5 Beauty Inspirations Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S gave

The famous character Monica Geller AKA Courtney Cox from the 90s show F.R.I.E.N.D.S is an unforgettable one. Her fondness for cooking and cleaning is inspiring but her fun side and competitive side is also equally entertaining. 

Here are 5 beauty-related inspirations that we are thankful Monica Geller gave us-

The signature burgundy shade:

During the first few seasons, Monica wore a burgundy shade lipstick many times. Not only did she ace it, but it was also soon known as Monica’s signature look. The shade was neither too red nor too brown but had that perfect tone.

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Painless hair removal method:

Remember the episode where Ross and Rachel had the famous “We were on a break” discussion? In the same episode, Monica got wax to try at home with Phoebe and we could feel the pain through the screen. If you have a sensitive skin opt for shaving or epilators instead. 


The shell-hair:

How can we forget Monica's oh-so-cool shell hairstyle. Although clearly, none of her friends liked it, we feel she was cool enough to pull that off and only Monica Geller could do it. The sound that the shells produced is still fresh in our ears!

The bob-cut hairdo:

This iconic hairstyle wasn’t simply bob-cut. It was one of Monica’s most common looks and is evergreen. The layers and that extra volume is worth trying even today!

The wedding look:

How can we miss that magical moment when Monica married her best friend and looked stunning! Her minimalistic look with natural pink lipstick is an inspiration for us even today. Many brides follow the trend even today!

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So these are some of the beauty inspirations we love other than her memorable character of course! Which of these would you want to try? Tell us!


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