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Skincare and grooming options are often overlooked when it comes to boys and men. But men's skin tends to be oily and thick, so it needs additional care. It would be best if you used a decent facial cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. To sanitise your skin and remove dead skin cells, you must cleanse it. Use a gentle face wash that can clean the face without dehydrating it. After using a face wash, you should moisturise the skin with a face cream. Moisturizing also helps to avoid cracking, dryness, and dullness on the skin.

Ustraa offers a wide variety of grooming items designed specifically for men. All products are manufactured using natural materials, containing no toxic additives, and are free of harmful sulfates and parabens. Men's beard and shaving care items, bath and body care items and scents, and accessories, are among the products available.

Men need grooming and treatment, and Ustraa offers personal hygiene items and skincare for boys and men that are all crafted with organic ingredients and contain no dangerous substances. These items are 100% pure and have no negative side effects. Trell Shop is a one-stop shop for a broad range of skincare, hair care products, and grooming items designed specifically for men's skin, all at the lowest prices and with great discounts from several brands to give men a fresh and stylish look.

Trell Shop offers the latest men's grooming goods to provide gents with high-quality products at their fingertips, allowing them to achieve a modern and stylish look, in the comfort of their home. These items are natural and pure, and they are available at the cheapest online rates at Trell. There is a wide selection of Ustraa products available on Trell Shop, including their best-selling items such as face wash and beard oil.

Ustraa offers a wide range of grooming items for men, all of which are crafted to provide boys with a sleek new look. They offer a wide array of products in men's shaving, hair styling, beauty, and fragrance items, as well as a variety of fragrances and accessories, all of which are manufactured from natural substances and include no toxic additives.

So, with Trell Shop's vast selection of cosmetics online, amp up your beauty with the widest range of lipstick, fashion, skin, and hair care brands, as well as a host of health and grooming items for men and women right from the convenience of your own home. The online store for Ustraa features a simple checkout mechanism, secure online payments, and dependable distribution partners who ensure that you receive the highest quality original and genuine items in perfect condition.

Best skincare and hair care products available online

Many skin conditions, such as wrinkles, blemishes, dry skin, and clogged pores, can be reduced by using a gentle face wash. With Ustraa's wide collection of face washes for men, you can wash away all of your skin problems. Ustraa provides a variety of face washes that are packed with the benefits of natural ingredients and quality essential oils to tackle various skin issues, including dry skin, acne scars, oiliness, ageing, and pimples, and are ideal for all skin types. The organic products do not remove the skin’s natural oils and carefully cleanse it while hydrating and nourishing it.

Beard oil is an important tool among the beauty weapons of men with facial hair. It's a multipurpose product that helps in balanced hair growth, prevention of everyday problems, and itchiness. You may also use beard oil to moisturise the skin. Hair products are far harsher and chemically dense than cosmetics for the skin. It will irritate or damage your skin and deplete your beard's natural oils and moisture if you use items designed for scalp hair on your face. So, use beard oils like the Ustraa beard growth oil advanced that is specially formulated for facial hair.

Using these Ustraa products regularly can benefit your hair health and help you achieve stunning beard and hair. You should shop  Ustraa hair wax, Ustraa beard oil, and Ustraa trimmer online at Trell Shop for a decent cost that will fulfil your requirements within affordable costs.

Types of products from Ustraa

Ustraa offers several exciting products for men. The brand's primary focus is hair care products such as Ustraa beard oil, Ustraa beard growth oil, Ustraa hair growth vitalizer, and Ustraa hair wax. The brand also has a range of Ustraa face washes and a delightful range of Ustraa perfumes.

Ustraa beard growth oil: Ustraa beard growth oil and Ustraa beard growth oil advanced are nourishing oils from the range of Ustraa products. These oils provide the necessary vitamin E for fast and better beard growth. The moisturising formula of Ustraa beard growth oil also prevents itching and dryness in the beard area. It is made up of natural ingredients and eight essential oils, including jojoba oil. Ustraa beard oil price is around INR 400 for a 35mL bottle.

Ustraa hair growth vitalizer: Ustraa hair growth vitalizer is an elixir for hair growth. It works better than any oil or serum and boosts hair growth while preventing hair fall. Ustraa hair growth vitalizer has a mix of nourishing components and palmetto extract to prevent achromotrichia. The Ustraa hair growth oil also has Redensyl, which initiates quick hair growth.

Ustraa trimmer: Correct and precise trimming of beard hair is essential to maintain a uniform stubble. Ustraa trimmer is a fantastic trimmer that is designed to give you the best beard styling experience. It has a sleek design and can be used with or without a cord. While using an Ustraa trimmer, you have clip options to select from and set the length of your beard easily and uniformly.

