessities, one can think of four to five essentials: foundation, compact, eyeliner or kohl, and lipstick. With these few items, you can create any natural Indian makeup look. But when you need to create a theme-oriented look, many more sophisticated natural makeup products like eyeshadow, highlighters, concealers, contours, and blush become embedded in the list.

The makeup world is vast, and you could get drowned amidst the waves of options available, but there are specific golden points that you need to remember, summarised as below:


Before choosing any natural makeup product, make sure to conduct a patch test to avoid the chances of hypersensitivity reaction.


Always consider your complexion and natural skin type when choosing makeup. Makeup is not for changing your natural being; it is simply for enhancing your look.


Pay special attention to your skin type - oily, combination, sensitive, dry - before choosing a product.


The shades you choose should complement the occasion and your overall get-up.


Try to go for good brands because they use trusted ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

Let Your Skin be the Diva With the Best Makeup Range

When you create a simple natural makeup look, you need to make a makeup product list which contains at least three things at hand - a product to start the base for your facial skin, something for the eyes, and something for the lips. 

You can create the base either with a foundation and compact or a BB or CC Cream. If you have pigmentation or dark circles on your skin, a concealer will also be necessary.

What’s more important than choosing the foundation is applying it. A beauty blender or a dedicated thick makeup brush can help create a simple natural makeup look. Next in the queue is your eye makeup.

The Indian natural makeup look can be created with the help of basic eye makeup products such as eyeliner or a kajal/kohl. However, if you want to create a dramatic look like natural smokey eye makeup, kajal will play a more significant role.

Once you are done with the eyes, it is time to work on the final element - the lips. You can either apply lipstick or a tinted lip balm.

Global brands like Lakme, Loreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Elle 18, My Glamm, Plum are the premium choices for makeup products. They offer a wide range of makeup accessories and plenty of shades to choose from and provide you the desired makeup look.


Types of Makeup Products



Recently, brands like Lakme and Maybelline have launched unique foundation formulas advised by makeup artists that offer high coverage and long-lasting effect. If you are a makeup beginner and choose a foundation for party makeup, go for the waterproof variant, as they last longer and provide full coverage.


Since the foundation has liquid to semi-liquid consistency, it can blend well with the skin, but it cannot stay unaltered for a long time if not fixed with a loose powder. The Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance compact powder is an excellent formulation of loose compact powder that is essential in setting your makeup base. 



Lipsticks and lip liners are an essential elements that can give your makeup look a whole new dimension. Maybelline New York has a wide variety of liquid lipsticks in some cool and funky shades, ideal for regular nude makeup looks and natural Indian bridal makeup looks.


The eyes speak the language of the heart. And what makes the eyes more fluent and verbal? It is kajal or kohl.

The Plum studio fix kohl is an excellent choice if you are into professional makeup. It works wonderfully well as a beauty product and provides definition to your eyes.



Eyeliner gives a perfect definition to your eyes. They can change the way your eyes look. Lakme, Elle 18, and Maybelline eyeliners are very popular in creating natural eye makeup and giving your eyes the desired matte finish.

Liquid eyeliner is a menace for many people because it is difficult to handle and is messy. Instead, gel eyeliner is a better choice that is easy to apply and lasts longer.

Makeup Remover 

Removing the makeup is equally important as applying it. If you are looking for a mild and moisturizing makeup remover, go for the Lakme 9to5 Natural Gel Makeup Remover.

Best Makeup Brands

Every makeup lover has their favorite brand. Multiple brands have set benchmarks in the makeup world by their unique formulations and varieties. These brands include Lakme, Maybelline, My Glamm, Elle 18, Plum, and so on.

Most global brands like Lakme offer all types of makeup essentials from the foundation, primer, compact powder, blush, eyeliner, kohl, and lipstick to makeup remover. You can go for these well-known brands, right from simple natural makeup to natural bridal makeup.


There are few genuine concerns when it comes to choosing makeup products. Let us have a quick look at the five basic fears that can make choosing and using makeup a lot harder than you think:


  • Skin Sensitivity: Over time, prolonged use of makeup gives rise to skin sensitivity and many types of hyperallergic symptoms.


  • Dry Skin: People who are already blessed with dry skin, using makeup products can make your skin texture even drier. You can avoid that by using gel-based products and makeup products infused with natural oils.


  • Allergies and Pimples: Breakouts and acne on the usage of harsh chemical-based makeup products are a widespread phenomenon. Checking the ingredients before buying and conducting a pre usage patch test can save you from the nuisance of post makeup application allergies.


  • Clogged Pores: If you don’t apply a primer before applying makeup, the makeup particles are likely to block your pores and create a mess on your skin. Applying primer can prevent this problem, as it forms a film over the skin, and makeup particles don’t enter the pores.


  • Premature Aging: Applying harsh makeup on the skin can lead to premature aging and associated problems like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why Do We Need to Apply Makeup?

We need to apply makeup to create a flawless appearance. The uneven texture and tone of our skin can often ruin the entire look, and for such times, makeup is the savior. Applying natural makeup products makes us more presentable and thus, induces a solid boost of confidence.


Why Purchase Makeup Products for All Skin Types From Trell Shop?

Trell Shop is a one-stop solution for all your makeup needs. Trell Shop brings you a plethora of makeup products that encompasses almost everything that you need to create a simple natural makeup look. From lipsticks, eye liners to setting powders and setting sprays, you get everything here.

At Trell Shop, you can find products from all the profound global brands and makeup products for beginners as well. Each product of Trell Shop is genuine and comes at the best prices. Thus, if you want to get the best deal on makeup products, Trell Shop is your ultimate destination.

You can purchase products from Trell Shop using most payment modes such as NEFT, Debit/Credit cards, UPI, and COD. Doesn’t that sound convenient? 


FAQs On Why Makeup Is An Absolute Must for All Types of Skin

1. Is there a need to apply primer every time before makeup? 

Yes, it is always better to apply a primer before creating a makeup base. Primer ensures that the makeup remains intact for a long time and also prevents clogging of pores.

2. Which is the best foundation for high coverage?

Lakme 9to5 mousse foundation is an excellent foundation that is non-greasy, lightweight, and provides optimum coverage for a long duration.

3. Which lip shades fit best when creating a nude makeup look?

Brown or coral lip shades go best with a nude makeup look. Lakme and Maybelline have multiple nude lip shades, which are best for creating a nude makeup look.

4. How to create a dramatic makeup look?

Two elements will instantly change your makeup look from simple to dramatic. First, your eyes and second, your lips, and both of them need to be bold.

You can try using colored kajal from the Lakme Eyeconic range to create an impactful eyeliner wing. Plum studio fix kohl works excellent to create a dramatic look. Bright lip shades such as those from Lakme makeup product range can enhance your dramatic look.

5. Which are the essential makeup products necessary to create an everyday office or college look?

Any light foundation, a simple kohl pencil (if you have hooded eyes) or jet black eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick are enough to create an everyday makeup look. You can change the style of the liner and the shade of the lipstick to create multiple looks with the same products.

6. Does applying makeup frequently damage the skin?

Yes, applying makeup every day often damages the skin and makes the skin extremely dry and lifeless. Using a moisturizer before makeup application and using gel-based natural makeup products can considerably reduce the harm.

7. How important is it to remove makeup?

Makeup products need to be thoroughly cleaned as soon as you are done with the day. The way it's important to have a makeup kit, it's equally important to have makeup removers. You can use makeup remover, which will thoroughly remove all the layers of makeup. Make sure you wash the face and also moisturize it.

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