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Smooth and easy way to shave

There are high chances that you have felt self-conscious or embarrassed because of seemingly innocent, overgrown body or facial hair. Maybe, you didn’t have the time and energy to pay heed to such a trivial detail. To help you out with the grooming emergencies, Letsshave has come to save the day. The grooming range is designed with the unique needs of men and women to allow a satiny finish to the skin. 

You don’t want to be a walking testimony to the fact that humans descended from the apes. Unfortunately, in a world of social media selfies and image filters, appearances are given a little more importance than we would like to accept. But, it goes without saying that you feel good about yourself when you look good. And there is absolutely no harm in feeling good about yourself. So, paying attention to one’s aesthetics is a great way to boost self-confidence.

A well-groomed person is deemed to be highly presentable in social settings. And, we cannot discredit appearances as a major decisive factor for first impressions. The use of Letsshave razor or Letsshave trimmer will help you get a suave look for such social events where you need to come off as a professional. 

Have closer than the closest shave with Letsshave Pro and Letsshave Evior and get hair-free velvety skin. Letsshave is a premium brand with innovative razors and trimmers that ensure a comfortable shaving experience. 

Shave with Letsshave Razors and discover painless shaving. Trell Shop offers a wide range of Letsshave products. You can browse the array of products and choose the ones suitable for you. 

Create a memorable first impression on everyone you meet. Unleash the best version of yourself with Letsshave men and women razors. Men can use these razors for overall body shaving and for making their beard. Get a clean shave to look in minutes with Letsshave razors. They have ergonomic designs for better grip and precise trimming.

On the other hand, females can go for specialized products for women like Letsshave Evior. These razors give a silky-smooth skin minus any pain. There are specialized products for sensitive facial skin and bikini lines. Enjoy your holidays with scintillating dresses and stunning beachwear with Letsshave Evior.

You need to look polished and well-kempt for special dates, important meetings, or a birthday party. You cannot afford to lose the opportunity that may change the course of your life. Not getting the appointment at your preferred parlor or salon should not stop you from looking spectacular when you have Letsshave razors handy.

Letsshave is a global brand with state-of-art technology in place to produce specialized razors with multiple blades stacked in for more precise shaving. The sturdy blades are super-sharp to get rid of hair in one go. This means you need not waste your valuable time in repeated shaving of the same skin patch. 

Types of Letsshave products you may need

Letsshave trimmer: Forget tugging and pulling with Letsshave trimmer, suited for head, body, and beard. No matter the thickness or the length of hair, these trimmers have multiple comb and length settings for stylish beards and smooth skin. They come with powerful batteries to last a trimming session of about 90 minutes. 

They have a multi-grooming kit that can be used for an array of purposes. They comprise Letsshave beard pen styler for detailing of smaller areas. While metal blades can be used for styling a beard with precise lines. You can depend on Letsshave pro razors for a clean shave look. 

Letsshave Evior: Letsshave Evior is specially designed to cater to the needs of women. They have a protective guard and brush to prep the hair before shaving. The lubricating bands with vitamin E, natural oils, and aloe extracts minimize any irritation on the skin. The open flow cartridge allows for easy cleaning of any clogged hair. 

The flexible cartridge head can easily slide along the curves of the body, ensuring satiny skin. They also check the growth of harder and thicker hair post-shave, unlike other razors. Ditch the painful and time-consuming process of waxing and switch to Letsshave Evior for velvety skin. 

Letsshave Pro: Letsshave Pro comes in variants like Letsshave Pro 3, 4, and 6. Letsshave Pro has multiple blades placed with optimal gaps, so hair strands do not clog the blade. They have a lubricating band for a velvety finish on the skin. The specialized trimmer blade allows for precise trimming and grooming of hair. 

Letsshave pace 4: Letsshave pace 4 has a pivot razor head to trim hard-to-reach areas. They have ergonomic handles for enhanced grip, thanks to grooves in the rubber handle. They also come with a razor cap, ensuring the long service life of the blades by circulating air with the help of the openings in the cap.

