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Blue Heaven

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Be glamorous with Blue Heaven Products

Applying makeup to beautify and highlight your facial features is an art. For a successful artist, the color palette has to be superb. Blue Heaven makeup palettes are so rich and vibrant, you’ll be amazed to see the variety of the available products. 


Makeup has no boundaries. It is not gender-specific or skin color-specific. Blue Heaven cosmetics are manufactured based on this philosophy. Some of the best lipsticks, concealers, foundation, and eyeliners are part of the Blue Heaven cosmetics range. Blue Heaven cosmetics are hydrating, nourishing, and made with some of the best natural ingredients to suit all skin types. 


Using or buying makeup products can be intimidating. Some of the questions that arise in our minds concern whether the products have pure ingredients, the effectiveness of the products, and primarily, whether they suit our skin. Most makeup brands cause rashes or breakouts. However, Blue Heaven is a high-quality Indian-origin brand. Its products are manufactured with ingredients to suit Indian skin.


Follow the instructions on how to use Blue Heaven products and after-makeup tips to see amazing long-lasting results. Use a primer before your concealer and foundation for an all-day flawless finish. The Blue Heaven foundation glides across your skin and feels like satin. The texture and smoothness of the Blue Heaven cosmetics merge with the skin to give an impeccable final look.


Usually, makeup products feel heavy on the skin and give an artificial appearance. Blue Heaven products are light, easily absorbed, and effectively hydrating. The Blue Heaven foundation is available in multiple shades. The concealer shades are painstakingly created to complement your skin tone and foundation. The Blue Heaven lipsticks are made for every color and complexion. Matte or glossy; you name it and they have it!


If you are an avid user of makeup products, you must try Blue Heaven cosmetics. Blue Heaven’s extensive range makes everyday makeup so much easier. Stop looking for high-end cosmetic brands made for global skin tones; instead, you can opt for Blue Heaven products that are light on the pocket and deliver identical results.   


Blue Heaven cosmetics


Blue Heaven cosmetics are made from a meticulously perfected process using natural ingredients. There is an unlimited range of electrifying shades of lipsticks, eye palettes, and shimmers. Apart from this, the Blue Heaven has some of the most subtle matte shades for an easy, everyday look.   


Have you ever been stuck while buying cosmetic products? Do you always doubt yourself while browsing makeup products and wonder what to buy? Blue Heaven cosmetics are your answer!


Choosing makeup products for yourself is probably much harder than using them. At Trell Shop, we make your job easier, both in the selection and application of products. At Trell Shop, you can browse through numerous Blue Heaven cosmetic products, such as Blue Heaven lipsticks, Blue Heaven foundations, Blue Heaven primers, Blue Heaven eyeliners, Blue Heaven lip balms, Blue Heaven concealers, Blue Heaven mascaras, and Blue Heaven kajal.


Indian skin is known to have warm and cool undertones. Mostly, warm undertones are observed in Indian skin because our skin has a yellowish tinge. Darker skin tones have a yellowish or reddish undertone. Blue Heaven cosmetics have been made especially for Indian undertones. All shades complement the warm undertones perfectly. The result leaves behind no white cast and polishes your skin to give it a smooth finish using the foundation, primer, and concealer.


Read on further to find out how you can incorporate Blue Heaven cosmetics into your makeup regime! 


List of Blue Heaven cosmetic products


If you happen to explore a makeup store virtually or physically, you will realize that an endless variety of shades is available. Blue Heaven cosmetic products also have shade and skin type variants. Let us read on to familiarize ourselves with Blue Heaven cosmetic products.


Blue Heaven lipstick: Lipsticks are available in glossy and matte variants. You can choose the matte lip colors from the Intense, Elegant, and Hyperstay ranges. Each range has a minimum of six shades, all super trendy. It’s going to be a tough choice! You’ll adore most of them! The texture of the Blue Heaven lipstick is creamy and smooth. The matte lip colors are kiss-proof, which makes them exceptionally long-lasting.


Blue Heaven foundation: Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone is a chore. The Blue Heaven foundation has a waterproof formula with easy spreadability. It is non-greasy and gives a smooth finish, radiant glow, and additional benefits such as protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. The contents are packed in squeeze tubes, enabling you to use up all the product with no wastage. The foundation hides pores, improves your skin texture, and blends with your skin flawlessly.


Blue Heaven primer: A primer builds the base for makeup. A good makeup artist knows that the primer is the understructure of long-lasting makeup. The Blue Heaven primer enhances the adherence of foundation to the skin. The Blue Heaven primer improves the spreadability and blend-ability of the foundation, concealing all the spots and blemishes. Similar to the Blue Heaven foundation, the primer comes in shades befitting the Indian skin tone and can be matched with the complementing foundation shade. The Blue Heaven primer is fairly priced, which makes it an essential product along with the Blue Heaven foundation.  


Blue Heaven eyeliner: The Blue Heaven eyeliner is super-soft gliding liquid eyeliner. It comes in a bottle with a fine-tipped brush. The formula is quick-drying and smooth on the eyelids. The liquid liner gives a gloss finish compared to pencil eyeliners.


