Fashion Goals Komolika Has Set For Style Enthusiasts

One of the most-loved characters of the famous Hindi TV show Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Komolika has not only given a character to remember but her sense of fashion is worth-remembering. Her presence in any scene made her stand out because of the way she carries herself. And how could that go unnoticed? So here are are our favourite inspirations from the oh-so-legendary character Komolika!

The Long Bindi:

Komolika The Long Bindi

Yes, we’re referring to the first Komolika- Urvashi Dholakia who would walk into any room with her long bold bindis. Each bindi she wore made a statement in itself and is still a fashion inspiration to many women. Wear it and you are sure to make heads turn!

The Cat Eyes:

Komolika The Cat Eyes

Those eyes of Komolika spoke themselves for her! Her bold gray lens completely transformed her look into a cat that’s ready to seek some sweet revenge. Also, not to forget her winged-eyeliner and smoky eye shadow that adds to the dramatic look.

Chunky Jewellery:

Chunky Jewellery

And this time, it’s the new Komolika AKA Hina Khan that we’re talking about. There was a lot of buzz for her replacing Urvashi Dholakia but her looks along with her jewellery totally did justice to the character and we can’t help but admire her look. The nose pins, the waist belts have got many girls going on a hunt for similar designs. 

Sexy blouses:

women wearing Sexy blouses

The blouses that both Hina Khan and Urvashi Dholakia have worn are just too hot and worth trying. If you are someone who loves blouses that are different from the regular ones, Komolika is your go-to inspiration! 

Funky Hairdos:

Can we ever forget the way Komolika played with her hair? It’s etched into our memories so good that there are days we can’t help but try it. 

Talking about the new Komolika, AKA Hina Khan, her funky hair-dos are so good, you will love trying them any day. 

Funky Hairdos:

To sum it all, both these divas as vamps have set a trend and a mood which shall remain evergreen. Who do you like more as Komolika? Urvashi Dholakia or Hina Khan? Tell us! 


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