4 Things to Know Before Your First Bikini Wax

Feeling excited for that “bikini-shoot”, aren’t you? And that calls for an appointment for the bikini wax session. So if you are planning to get it done, make sure you are aware of the process and how to prepare for it. 

Here are 4 simple things you need to take care of before heading for your bikini waxing appointment.

Let your hair grow long:

Don't Shave

Before planning to get the bikini wax, ensure that you put that razor down and let the hair grow. And if you have made up your mind to get bikini waxing regularly, you have to stop shaving in between the sessions. The wax will only work best when your hair is at least ¼ inches long. Shorter hair can’t be picked up by wax and when in doubt just let it grow. The salon you visit for the waxing appointment will; guide you through. 

Shower on the session day:

Girl Preparing for Shower

Although this is basic, it’s important that you keep this on your mind. Not only will you feel more confident, but you will also feel at ease during the process. Taking a warm shower just before the waxing session will help open your pores and make the process less painful. 

A few days before your session, it’s best that you scrub your body using good exfoliants. And once you are there for your session, ensure your skin is completely dry and if needed, some baby powder can do the trick for soaking up any moisture or sweat.

Give some breather time to your skin:

Give some breather time to your skin

Don’t let your skin get immediately exposed to the outside environment after your session. Give it some time to breathe and if you need to step out or be on the beach, wear clothes accordingly to let the skin breathe. 

Apply coconut oil if needed:

Coconut Oil

It is common for some to feel irritated or inflammation right after the bikini wax session. Do not panic! Simply use some coconut oil. It will not only soothe the skin but also taking care of any itchiness. 

So now that you know what to do, just remember to breathe. For first-timers, this might be tough but with these simple steps, your session will surely be a pleasant one!

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