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Start Your Self Care Journey With Bombay Shaving Company

Gone are the days when men used just soap as part of cleansing or grooming. As the days have passed by and newer inventions in men’s grooming products came into the market, the trend changed. They have begun using various grooming products such as shaving kits, face wash, beard wash, and many others. 


The step-by-step process of a personal care routine is followed by every single man out there. Several companies make such products, and one of the best amongst them is the Bombay Shaving Company. It has been in the market for quite some time now and has been a top choice for its commendable range of grooming products. 


The Bombay Shaving Company will provide you with the best grooming kits, both for men and women. It includes grooming products for shaving, beard, and hair removal. Whether you want to increase your beard growth or maintain its quality, Bombay Shaving Company has it all. It has smooth razors, which help in the easy removal of hair without adding roughness or coarseness to the hair. This makes it perfectly suitable for women. 


It has effectively taken good care of the users’ showering needs by providing them with premium quality skincare and bath range products. Once you start using the fantastic range of grooming products by Bombay Shaving Company, there is no turning back. It is always there to answer all your grooming needs. The company’s products have no toxic ingredients. 


You can also rely on the best Bombay Shaving Company soaps available in a huge variety. Each one of them is made up of the best ingredients and is skin-friendly too. 


Currently, the Bombay Shaving Company has been witnessing a boom in the marketplace. It has a variety of face masks, shaving kits, and beard growth oils. Not only for men, but it also has a wide range of products for women. These include shave and pamper kits, face and body shave kits, body razors, and biodegradable face razors. 


Bombay Shaving Company: All You Need to Know


The Bombay Shaving Company, founded in 2015, has always strived to improve its users’ personality and aesthetic. With its variety of men’s and women’s grooming products, you are surely going to be awestruck. It has never compromised on the quality of its products since it always looks forward to facilitating user satisfaction.


The company has always focused on providing the finest grooming solutions cost-effectively. Some of its best products include Bombay Shaving Company charcoal soapBombay Shaving Company face washBombay Shaving Company beard kit, razor, beard growing oil, and many others. 


Different Products Facilitated by Bombay Shaving Company 


The products have been divided into three categories. Time for you to know more about them:


  • Shave 


The Shave category consists of every kind of shaving commodity available under the company’s name. Whether you need the oil, shaving foam, or a whole kit, they have it here!


  • Pre Shave Oil: The Pre Shave Oil is made out of orange and sandalwood. It can protect your skin from razor bumps, nicks, or cuts. With the superb fusion of superfoods ingredients, you can have a seamless and smooth shaving experience with no hassle. It is certainly one of the best Bombay Shaving Company beard oils
  • Pre Shave Scrub: The Pre Shave Scrub serves the same purpose as the shave oil. It formulates a lubricating layer on your skin that assists in softening your body hair. It is made of papaya extracts, almond oil, black sand, lemon extracts, and walnuts.
  • Charcoal Shaving Foam: The very effective Charcoal Shaving Foam has activated charcoal. Once you have applied this shaving foam to the desired area, you need not worry about the razor burns.
  • Coffee Shaving Foam: It is made out of a perfect fusion of cream and coffee along with superfoods. The foam can easily exfoliate your skin and helps in the prevention of breakouts.
  • Turmeric Shaving Foam: The Turmeric Shaving Foam has a richness of superfoods and turmeric that helps prevent your skin from post-shave irritation.
  • Sensitive Shaving Foam: This foaming cream is known to reduce the redness on your skin. It is curated from Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Oats. With its Ultra Creme Formula, you are surely going to experience the elimination of post-shave irritation.
  • Silver Metal Razor: It is the famous Bombay Shaving Company razor that comes with double edges. Also, it has a glide action that is gravity-assisted.
  • Premium Shaving Kit for Men: This Bombay Shaving Company kit is inclusive of 6 parts. It is known to facilitate your skin with before and aftercare. It has a shaving cream, safety razor, imitation badger brush, hand towel, pre-shave scrub, and post-shave balm.
  • Shaving Essentials Kit: This shaving essentials kit comes with a pre-shave scrub, post-shave balm, imitation badger hair brush, shave dab, and shaving cream. It’s all that you need for a perfect shaving experience from start to end.


  • Beard

The Beard category comes inclusive of the finest products that can help you maintain your beard. 


  • Beard Care Kit: This kit is an ultimate 6-step regime for your best beard care. It has Bombay Shaving Company beard oil, beard shampoo and conditioner, beard butter, beard growth oil, moustache wax, and beard serum.
  • Beard Growth Kit: It includes the most effective beard-growing commodities. They are beard growth tracker, beard activator, Bombay Shaving Company beard growth oil, and a Bombay Shaving Company charcoal face wash.
  • Beard Grooming Kit: This kit comes with the face and beard wash, beard comb pocket size, cedarwood Bombay Shaving Company beard growth oil, and beard softener. Each one of these is a natural product and is thus, skin-friendly.
  • Beard Straightener Kit: This kit shall serve as the finest help if you have an unruly beard. In just three simple steps, you’ll attain a straightened beard. It comes with beard shampoo and conditioner, beard oil made of cedarwood, and beard straightener. 


