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    Self Care Basics by Phy

    The art of beauty is in the beholder’s eyes and never lies to the eyes. The statement truly justifies the need to look good and state one’s style. Given this reason, Trell Shop introduces a range of collections of beauty products for the needs of our favorite customers online. In India, where beauty is defined differently in distinct cultures, it is essential to understand what true beauty standard means. It applies both to men and women in the larger context of lifestyle. That is why it is important to have a look around at Trell Shop Online and find everyday products like Face Wash, Hair Shampoo, and Beard Oils at the lowest price.

    Types of Beauty and Self-Care Products

    Face Wash: Authentic yet meets the needs of modern men and women, face washes are the go-to products that need to be on your monthly shopping list. A coin-sized amount of face wash and water combined gives you the ultimate and fresh look each day. Using it twice a day gives you the best results to challenge any adversities.

    Shampoo: Specifically studied and created for Indian men and women, the shampoo is harmless and works out perfectly in any given condition. Whether it is summer or winter, any quality shampoo is the perfect partner in getting you the best results. The myth of hair fall and broken ends are stories of the past; now, shampoos are an ideal addition to any Indian household.

    Face Scrubs: Made without Sulfate, Paraben, or other harmful chemicals, Face Scrubs are entirely skin-friendly and never burn your face. Exfoliates and helps to remove the dead skin that hangs around like an uninvited relative; this one is a must for every man who keeps in touch with his skincare routine—also a perfect pre-date partner on the go.

    Hair Cream and Hair Clay: There is no harm in flaunting your shiny hair in any environment. The only harm coming your way would be the jealous eyes of your peers. Hair Wax and Clay applied to your hair give a combination of shiny hair in the perfect hold. The natural plant-based formula never damages your hair and gently caresses your thick, if not thin, hair. Hair clay paints an ideal picture of matte and helps absorb dirt, clay, and other external elements.

    Beard Cream and Oil: A man’s mane is highly attractive and helps achieve a profound feeling (grab a look at some Indian philosophers) to the overall character. With this knowledge, Trell Shop Online gives the best deals in beard oil and cream. A non-sticky cream for your beard would be awesome, and it works out just fine in maintaining the frizz and keeping the beard smell good. The Beard Oil joins the pack intending to get absorbed into your fine face and improve beard growth. 


    The scope of concern differs from person to person. But one main factor that finds room for debate is the prolonged effect on skin and hair. These concerns range from:

    • Infections around the eye area
    • Bacterial effects on face
    • Sensitive and allergic to skin
    • Fire Hazards on products like hair wax

    Trell Shop Online caters to each of these concerns and explains in detail why we are reliable.

    Why do I need self-care products?

    Looking at the current trends in Beauty and Cosmetics, there are so many options to choose from for both men and women of all ages. The philosophy of mind and beauty are connected, and being an industry expert, Trell Shop understands the needs and wants of our customers. This is the sole reason why our inventory showcases some of the International products for your beauty, health, and wellness. This way, you can enhance your skin tone, have a healthier relationship with your skin, and, most of all, attain freedom while defining beauty. The ensemble of brands includes Phy, Biotique, Garnier, Blue Heaven, Mirabelle, Maybelline, and Lakme, among other renowned products.   

    Why Choose Trell Shop?

    With Trell Shop on your smartphone, you can have a personal account on our dedicated shopping platform and enjoy the different perks of being part of our family. Add your credit/debit card and witness the smooth transition while we ship your products free. You and your skin are of prime importance to us. 

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