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Eau De Toilette - Men

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Eau De Toilette for Men - Offers a refreshing fragrance

Smelling fresh is a priority for all men out there. Eau De Toilette is one of the most popular lightly scented perfumes among gents. Be it professional board meetings or casual outings, it accentuates your personality. Trell offers a wide range of these perfumes in various brands, fragrances, and sizes. You can apply Eau De Toilette directly to your skin after a bath or shave. It will get absorbed quickly if you apply it after your bath. For better results, apply it to the pulse points.

Eau De Toilette is made of 2-8% perfume oil, alcohol constitutes 80-90%, and the remaining 5-15% is water. Due to the low perfume content in the product, the smell of the perfume lasts only for 2-4 hours. Once the scent wanes, you can reapply the perfume on your skin. Never rub your skin after applying the perfume as it may break down the fragrance molecules. You may apply this perfume to your hair as well. Eau De Toilette, the skin freshener perfume, is most recommended for tropical climates. The reason is that your skin tends to perspire and sweat easily in these climates.

Various types of Eau De Toilette perfumes

Let’s take a look at the different types of Eau De Toilette available in the market. They made these classifications based on the fragrance families. Of these, the four main fragrance families are fresh, floral, oriental, and woody. Also note that each of these families has a wide variety of members.

1. Fresh 

You guessed it right. As the name suggests, the fragrances in Eau De Toilette’s fresh family are bright, crisp and uplifting. They mainly come in aqua, citrus, herbal or fruity scents. Citrus notes are well known to be energising. Lemon is the most popular element in this category of Eau de Toilette scents. It’s the herbal notes that provide users with the feeling of rejuvenation. Of the herbal scents available in the fresh range, the most preferred choice among consumers is rosemary and mint.

2. Floral 

The floral family of Eau De Toilette is popular due to its flowery scents. It can either be the scent of a single flower or a bouquet. The floral fragrances are best recommended for women, as they are feminine and romantic in nature. The scents of the floral family are the ideal choice for summer, as it provides a whimsical feeling to the users. 

3. Oriental 

If you are looking for heady, strong scents evoked by dark spices, then you should pick one from the Oriental family. The fragrances range from musk, deep florals, frankincense, amber, and spices such as cloves and cinnamon. The scents in the Oriental family are deep and sensual. Depending on the composition, they can suit everyone. The most attractive factor is that it is the apt choice for wearing at night.

4. Woody 

The fragrances in the woody family are earthy and nature-based. The most common ones are sandalwood, vanilla, wood and moss. These scents are best suited for formal and work environments, as they are the best fit for a grounded, serious appearance.

Some of the best Eau De Toilette brands available in the market are Mercedes-Benz, James Bond, Guess and Jeanne Arthes. You can buy these brands from both online and offline stores.


  • Using a perfume or cologne once does not lead to any kind of serious or irreparable damage to your health.
  • However, exposure to tropical scents can lead to allergies, skin sensitivities and other harmful effects in the long run.

Why do we need Eau De Toilette perfumes?

Perfumes have become a major fashion accessory among both men and women. However, Eau De Toilette for Men helps you make a style statement and stand out from the crowd. It is quite appealing and rejuvenates you by bringing freshness and purity.

Why Trell Shop?

Trell is a one-stop-shop for all your perfume needs. It offers a wide range of the latest perfumes for men and women, including designer and niche products. All the products of Trell are genuine, and the platform provides free and quick shipping.

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