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    Ayurvedic Skincare Regimen by Urban Veda

    In these modern times of busy, stress-filled lives, we often forget to take care of the most vital part of our body, that is, our skin. The skin is a continuous reflection of our outer as well as inner beauty and health. To take good care of our face and body is the utmost step of any beauty and healthcare regime. So this weekend, pamper yourself with Urban Veda’s latest refreshing skincare products available just on Trell Shop.

    Scroll through the best skincare products offered by Urban Veda on Trell Shop. Rich in Vedic qualities for the face and body, these products come in a wide range of options, offers, and discounts. Select the perfect product that suits you and get glowing, healthy skin. 

    Types of Products by Urban Veda

    Skincare products range from face moisturizers and face washes to even body gels. Urban Veda’s range of skin care products comes in four Vedic fragrances- Turmeric, Neem, Rose, and Sandalwood. Depending on our needs and skin types, these have been categorized into the types discussed below.

    Face Wash: Urban Veda’s range of purifying face wash helps clean surface dirt, smoothens the skin, clears pores and oily clogs through the light foam. You should use it at least twice every day. 

    Moisturizer and Day Cream: This is a must-have product for daily use. Produced in both lightweight as well as creamy formulas, Urban Veda makes sure it benefits all skin types.

    Scrubs and Exfoliators: Containing tiny exfoliating agents of natural sources, they help in deep cleansing blocked pores of the face and body. Using them at least once a week guarantees gentle and soft skin.

    Toners: Applied after a wash or scrub, Urban Veda toners prepare the skin for a makeup regime. They remove blemishes and soften the skin without taking away its naturalness.

    Night Cream: Urban Veda night creams contain natural, ayurvedic ingredients in a creamy, lightweight formula. They rejuvenate the skin cells overnight and give a softened glow.

    Shower Gels and Body Wash: They help in deep cleansing the body with long-lasting soothing effects. Urban Veda shower gels are mixed with beautiful fragrances that cause a refreshing after-shower effect.

    Body Lotions: Curated carefully for all skin types, Urban Veda ensures proper hydration and restoration of the skin with their body lotions. 

    Facial Oil: Rich in ayurvedic herbal oils, this Urban Veda product reduces blemishes and gives a glowy and healthy effect on the skin.


    Like everything else, skincare products also have certain limits to their magical effects. Some concerns related to the mentioned products are:

    • Overuse of scrubs can cause damage to the skin
    • Incorrect selection of moisturizers for dry, oily, or sensitive skin can be harmful
    • Acne-prone skin can react badly to a wrong choice of products
    • Chemical substances can cause irritation
    • Aromatic fragrances can cause allergies

    Gender: When it comes to the matter of health and skin, gender doesn’t matter. All the skincare products are curated in general neutral ways, suitable for all skin types.

    Why Do We Need Skincare Products?

    Skincare is a vital part of our everyday lives. In the present generation of busy workdays and social media lives, we struggle to meet many expectations to feel beautiful. Our skins are our unique and probably the most neglected body parts. Our emotions and stress are first reflected on our skin. It is therefore very important that we take care of it. Each skincare product at Urban Veda is crafted with special care to meet our unique needs. Consequently, it is essential to shower some richness of face oils, creamy gels, and refreshing fragrances on our bodies and faces so that we look and feel uniquely beautiful. 

    Why Shop from Trell Shop for the Best Skincare Products?

    We all love a website that offers us a one-stop destination to pick among our favorite products. Trell Shop offers you such a platform with the latest products from Urban Veda, one of the best skincare companies in the country. Rich in Ayurvedic goodness, these products at Trell Shop are 100% authentic at reasonable prices. So grab your most perfect fit of Urban Veda skin care at Trell Shop; what are you waiting for?

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