Blue Heaven lip balm: The Blue Heaven lip balm is infused with the goodness of shea butter and vitamin E oil. The canola oil in the lip balm protects the skin protein and promotes photo-oxidation. This lip balm comes in an easy roll-on bottle and is travel-friendly. It nourishes, moisturizes, heals dry and chapped lips. It is an essential product for daily use during winters and dry summers. The fruity fragrance and its subtle red tint make it captivating.


Blue Heaven concealer: The Blue Heaven concealer is a high-coverage, nourishing liquid concealer. This tube concealer comes with a long brush applicator. Just dab on the problem areas such as under the eyes, on your laugh lines, and along your jawline and temples for a contoured effect. The concealer is available in four different shades. It is a combination of emollients and moisturizers and can also be used in highlighting the not-so-prominent areas of the face, such as cheekbones and the nose bridge. 


Blue Heaven mascara: The Blue Heaven mascara is a budget-friendly, waterproof mascara. Suitable for long wear, it yields stiffly curling and long lashes. Just hold the wand and swipe up with swirling upstrokes. Mirror the same for the lower lashes, and you’re set!


Blue Heaven Crazy Fun matte lipstick: Looking for the perfect pout? The Blue Heaven Crazy Fun matte lipstick is just the product for you. This sumptuous matte lipstick saturates the lips with color and lends definition. This ultra-matte lip color is uniquely designed. 


Blue Heaven kajal: For an impeccable kohl application, use the Blue Heaven kajal. A waterproof and smudge-proof kajal, it can be used in the form of a kajal pencil or stick. Line the lower eyelid starting from the inner corner of the eye and out, staying close to the waterline. The Blue Heaven kajal has a non-irritant formula and contains ginkgo extracts with antioxidant properties.




A typical concern with cosmetic brands is that they can cause breakouts. Blue Heaven cosmetics have a whole range of segregated cosmetics for oily, dry, and combination skin types. Other concerns with the brand can include,

  • Sustainability 
  • Contents or ingredients of the product
  • Shades in lip colors
  • Value for money
  • Size versus price issues
  • Long-lasting effect


Why purchase Blue Heaven cosmetics from Trell Shop?


High-end cosmetic products are usually too expensive to consider buying. When it comes to makeup products for everyday use, it becomes crucial to choose an Indian brand with the same quality and consistency. Blue Heaven products are high quality, made with professional-grade ingredients for all ages, genders, and skin colors. Blue Heaven products are made by keeping the Indian skin tone and texture in mind. Blue Heaven cosmetics are a feature of the Make in India initiative and are cruelty-free. Trell Shop features the most exquisite selection of Blue Heaven products. The mascaras, foundations, primers, and lip colors are among the bestselling products. Avail of the best deals at Trell Shop and make your purchase with the convenience of a debit card, credit card, or cash delivery. 


FAQs about Blue Heaven cosmetics


How many Blue Heaven concealer shades are available? 

The Blue Heaven concealer is a high-definition, full-coverage concealer for blurring blemishes and smoothening uneven skin. It is available in six shades, namely, chocolate, toffee, cream, honey, vanilla, and caramel.


How do I use the Blue Heaven foundation?

Start by first applying the primer, the preferred shade of concealer, and lastly, the foundation. Spread the foundation using a specialized foundation brush for an even application or use a makeup sponge. Finish with a setting powder.


Can I use the Blue Heaven foundation if I have an oily skin type? 

The Blue Heaven foundation has a non-greasy, oil control formula. It mattifies the skin to reduce oil production. The formula is weightless, waterproof, and stays up to eight hours. It gives a shine-free, even complexion.


Is the Blue Heaven kajal suitable for sensitive eyes? 

The Blue Heaven kajal is formulated with honey, almond oil, camphor, vitamin E, and clarified butter. It is suitable for sensitive eyes.


Is the Blue Heaven lip balm tinted? 

The Blue Heaven lip balm is available in three tints. It is infused with fragrance and has alluring shades, namely, bubble gum, strawberry, and cocoa butter.


Why is a primer so important? 

A primer prepares the skin for the application of the foundation. Once the primer is on, the foundation glides across the skin. The Blue Heaven primer is oil-free and creates a matt base for the application of the foundation. It is best suited for oily skin.


What is the perfect way to get well-defined lips? 

An easy way to get well-defined lips is to first line your lips with a pencil liner and fill in the edges with the same pencil. Next, use a matching lip color and start by filling the upper lip from the center to the outside. Fill in the edges and press with a tissue. Voila, you will obtain the most well-defined and succulent lips in seconds! The Blue Heaven lipstick is rich and creamy, gives full coverage, and smoothens the lips too!


How can I choose the perfect foundation to match my skin? 

The best way to find the perfect foundation to match your skin is to swatch either on the back of your hand and wrist or blend it into your jawline. The back of the hand or wrist is less exposed to the sun and eliminates a mismatch due to a tan. Blend completely before you make a decision.  


What are undertones? 

The undertone is the hue beneath the skin. If you can see green veins beneath the skin, you have warm undertones. If you can see blue veins, you have cool undertones. An undertone identification helps you to find your perfect foundation shade.

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