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Pisara Sarees at Trell

Sarees have a deeply embedded connection to Indian culture and have been worn by Indian women for centuries. Sarees radiate ethnicity and reflect the elegance and posh of the women wearing them. A high-quality saree is considered a status symbol in Indian society. Every traditional or cultural event demands a saree that embodies your personality and equally suits the occasion. Trell understands the trends and wants of women well and has brought forth a large variety of saree collections with the help of Pisara.

Pisara embodies ethnicity

Pisara has managed to supply premium sarees at a fairly low price, resulting in its popularity. It says that they don’t employ workers, but rather artists, who have been skilled in the art of saree making for generations. Because of this, you could feel the creativity oozing out of the works and designs of its material.

The sarees made by Pisara are crafted to spread the soft aroma of loveliness and the sweet ambience of womanhood throughout. Pisara is here to light up your festive season by presenting its vast array of sarees decorated with intricate weaving work.


Types of saree presented by Pisara

To help the customers sort out each of their needs, the sarees come in a wide range of categories.

Cotton Silk Sarees: Cotton collected from cotton plants and silk obtained from silkworms are fused to form the cotton silk fabric. These are popularly known for their comfortable weaves and being extremely lightweight. It is a versatile fabric with a smooth, silky essence to its texture.  

Art Silk Sarees: Famous for being an affordable variant of traditional silk, its fabric is made from synthetic fibre. Art silk is a soft cotton material with a rich texture and is as breathable as wool.

Pure Georgette Sarees: These are crafted from georgette fabric, which is made from pure silk. The material has a matte finish to its texture, and its weaving process results in its crinkled feel on its surface. It is sheer and lightweight with a flowy nature in its character.

Banarasi Cotton Saree: It is a widely popular fabric with its origins rooted in the city of Varanasi. These sarees have a distinguished weaving characteristic, including a highly decorated end piece with a dense border.

Chanderi Silk Cotton Saree: These sarees have an iconic shimmering texture to their clothes that can be easily distinguishable from the others. They are crafted by mixing golden Zari and silk in conventional cotton yarns, which causes its shiny finish. As a result, it has a magnificent sheer and transparent feel to its fabric.

Dola Silk Foil Print Saree: These are woven by mixing polyester threads with silk. This results in added strength to the material of the fabric. They have a soft touch to their texture and a shiny, sparkly effect in their general look. 


Silk sarees are an extremely loved piece of traditional wear all over India. However, silk comes with its own set of concerns.

It is a highly delicate fabric, hence, highly susceptible to external damage like burns from the heat.

Silk sarees need an added bit of care; it needs to be dry-cleaned and well maintained\

Susceptible to damage from insects, hence, it needs to be stored carefully


Why should you buy Pisara sarees?

Pisara has gained enough knowledge and experience from the industry and has been involved in lighting up its customers on every kind of occasion. Be it festive season, casual outings, wedding attires, or even formal events, Pisara has got you covered with its wide variety of sarees sourced from all parts of India. Pisara claims that you can find the perfect saree matching your event type, a saree that has been woven and, further, designed in some parts of India just for encapsulating the charm you radiate.

Why should you shop from Trell?

Trell is a rapidly growing online shopping platform with a range of wellness and beauty products. It is a one-stop destination to purchase wonderful sarees for all occasions. Leading brands in the industry have recognized Trell's potential and have gained profits selling their products through our platforms. Trell has maintained its status of high customer satisfaction over the years and has become a trusted platform.

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