  • Women’s Hair Removal 


This category has always facilitated women with the products that help in painless hair removal, unlike waxing! Let us see the products listed under it below:


  • Biodegradable Face Razor: With this fantastic face razor, it becomes pretty easy for women to have an irritation-free facial hair removal at home. This razor has stainless steel blades, and 80% of this product is made up of wheat straw.
  • Body Razor: If you don’t want a painful hair removal experience, this body razor is the best. It ensures an irritation-free shave and long-lasting results.
  • Face and Body Shaving Kit: It is considered the best-selling body and face shaving combo. It effectively helps in removing even the shortest hair.
  • Shave and Pamper Kit: With the anti-clog design and sensitive coating, you will indeed have the best hair removal experience. It has FlexBlade technology and stainless steel blades. 


Apart from the categories mentioned above, the company has also come up with its range of  Bombay Shaving Company soap. They include deep cleansing bath soap, exfoliating bath soaps, refreshing bath soap, charcoal soap, oil control, moisturising bath soap, and shea butter bath soaps. 


Concerns While Shopping for Grooming Products


You might have wondered about a good number of concerns associated with buying a grooming product: 


  1. Reliability of the brand
  2. Price of the product
  3. Quantity of the product

Here are some more concerns about the usage of grooming products which you must be aware of: 


  1. Hair growing back thicker
  2. Skin irritation
  3. Faster hair growth
  4. Cuts, nibs, or itching post-shaving

If you want to stay away from such fear, you need to rely on the best grooming products. You must look for a brand that will take care of all the above-mentioned points, ensuring no side effects. Also, you should completely say no to every grooming product that has alcohol as its constituent. 


Why Choose the Bombay Shaving Company’s Products? 


You might be wondering why you should choose Bombay Shaving Company.  The  Bombay Shaving Company has always been able to satiate the grooming needs of its customers. Thus, it has attained a lot of positive testimonials till now. You can rely on them and get to know how credible the brand is. 


While you are using the Bombay Shaving Company’s products, you can rest assured that their quality is top-notch. You cannot expect the prevalence of any added toxins or chemicals in them. 


With its grooming products, you can easily indulge in self-care. Feeling and looking good has always proved to be the most crucial factor in increasing confidence. You can undoubtedly achieve that with the help of the Bombay Shaving Company beard kit. Every product from Bombay Shaving Company is skin-friendly. So, there is no risk of rashes or itching after using them. It is because the products are chemical-free. A perfect grooming kit by Bombay Shaving Company would make you feel refreshed all over again. Ensure that you use the products in the designated manner. 


Why Opt for Trell Shop to Buy Bombay Shaving Company’s Products Online?


Trell Shop has always been counted amongst the most prominent and renowned online shopping platforms. It aims to facilitate its shoppers with the best array of healthcare and cosmetic products. If you are extensively looking for Bombay Shaving Company’s products, Trell Shop is the place for you. With such a huge range of products available at competitive pricing, you wouldn’t like to miss out on the deal! Trell Shop has made online shopping fun and hassle-free. Count on this top-notch and one-stop shop for all your cosmetic needs. 


Trell Shop offers secured payment modes via NEFT, cards (both debit and credit), UPI, payment wallets, and COD for its customers. The entire ordering process on Trell Shop is hassle-free which ensures a smooth customer journey on the platform. The refund process on Trell Shop is simple where you can raise a request, and money shall be refunded once the product is shipped back to Trell Shop.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bombay Shaving Company Product


1. Should I worry about my skin darkening after shaving?

No, your skin’s colour depends on your genes and not on shaving. While using Bombay Shaving Company’s products, you need not worry about any kinds of side effects. 


2. Is shaving with Bombay Shaving Company’s products painful? 

No, shaving with Bombay Shaving Company’s products is not at all painful. If you compare it with threading or waxing, you will see that shaving is less painful. But, if you have acne or inflamed skin, we won’t recommend you use them. 


3. Can I purchase the products individually if I don’t want a kit? 

If you don’t want to purchase the products in a kit, you can buy them individually. Check out our website to know more about the whole range of grooming products available. 


4. How much time does the beard kit take to show results?

Good things take time! Thus, you should take the best care of your beard and follow the procedure as mentioned. You can witness the results within a tenure of 3-4 months. 


5. Are there any parabens in the products? 

No, every product from Bombay Shaving Company is free from sulphates, animal cruelty, silicones, and parabens. 


6. Should I worry about thicker or faster hair growth after using a face razor for women? 

No, you don’t have to worry about any decrease or increase in your hair growth after using the face razor. Also, there would be no change in your facial hair.


7. Why should I use beard shampoo instead of normal shampoo?

Regular shampoo can cause frizziness in your beard. Beard is thick and rough, which needs milder shampoo, and hence, beard shampoo has been formulated keeping all this in mind. Within a few washes, you will notice a difference in the texture and feel of the beard.

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