Ustraa hair wax: Ustraa hair wax works efficiently to hold the hair in place for several hours. Using Ustraa hair wax, you can style your hair and make sure the hairstyle remains intact throughout the day. You can even choose from two variations - Ustraa hair wax for a wet look and Ustraa hair wax for a matte look, as per your preference. These hair waxes are sulfate and paraben-free and have natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar to provide nourishment to the hair.

Ustraa face wash: Ustraa products also include Ustraa face washes that are formulated especially for men’s skin. You can choose a face wash as per your skin requirements from different options like Ustraa face wash for oily skin, Ustraa face wash for dry skin, and Ustraa face wash for acne control. These face washes pull dirt and excess oil from the skin and thoroughly cleanse it to give you a fresh look.

Ustraa perfume: Ustraa offers a range of long-lasting perfumes for men and boys. These are premium fragrances designed to last thrice longer than the usual perfumes. Ustraa perfume variants include After Dark, Base camp, Ammunition, Tattoo, and Scuba. These perfumes are gas-free, and you can apply them to your skin.

Ustraa hair cream: To provide continuous nourishment to your hair and maintain overall hair health, use Ustraa hair cream daily. Ustraa hair cream is a mild yet powerful hair cream for everyday use. The Ustraa hair cream gives the right amount of hydration and vitamins to your hair as it contains flax seed extract and almond oil, wheat germ, and olive oil.

Best grooming brands for men

Earlier it wasn't easy to find a brand that would create products, especially for men. But nowadays, there are some amazing brands available in the market that offer an elaborate range of products curated specially for the male population. Some of the best brands for skincare and hair care for men are Ustraa, Bombay Shaving Company, and Nivea. You can buy the best quality skincare and hair care products at affordable prices from Trell Shop. 


Ustraa products take care of some of the most common skincare and hair care concerns. These concerns include:

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Hair fall
  • Frizzy hair
  • Slow hair growth 
  • Itchy skin

Why do we need Ustraa products?

There is immense importance of having a grooming routine that includes the usage of the right brands and products. For men, it is essential to use products that are designed to keep the texture and thickness of male skin. Ustraa products are a decent option if you're searching for effective skincare, hair care, and beard products. It has a large selection of men's grooming items such as Ustraa hair trimmer, Ustraa face washes. You may purchase various grooming items, ranging from Ustraa beard oils, shampoos to Ustraa hair growth vitalizer, to achieve flawless hair and beard. Ustraa also offers a fascinating selection of perfumes. You can take better care of your hair with Ustraa hair cream and Ustraa hair wax.

Why shop from Trell Shop?

The best online shop to buy Ustraa products is Trell Shop. It offers the best of Ustraa products in a budget-friendly manner. Their elaborate range of hair care and beard care products fulfils your daily grooming requirements and concerns. You can shop for your favourite products right from the comfort of your home on Trell Shop. It offers the best shopping experience for Ustraa products with an easy checkout process and trusted delivery partners. You can also avail interesting offers and discounts on Trell Shop to get your preferred products at the most affordable prices.

FAQs on Ustraa products

1. How can I take care of my beard?

To care for your beard, make sure that you provide ample nourishment to your stubble and maintain its hygiene. You can use Ustraa beard oil and Ustraa beard growth oil advanced to grow your beard in a uniform and healthy manner.

2. Is there a product for hair growth?

Although hair growth depends on various factors such as overall health and genetics, a hair growth product may help increase the thickness and density of your hair. You can use the  Ustraa hair growth vitalizer, which is formulated to help hair growth and nourishment.

3. How can I make sure that my hairstyle lasts all day?

To make your hairstyle last all day, you must use Ustraa hair wax. Ustraa hair wax is made up of natural substances and holds the hair in place for several hours.

4. Which is a good perfume for men?

A good perfume is long-lasting and chemical-free. Ustraa perfume is a good option as these perfumes have impactful fragrances and a gas-free formula. You can choose your Ustraa perfume from five fragrance options.

5. Which is the best brand for men’s hair care products?

You can find a variety of Indian and foreign brands offering a range of hair care products. Some of these are expensive, and others may not have the right ingredients. Ustraa is one of the best brands for men’s hair care products. The brand provides you with quality products at affordable rates.

6. Where can I buy Ustraa products online?

You can buy the best Ustraa products online from Trell Shop. It offers a vast range of amazing Ustraa products at affordable prices. You can go to Trell's website and choose from the finest Ustraa products. You can easily pay online or choose the cash on delivery option.

7. How to use a hair trimmer?

A hair trimmer usually comes with a cord or batteries. You can select the clip according to your preferred beard length. Then, use the trimmer against your face and gently move it across the beard to trim and create a uniform stubble.

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