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Indulge in Self-love with Garnier Products

A healthy body is essential for our well-being. Likewise, healthy skin and healthy hair are equally important to augment our confidence. For this, one should prefer trusted brands and products that fulfill our skincare and haircare requirements. Garnier is among the most trusted brands that provide quality and affordability through its products. 


Garnier is a popular brand among customers in India and abroad. It has a well-known presence in the market. Its products comprise rich ingredients that blend well with your skin and give all love that your skin is yearning for. Natural and best ingredients nourish the skin and strengthen hair, as healthy food nourishes your body. 


Garnier has an extensive product line that includes face cleansers, serums, moisturizers, sheet masks for skin and colors, shampoos, conditioners for hair. There is no gender disparity in beauty care; thus, Garnier caters requirements of men and women. Separate products are prepared for men and women depending on their skin texture.


Garnier All Product List


Garnier Cleanser – Garnier Bright Complete and Duo action Face Wash is enriched with Vitamin C. It comprises yuzu lemon essence that helps to remove dirt and dullness from your skin. The foam-based face wash makes your skin radiate. The Pure Active Purifying Face Wash comprises neem that helps to heal pimples, blemishes, making your skin look clean and clear. Garnier offers Acno Fight and Oil Clear face wash for fighting acne and pimples and giving oil-free, glowing skin for men as well.


Garnier Moisturizer and cream – Garnier Face Serum is formulated for spot reduction to retain a glowing complexion. Garnier Bright Complete serum cream protects your skin from dark spots, keeping it hydrated all day long to sustain its natural glow. Hydrate and moisturize your skin at night with Bright Complete Night Cream. Garnier Vitamin C Serum price in India makes it the best skincare treatment. 

Garnier Body Lotion Enriched with a Complete Vitamin C Booster, this nourishing cream spreads evenly within your skin and brightens it. Moreover, Garnier BB cream and Garnier skin naturals are an all-in-one moisturizing solution with SPF 24. Almond extract, along with Vitamin C, gives your skin 8-hour moisturization keeping it healthy and glowing.


Garnier Shampoos and Conditioner – Garnier Fructis Long and Strong Shampoo comprising fruit nutrients nourish your hair from the root to tips and makes them stronger. It helps reduce hair damage and strengthens its texture. 

Garnier shampoo, followed by Fructis Long and Strong Conditioner, makes your hair smooth and lustrous. The shampoo contains a soothing aroma and is suitable for all hair types. The Garnier Conditioner with soy milk and almond extracts intensely repairs your hair and restores its quality.


Garnier Hair color – Garnier color naturals come in three vibrant colors with no ammonia. Garnier Hair Dye is enriched with olive, almond, and avocado oils that smoothen your hair, giving it a shine that lasts for eight weeks. Similarly, shampoo color enriched with coffee extract and argan oil is available for men that lasts for five weeks. There are two most popular colors i.e. Garnier hair colour burgundy, Garnier hair colour brown


Why prefer products from Garnier?

Vitamin C is the most demanded and efficient component for healthy, glowing skin. Garnier products mainly involve Vitamin C. Make your daily skincare routine through Garnier face wash, booster serum, day cream, and night cream that consists of yuzu lemon essence. 

The presence of Vitamin C fights pollution, dirt, and sun rays, shielding the natural glow of the skin. Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner also comprises lemon peel extract that gives extra strength to your strands, making them shiny and strong. Garnier products are dermatologically tested, trusted, and are cruelty-free.


Why shop from Trell Shop?

Trell Shop offers you an extensive choice of products. Trell Shop is the perfect destination for all top-rated and best-selling Garnier essentials. It provides you with the choice to select the product size that suits your pocket. Products enriched with Vitamin C such as Bright Complete Face Wash, Bright Complete Serum, Bright Complete Day Cream, and Night Cream are available. 

Along with shampoos and conditioners, hair colors are available in various shades, from which you can choose your preference. Trell Shop assures you of product authenticity and guidelines about how to use the product.


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