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Get the best skincare products from Ponds.

If you want to restore the youthfulness of your skin, you must use good skincare products. Ponds and its line of skincare products are available at Trell Shop. Control the impact of pollutants with mild, vitamin-enriched Ponds face wash cleansers. Choose facial foams appropriate for your skin tone and exfoliating scrubs to eliminate dead skin and maintain moisture balance. We also have a range of facial moisturizers and creams that will revitalize your skin and make it cleaner and enriched.


Enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients and activated carbon with Ponds charcoal face wash. Anti-acne face wash, such as the Ponds pimple clear face wash, manages excess oil without rendering your skin dry and will help you bid farewell to pimples. Ponds white beauty face wash has multiple benefits as it cleanses the skin and provides extra glow to the skin from inside. Completing your skincare regimen with a fast-absorbing moisturizers like Ponds moisturizer cream can make a noticeable improvement!


Do you despise the effects of ozone and the sun on your skin? Anti-aging therapies for day and night use, such as Ponds age miracle cream, can help you battle wrinkles and fine lines. Choose from a variety of options for various skin types and treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering. Nothing matches rich creams with a smooth finish during the cold. They can be used during the day, at night, and sometimes even under makeup. Use Ponds cold cream for proper skin nourishment during winters.


Not just creams, you should even consider sunscreens to protect the skin. The cleverly formulated Ponds sunscreen works to improve the appearance of your skin and makes it look more beautiful. The rejuvenating features keep the skin hydrated and plump. Pond's also offers moisturizers to revitalize dry skin. Choose the products according to your preferences and incorporate them into your skincare routine to see amazing results.


Ponds skincare range for men adds even more choices to the wide variety of skincare products. Aromatic face washes and creams are available to leave you smelling fresh for a long time. Ponds men face wash has mineral clay and menthol to revitalize your skin and nourish it. Ponds men face wash also takes care of skin concerns such as pimples and suntan. Check out the latest collection of Ponds skincare products for men at Trell Shop.


Pond's has several other fantastic products that you can surely try. You can buy sunscreens, cold creams, BB creams, and face washes to pamper your skin. Broaden your makeup routine to incorporate these fantastic options and others available at Trell Shop. Purchase Pond's cosmetics and let the uniquely crafted formulations work their charm on your face.


Ponds is a beauty brand that takes care of various skin problems. Ponds has a range of products for men and women that takes care of all skin types. Ponds cream, Ponds face wash, Ponds bb cream, Ponds white beauty cream, Ponds moisturizer, Ponds super light gel, Ponds body lotion, Ponds light moisturizer, Ponds white beauty face wash, Ponds cold cream, Ponds men face wash, Ponds age miracle cream, Ponds gel moisturizer, Ponds sunscreen, and other products are available from the brand. 


Ponds skincare products can be purchased online in India at the best prices at Trell Shop. You may also shop for your favorite Ponds items like Ponds talc, regular face wash, night cream, etc., online at Trell from the comfort of your home.


Ponds white beauty cream lightens skin and black spots by preventing melanin from reaching the skin's surface, resulting in a smooth, spot-free complexion. Ponds face wash is an all-time favorite to clean your skin and get a fresh look. Ponds super light gel moisturizer is the best moisturizer for a dewy, matte look. A classic cold cream used in almost every household is the Ponds cold cream. It is a true skin companion, especially for winters, as its deep nourishing formula provides ample moisturization.

Using Ponds products gives you a satisfying skin care experience without burdening your pocket. Ponds has a long history of skincare products and works well for all skin types. Buy the best quality Ponds products for an affordable price online at Trell Shop.


Types of products from Ponds

You can buy Ponds face wash, Ponds moisturizer, Ponds sunscreen, and Ponds age miracle cream online at Trell. The types of products from Ponds include:


Ponds face wash

Ponds face wash is another amazing product from Ponds. Ponds range of face washes includes Ponds white beauty face wash, Ponds active charcoal face wash, and Ponds pimple clear face washPonds white beauty face wash has Moroccan mineral clay that absorbs oil and dirt, and vitamin B3+ provides a vibrant glow. Ponds pimple clear face wash has Active Thymo-T Essence that reaches the bacteria causing your pimples and clears the skin from within.


Ponds bb cream

For those who want a clean, polished look without a lot of makeup, the best product to use is the Ponds bb cream. Ponds bb cream works wonders to cover fine lines and blemishes from the skin while adding a subtle glow to your face. Ponds bb cream is enriched with SPF 30+ and provides an even skin tone with a natural finish as a lightweight foundation.


Ponds white beauty cream

The Ponds white beauty cream is a groundbreaking formula for dealing with skin problems. Its anti-spot formulation, which includes pro-vitamin B3, has been scientifically shown to diminish dark spots. Pro-vitamin B3 is a powerful skin brightening ingredient that has been proven to eliminate prominent dark spots on the inside while revealing beautiful, spot-free skin on the outside. 