Letsshave exfoliating scrub: With the blend of natural goodness containing acai berry extracts and argan oil, Letsshave exfoliating scrub is appropriate for both men and women having all skin types. They are free from paraben and sulfates, ensuring they do not hurt your skin in the long run. They can be used all over the body for rejuvenated and moisturized skin. They remove dead cells and unclog the pores to reveal a clearer and brighter complexion.

Letsshave regular grooming: Letsshave boasts of a complete grooming range with shaving creams, beard and hair growth oil, beard combs, after shaving balm, etc. Then there are other daily grooming products like soaps, shampoos, loofahs that you can regularly use to see visible effects on skin and hair. 

Why do you need Letsshave?

Trimming and shaving bodily hair for men and women not only makes them look more appealing to the opposite sex. But also shows that the person under consideration cares about their appearance and impression on people around them. Most importantly, it highlights the fact that they have taken the time and effort to take care of their grooming and personal hygiene. These two significant aspects tell a ton about an individual’s sense of self-worth. 

Letsshave blades are manufactured using the industry best practices with proper perforating and hardening of the blades. Letsshave razors are designed for better grip and frictionless movement. You no longer have to deal with ingrown hair or rough, bumpy skin. The one-of-its-kind blade glides effortlessly on the skin to cover hard-to-reach areas. 

The stainless steel strip allows for durable and rust-free blades. You need not fret what razor goes with which handle because the handles can accommodate different refills. Letsshave men category blades give a smooth and sharp shave, thanks to the in-built trimmer. 

Why is a Trell Shop the right choice?

Experience seamless online shopping with Trell Shop that is a one-stop destination for all fashion and grooming needs. They only source authentic Letsshave products from verified dealers to ensure the best quality for you. They also offer exclusive discounts for savvy shoppers like you. Plus, you can always refer to the reviews from other customers to make the right purchase. 

Your money is safe with the Trell Shop payment interface that accepts net banking, debit cards, credit cards, and other trusted payment channels. You can also enjoy free delivery of your products, without needing to visit any local store. Visit Trell Shop today for the best deals on the Letsshave razors and Letsshave Trimmers.


1. I have sensitive skin. Are Letsshave razors suited for my skin?

Letsshave razors have a lubricating strip with natural nourishing oils for soothing sensitive skin. The sharp blades ensure a smooth finish with a single stroke. The bendable head moves along the curves and contours of the body, minimizing the chances of continual friction and irritating the skin.

2. How to use Letsshave Evior?

Letsshave Evior is well-suited for women looking for a reasonable and hassle-free option to get hairless silk-like skin. These razors are suited to be used on both dry and damp skin. Glide the razor in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove hair strands. Use an aftershave balm to prevent bumps and ingrown hair.

3. How should I clean Letsshave Trimmer?

Turn the Letsshave trimmer off before cleaning. Detach the comb by pushing outward and upward gently. Shake off any residual hair on the comb. Now, wash the comb under warm water and let it air dry. Replace the comb for the next round of trimming.

4. I need a letsshave refill. Is it available?

Letsshave razors are designed in such a way that any cartridges fit any handle. This ensures you don’t have to worry about a new upgraded cartridge not fitting your older handle. The common docking system also leads to cost-saving for you.

5. How often should I replace my blade?

The frequency of replacement of blades entirely depends on the frequency of weekly shaves you do. In case you shave almost daily, you can use the same Letsshave blade all month long. If you happen to shave 2-3 times a week, you should change the blade in two months. Change Letsshave blade in 3 months if you shave once weekly. 

6. Are there any Letsshave trial kits available?

Yes, there are many Letsshave trial kits available for both men and women. For example, Letsshave Pace 4 is available as a trial kit. The kit contains a handle, Pace 4 blade, and a razor cap. Letsshave trial kits are beneficial for users that need to test the waters before a complete dive.

7. I need multiple products. What options are available in combos?

There are tons of options in the combos as Letsshave value kits or executive kits. The value kits supply extra blades that you may require in the near future. The Letsshave executive kits are suited for buyers that need other complementary grooming products like Letsshave aftershave balms, travel cap, or sensitive shave gel. 

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