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Take Care of Your Hair With Sevaen

Hair is an intrinsic part of a person’s outlook. The appearance and quality of hair greatly determine the looks. So, in order to have a dashing and beautiful appearance, having well-nourished and smooth hair is necessary. The modern consumer seeks a customized approach to hair care. Hair Care routines differ from person to person and are often based on an individual’s hair type, individual style, as well as hair concerns. A proper hair care routine is required for nourishing hair. The regimen can vary from person to person but primarily constitutes scalp care, conditioning, coloring, frizz control, moisturization, etc.

The type of person's hair, whether straight or curly, greatly determines their hair care routine. The basic hair regimen includes oiling, keratin treatment, shampoo, and conditioning. While oils and keratin-based gels help maintain the nourishment of the hair, shampoo and conditioners are used to wash the excess oil, sweat, and dirt off the hair and restore the smoothness and essential oils in the hair. Sometimes hair spa is used for scalp hydration and hair mineralization, which leads to thicker hair and stimulates growth.

The basic hair care regime, however, consists of shampoo conditioner and keratin-based oils. These can be used regularly, i.e., twice a week optimally, to maintain the hair’s volume, growth, and nourishment. There is a wide range of products that help in stimulating the growth and nutrition of the hair.

Types of hair care products online

There are several ranges of products that you can use to treat and nourish your hair, of which the most necessary ones can be broadly classified into shampoo, conditioner, and oils.

Shampoo: It is a viscous liquid that comes in a bottle-based container and is usually a surfactant. It is used in wet hair to rinse out the excess oil and dirt. It helps to clean the built-up sebum in the scalp and nourishes the hair. Certain shampoos are also used to treat dandruff in the hair. They can be both organic and chemical-based. Certain shampoos contain special ingredients to nourish the hair and added scent to increase the utility. Baby shampoos are specially made to reduce the burning sensation if it goes in the eyes.

Conditioner: They are a liquid, lotion, or gel-based product used to improve the feel and appearance of the hair, usually after applying shampoo. It replenishes the hair’s moisture and is often used to repair split ends and dryness of hair. It is also believed to make the hair shinier, smoother, and softer. “Conditioner refortifies the cuticle with a protective coating, allowing the hair to keep growing and not break easily,” said renowned dermatologist, Adam Friedman.

Oils: Hair oils have been used for ages to treat the hair and the scalp. It has varied uses starting from hair growth, fixing dryness of scalp, split ends, and many more. It is a tonic used for rejuvenation of both the scalp and the hair and provides nourishment. Keratin, protein-based hair oil, is often used to nourish the damaged hair that has been caused due to chemicals or heat treatment. It makes the hair longer and stronger.


Overuse of shampoos, conditioners, or oils can have adverse effects on hair and scalp. The suitability of several hair care products to a person’s hair may vary and needs to be noted before applying to the hair.

Why do we need hair care products?

Hair is an intrinsic part of a person’s outlook. A proper hair care routine is required for nourishing hair. Personal grooming is something you should always consider necessary. It will not only boost your confidence but also define your personality. A regular grooming routine will help you maintain your personal hygiene and is crucial for looking attractive and clean.

Why shop from Trell Shop?

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