Ponds super light gel moisturizer 

Ponds super light gel moisturizer is a boon for people with oily skin as this Ponds moisturizer has a unique formula that locks in enough hydration for the skin without making it greasy. Ponds super light gel moisturizer has nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for a non-sticky glow.


Ponds cold cream

Ponds cold cream is a moisturizing cream that cures dry skin by making it smooth and supple. It contains essential beauty oils, including ten skin nutrients. The glycerin gives you softness from within and a healthy shine on the outside, and you'll never have to think about dry lines or cracks again.


Ponds men face wash

There is usually a difference between the skin texture of men and women. Ponds has a range of face washes specially designed to suit the needs of the skin of boys and men. Ponds men face wash series include Pond's men's energy bright face wash coffee beans bright skin, Pond's men pollution out activated charcoal deep clean face wash, Ponds men pimple clear face wash that reduces pimples in 3 days, and Ponds men oil clear face wash.


Ponds age miracle cream

As you age, the skin becomes dry and needs more care. Ponds age miracle cream is the most effective anti-aging cream to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Ponds age miracle cream has a retinol-C complex that reduces the signs of aging and SPF 18++ for protection from the sun’s rays. Ponds age miracle cream also has nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E to improve the overall health of your skin.


Ponds sunscreen

Increasing exposure to sun rays can seriously damage your skin, and the tanning recovery is very slow. It is best to use a powerful sunscreen every day to prevent any damage before it appears on the skin. Ponds sunscreen is one such product that prevents skin darkening, fine lines, pigmentation, and redness due to exposure to the sun. You can choose from a gel or cream variant of Ponds sunscreen available in SPF30 to SPF 50+ strength



Each one of us has a different skin type. You should buy skincare products such as Ponds cream and Ponds face wash according to your skin problems, age, and requirement. Some of the concerns of most skin types are:


  • Dry skin
  • Aging skin
  • Oily skin
  • Acne or pimples
  • Skin tan
  • Wrinkles or fine lines
  • Allergic skin


Why do we need Ponds products?

Ponds is one of the oldest and the most trusted brands in the country. This trust is because Ponds offers a range of products for everyone. Ponds has many skincare products such as Ponds face wash and Ponds cold cream for men and women. You can also buy advanced skincare products such as Ponds sunscreen and Ponds age miracle cream to safeguard your skin from tanning and aging signs. Ponds pimple clear face wash and Ponds men face wash are great options for girls and boys who wish to maintain glowing skin free from acne and pigmentation. You can buy the most effective Ponds skincare products online at Trell Shop.


Why should I buy Ponds products from Trell Shop?

Trell Shop offers a variety of Ponds face wash for all skin types. Men and women can buy Ponds moisturizer from Trell Shop at affordable prices. Opt for Lakme Ponds bb cream to give a smooth and dewy appearance to your makeup. Ponds bb cream price ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500. Buy genuine Ponds cold cream available online at Trell Shop. To make your selection more accessible, we've included filters that allow you to choose a Ponds moisturizer based on the skin type, season, cost, and personal preferences. You can get genuine items from top beauty brands delivered to your doorstep at zero delivery cost. You can also look at our special deals to find the perfect rates on the range of Ponds age miracle cream.


FAQs about Ponds products

1. What is the use of face wash?

A face wash helps clean the skin by removing dirt and excess oil from the skin’s surface. Special face wash such as Ponds pimple clear face wash helps diminish acne. Ponds charcoal face wash extracts the impurities from deep inside the skin pores to give you clearer skin.


2. Which cream should I use for dry skin?

It cannot be easy to care for dry skin. You must take consistent care of your dry skin by using nourishing creams such as Ponds cold cream and Ponds moisturizer


3. Which moisturizer can I use in summers?

Summer tends to be sticky, and oil-based moisturizers may be washed away with sweat and can cause breakouts. You can use Ponds gel moisturizer instead. The best moisturizer to use in summers is Ponds super light gel moisturizer for hydration. It is water-based, without being greasy.


4. Which is the best anti-aging cream?

As you age, the skin becomes very dry and stretchy. An anti-aging cream such as Ponds age miracle cream has super hydrating and nourishing properties to provide ample moisturization to the skin. Ponds age miracle cream has retinol, vitamin B3, and SPF 18+ to tackle fine lines and wrinkles.


5. What is the price of bb cream?

Ponds bb cream is an all-in-one makeup product that provides a great base to the skin. You can buy Ponds bb cream for INR 120 per 18gm packet. Trell Shop has amazing offers and discounts throughout the year so check out the online store to get Ponds bb cream at the best price.


6. Where can I buy Ponds products online?

You can buy Ponds products online at reasonable prices only at Trell Shop. Trell shop is an online shopping website that offers an elaborate range of skincare and beauty products at the best prices.


7. Which sunscreen should I use for the Indian skin type?

You must choose skincare products according to your skin type. Sunscreen works the best if you use it regularly. For Indian skin, use Ponds sunscreen, specifically designed for the tropical region. Ponds sunscreen has SPF 30 or higher, which helps prevent tanning and skin rash.

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