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Eau De Parfum - Men

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Eau De Parfum For Men

Perfumes typically contain a 15-30% concentration of fragrant essential oils. As time passed, an idea was floated to create a lower concentrated version of it. Men did not like smelling vigorous and giving everyone around them allergic reactions. 

Eau De Parfum was created. It contains 10-15%. It is a better option for people with sensitive noses or those who are allergic to strong fragrances. Eau De Parfum has risen in popularity and become mainstream since. 

They are more appropriate for formal occasions and are more provocative due to their fleeting nature. You need to wear it sparingly. Only rub a couple of drops behind your neck and ears. Even among them, Eau De Parfum is the cream of the crop, and it's certainly priced like one.

Exclusive Range of Scents Online

Eau De Parfum comes in a plethora of fragrant types. We have classified them into three types for you. All of them feature the basic trait of being mild and exotic. But each subcategory has something different to offer.

Pick the scent that suits your personality:

Bold Perfumes: Features the flavour of tobacco, honey, wood, and earth in the base notes. This is generally a more masculine scent. Bold perfumes emit a boss vibe.

Fresh and Citrusy Perfumes: Fresh perfumes are like energetic dogs. Spread that Golden Retriever energy wherever you go. Imagine the punch you get when you drink a cold lemonade on a hot sunny day. Ladies love an informal, young and dynamic guy, and this scent is exactly that.


Flirty Perfumes: Flirty perfumes double down on erotica. They focus on being provocative and fugacious. They make you seem like a mystery waiting to be solved. A classic "fun time, but not a long time" move.


Trell hosts all the top-shelf brands. The men’s category enjoys the attention of thousands of international brands. Some of our best sellers include luxury brands like Mercedes, Bentley, Chanel, and Armani. Indian brands like Beardo and Ajmal, are quickly taking over in the men’s segment. Police, Pebble, Bespoke, Lattafa are some of the top sellers in the industry. Celebrities and Iconic brands like Tesla often release their signature scents, which get sold out very quickly. Try to get your hands on them as fast as you can. They often work as limited edition collectables.


Perfumes harm neither your skin nor your body’s natural musk. However, you need to be careful if you have sensitive skin. Apply the perfume on your clothes instead, if you are concerned.

Who Wears Perfumes More? 

Perfumes are worn by everyone, regardless of their sex. However, there is an accepted notion that women wear more gentle and sweet fragrances, whereas men wear more earthy and bold ones.

With time, fragrances have evolved too. Men's Eau De Parfum is a perfect example. This mild and fleeting cologne is the opposite of the typical notion. 

It is created to be elusive and provocative. Until recently, these were the qualities that were expected in a women's perfume, but not anymore!

Why Do You NEED Perfumes?

Eau De Parfum is worn because it is a powerful aphrodisiac. It is not just a light version of a typical perfume. It's crafted by the best noses of France to be elusive and ephemeral. The intention behind wearing a mild fragrance is to create a fleeting sense of mystery and sexual tension.

You want people to come closer to get a second whiff of whatever you are wearing. 

The added benefit of a mild perfume is that it doesn't trigger allergic reactions, so it is more socially acceptable, especially at formal places, like offices.

Why Trell Shop? 

Trell is an online video shopping app committed to delivering you authentic and high-quality products right to your doorstep as quickly as possible. Our interactive platform and rapid customer support ensure that you make an informed decision every single time. We aim to cherish the uniqueness in you and every other Indian. 

Happy Shopping!

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