5 Female Beauty Bloggers Who Aced Their Game in 2020

2020 was a lot of us staying home and watching a lot of content online. We went back to more self-care, DIYs, and all crazy ideas. Thanks to content creators who kept us entertained and gave us new ideas for so many activities. Here are our top 5 picks among the female beauty bloggers who had their game on point!

Tanya Joshi:

If you are looking for a content creator that’s unique and entertaining, you need to follow this power-house of talent. She is not just amazing with her makeup skills but each of her look is awesome and will make you fall in love with makeup a little more when you watch her. She’s definitely made the most out of the lockdown to create fun content. 

Follow her on Instagram @relatewithtanya


Akanksha Kommirelly:

Check out this talent to see how she transforms herself with makeup. If you have textured skin and think makeup can’t do the trick, follow her and you will completely change your perception. Akanksha came up with lots of content during the lockdown and is definitely our favorite. More power to this talent house for creating the best makeup and fashion content!

Follow her on Instagram @akankshakommirelly


Ishani Mitraa:

This creative lady is another talent that you must follow for some great skincare, makeup, and fashion inspiration. She plays around with makeup and also wears some of the best ethnic outfits that you will love adding to your own wardrobe. 

Follow her on Instagram @ishanimitraa


Shreemiya Reddy:

This fresh talent has recently entered into the blogging world and shares a variety of skincare and makeup videos along with their reviews. She is Hyderabad based and also has a great sense of fashion. Follow her feed to get some worthy styling and grooming tips. 

Follow her on Instagram @shreemiyareddy


Sohini Chanda:

This Kolkata-based Youtuber has great content on Instagram too where she showcases makeup and skincare related stuff. Her profile is a perfect place to get inspiration if you are a modern desi girl. What’s more, you will also spot her in Bengali attire at times!

Follow her on Instagram @sohinichanda_15


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