5 Effective Tips For Happy Periods

Happy birthday, that time of the month, period aunty and what more, we use all these names to address our periods. During the menstrual flow, many women tend to get mood swings and lose appetite due to cramps. While this is a natural phenomenon, some days we wish it just didn’t happen!

But how do we make these days feel better? Here are a few tips to help you get through the periods-

Light exercise:

Light exercise during Periods

For these days when you feel bloated and cramps keep troubling you, light exercise can be your guide to easing the pain. Try out some Yoga poses or any form of light exercise which will boost the blood flow.  

Avoid Caffeine:

Avoid Caffeine during Periods

You might want to consume something warm but remember not to have coffee or any caffeine drinks. The caffeine can irritate your stomach and trigger those cramps and bloated feeling. You should also avoid sweet and carbonated drinks. Instead have green tea or herbal tea to feel better. 

Watch something you like:

Watch something you like in periods

Workplace getting annoying or your kid being even more difficult? We get it, sometimes all these challenges come together along with painful periods. So cut off from everything for a while and watch that series or video which you love. And then you’re ready to face the world again like a boss!

Eat right:

Eat Right during Periods

This is something we all know but still do not pay enough attention to. The kind of food you eat affects your menstrual cycle drastically. So eat enough veggies and greens like spinach, kale and fresh fruits. During your cramps keep some dark chocolates, nuts and seeds that aid your cramps and uplift your mood. 

Water and more water:

more water during Periods

Dehydration can not only worsen your cramps but also cause loose motions. When you drink adequate water, the bloating reduces and the water retention also gets better hence easing your period pain. So keep a water bottle next to you all day and keep sipping. 

These are a few easy tips that will help you ease your period cramps and also enhance your mood. What do you do to feel better during your periods? 

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