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Ideal Hair Growth Oil for Gorgeous Tresses

Hair oils have become an integral part of our daily lives. It is one of those products that we keep close to us because it not just helps in hydrating our scalp but also strengthens the hair. Be it due to the hectic lifestyle or ignorance towards its use, many of us don't oil our hair regularly. A lot of us hit the gym to keep our body and mind in the best shape possible, but when it comes to the health of our hair, we tend to compromise on it. This may result in a lot of problems like dandruff due to dry scalp, premature greying of hair, hair damage, and even excess hair fall. If not addressed in time, this may lead to permanent hair damage, which could result in complete hair fall. This is the time when people usually start taking things seriously, and the only option left for them is to use the hair fall control oil. Keeping in mind all these problems clearly shows that hair oils are quintessential for us. Be it men or women, everyone needs to massage their head regularly to protect it from dryness and hair fall.

With so many varieties of hair oils available in the market, a person should be wise enough to check the ingredients before buying them. Buying and using hair oil is not as simple as it looks because one should know the nature of their scalp and hair before choosing the right product for it. If you don't wish to get a particular hair oil, the best thing to do is to get herbal hair oil. All you need to do is a little bit of research so that you get the right brand. Herbal hair oil has no added chemicals, and it surely can help your hair grow back better. But once you choose the hair oil, ensure regular massaging or application. This will keep your hair strong, shiny, smooth, and voluminous. There are several other benefits of oiling your hair frequently. 

Get Longer, Thicker Hair with Herbal Hair Oil 

You might have heard from your grandmother and even your mother that nourishing your scalp and hair is good for your entire body and not just your hair. Don't take this statement lightly. If you are a practical person who thinks using hair oil regularly should not be in your regime, then think again. Oiling has always been a blanket solution for many people for so many years now. It nourishes your head and hair, reduces stress, and nourishes your scalp.

Whether you are trying to experiment on yourself or just staying away from harmful chemicals, using natural oils is one of the best ways to keep your scalp hydrated and hair strong. The popular hair oils that are available in the market include onion hair oil, coconut oil for hair, almond oil for hair, and argan hair oil. There are other essential oils such as lemongrass and lavender that have many other benefits apart from nourishment like they are not sticky and leave behind a good fragrance. 

Types of Hair Oils

  • Onion hair oil

One of the best hair oils that is available in the market is onion extract. The reason being, onions are rich in sulfur, the same ingredient that makes you cry when you cut an onion. This sulfur helps in reducing split ends, thinning of hair, breakage, and maintaining a balanced pH that keeps premature greying at bay. The onion juice that's present in several oils helps in nourishing your strands while improving your hair quality. 

  • Castor hair oil

Castor oil for hair is one of the oldest and popular oils that's used across the world. The castor oil is rich in natural laxative that helps in keeping your hair strong and body in good shape. It is not just the best oil for hair growth but beard and moustache as well. 

  • Coconut oil

One of the most popular and extensively used hair oils is coconut extract. Coconut oil for hair has a lot of benefits, as it helps in protecting split ends, repairing damaged hair, strengthening your hair, increasing the volume of your hair, and improving its growth. There are multiple varieties of coconut oil like refined, under-refined, extra-virgin, and a few more. All these have some or the other benefit that makes it an apt product to be used. 

  • Almond oil

Probably one of the best as well as expensive hair oil is the almond extract. Generally, brands use sweet almonds for oil extraction because that's the best one amongst all. This oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, proteins, and fatty acids. Almond oil for hair is one of the most used hair oils. Also, if you are suffering from hair loss, then this is one of the best picks for you. Many doctors refer to almond oil as the best oil for hair fall protection.

Leading Hair Oil Brands

It is not just the types of hair oils that are available in abundance in the market, but you will find quite a few brands as well. With some of them being 15-20 years old to some being relatively new, you have an extensive list to choose from. Here are some top brands that you can choose from.

  • Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
  • Kesh King Hair Oil
  • Parachute
  • Himalayan Herbals
  • Dabur Amla
  • Urban Gabru
  • Khadi Veda
  • Dr Vegan Khadi hair Oil
  • Just Herbs
  • Volamena
  • Seepal


There are a lot of problems that a person has to suffer from when he or she refrains from oiling their hair regularly. Some of them are:

  • Premature greying of hair
  • Hair breakage
  • Split ends
  • Dry scalp
  • Weak hair

Benefits of Hair Oils

With so many facts and advantages already discussed, let's see what the other significant benefits of hair oil are. Just like our eyes, muscles, brain, bones, and other body organs need nutrition, and the hair also needs the same. Using the right oil regularly can help in a lot of ways, such as:

  • Keeps scalp hydrated

Be it the herbal oil for hair or oil extract, one thing that every hair oil offers is scalp hydration. People who often wear helmets for hours or expose their scalp to the sun, dirt, or dust should regularly wash their hair and oil it. If you do not oil your hair, it might lead to dryness and hair fall. 

  • Accelerates hair growth

Most people don't know this, but hair oil helps to accelerate hair growth. While you apply oil on your scalp, the best way to get all the benefits is to massage it on your scalp gently. This will help in increasing hair growth and improve blood circulation in your scalp. It also helps in providing the needed nutrients to the scalp.

  • Hair strengthening

There are many hair growth oils available in the market that have the property of strengthening the hair. Many brands have proven that their hair oils have all the nutrients and minerals your hair wants. This significantly helps in preventing it from any damage and provides the much-needed strength. 

  • Keeps dandruff away

Are you often struggling to dust off dandruff from your shoulders? If yes, then you need to use some hair oil for hydrating your scalp. The problem of dandruff will not come back to you if you do this.

  • Shiny hair

You might have seen people flaunting their shiny hair, right? Now you can do the same. All you need to do is pick the right hair oil for yourself and massage your head with it. When the roots of your hair become strong enough, they will shine as you have always wanted. 

Why Do You Need Hair Oil?

There are many reasons why a person should use hair oil regularly; some of the reasons are listed below:

  • To keep their hair stronger and shinier.
  • To increase the volume of your hair.
  • To keep your scalp hydrated.
  • To reduce or stop hair fall.
  • To regulate the blood flow.

Why Shop from Trell Shop for the Best Hair Oil?

Like every new-age person, if you, too, wish to enjoy the comfort of your couch while shopping and spoil yourself with all the good options, then Trell Shop is probably the best place for you. If you are looking for the leading brands in hair oil, then Trell Shop is going to be your one-stop solution for everything. This online platform offers you a range of authentic products that have been certified and verified by the concerned authority. Moreover, you can scroll through the genuine reviews given by the customers of each product and find the best match for yourself. 

Trell Shop also offers a safe and secure payment portal and several options. You can enjoy the payment options, including debit cards, net banking, and credit cards. The customers can also avail themselves of the 'cash on delivery’ option. The website offers a vast range of products in several verticals. So, visit Trell Shop and get all your needs fulfilled with a single click.

FAQs on How to Use Hair Oil to Prevent Thinning and Add Volume

1. What are the different types of hair oils?

There are several types of hair oils available in the market, but the popular amongst them are onion hair oil, castor oil for hair, olive oil for hair, herbal hair oil, almond oil for hair, and coconut oil.

2. I have started experiencing hair fall. What's the best option for me?

If you can see a considerate amount of hair fall, you should try onion extract hair oil for the best results. 

3. What are the best brands selling hair oil?

There are many brands with good products in the market. You can choose amongst Urban Gabru, Khadi Veda, Dr Vegan Khadi, Just Herbs, Volamena, and Seepal. 

4. Are herbal oils effective?

If selected from the right brand, herbal oils are very effective. They might take some time to show their effect, but you are surely going to see the benefits without facing the problem of side effects.

5. Can I use almond hair oil daily?

Ideally, it depends on the nature of your scalp and hair length, as we all know that oils not only keep your hair hydrated but also provide strength to it. 

6. How should I pick the best hair oil for my hair?

Though you can use any herbal hair oil, it is better to assess your hair type and then choose the oil type.

7. Are there any other benefits of regular oiling of hair?

A few pieces of research have shown that regular hair oiling can help in keeping the blood flow right and also keep your eyesight good.  

8. I regularly visit my stylist, who gives me hair treatment. Should I oil my hair at home as well?

The stylist you are talking about would be giving your hair protein treatment and that, too, once every 15 days or month. These protein treatments are surely going to do good to your hair, but that doesn't mean you should not take care of it at home. You should oil your hair every third day and wash it the next morning.

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