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The Need for Care

Our skin covers most of our body, and thus taking care of it becomes our utmost responsibility. With the increase in workload and other commitments, maintaining a hygienic and regular skincare routine. Dressing up well, taking care of your skin, and combining it with a regular hair care regime will help the skin and hair look fresh and make you feel more confident when you step out of your home.

Skincare does not only include toning, cleansing, and scrubbing but also means working on maintaining a hygienic routine and putting on proper makeup when you go out. There are so many brands available today, and by understanding your skin type and hair type, you can decide which product and what brand to buy and use.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can go ahead and invest in the various range of products that only suit your personality but also fit your budget. At Trell Shop, we offer the widest variety of skincare, haircare, and other grooming products that will help you protect your skin and look your best at all times.

Range of beauty products

Right from dressing up well to putting on proper make-up and going out not only makes you stand out in the crowd but also helps you establish many relationships and find success. Below is a range of beauty and self-care products that will help you bring out your personality and create a lasting impact.

Face products

At Trell Shop, you will find a range of face products that vary from creams to serums, face washes to face packs, from facial kits to masks, and more. They have partnered with many national and international brands to bring the best products that will help you make the right choice taking care of your face.

Skin Care Products

There are many brands and products at Trell Shop to help you take care of your skin. These range from moisturizers to body lotions, sunscreens to aloe vera gels, and more.

Hair Care products

Trell Shop offers you many hair care products ranging from shampoos to hair masks, hair colors to hair gels, hair oils to hair packs, and from many different brands to make sure you have healthy and shining hair.

Hygiene products

Hygiene products may vary for men and women, but it all comes down to ensure proper care for yourself. At Trell Shop, the hygiene products include sanitary napkins to menstrual cups, from soaps to body washes and scrubs, razors to stretch mark removers, and beard oils anything and everything is available. 

Makeup products

Do you want to look your best? At Trell Shop, we offer many make-up products that will help you bring out your features. The products range from kajal and kohl to mascaras, foundations to eye make-up, lipsticks to blush, compacts and powders, nail paints, and more.

Health care products

Looking good not only includes wearing good clothes and putting on make-up but also means maintaining your health. We at Trell Shop are here with many supplements that will work with you in your journey. These include weight loss capsules, vitamins, apple cider vinegar, protein powder concentrates, and more.

Perfumes and deodorants

To complete your look, add some pleasant fragrance that suits your personality. At Trell Shop, we have partnered with many brands that provide you with many fragrances and options in body mists, perfumes, and deodorants.


One of the toughest decisions in everyday life is to decide what to wear? We at Trell Shop understand this dilemma and hence have brought many options in the apparel for you. Whether you are a man, woman, or a child, you will find your brand and style.

Need for multiple brands

Deciding what products suit us and which don’t require constant trial and error, skin type knowledge, and what goes best with our personality. This decision can be taken with ease when there are multiple brands available in a single place which helps us gain more knowledge and understand the various trends and brands before deciding on our lifestyle.

Why Trell Shop?

Trell Shop offers you multiple brands under one roof. All you need to do is find your product and brand by adjusting the filters and shop. There are many payment options as well, including the possibility of cash at the time of delivery.

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