10 Things You Need To Stop Doing NOW On Your Skin

Your skin is beautiful and needs care and attention to keep the goodness intact. However, oftentimes you tend to do some mistakes that lead your skin to lose that charm and freshness. 

Here are 10 skin mistakes you should give up to enhance your skin’s natural beauty-

Picking your spots:

Girl Picking the spots

As tempted as you might be to fiddle with your spots or squeeze them, remember it will only make them worse. Your fingers touch a lot of objects and carry bacteria which in turn will only cause harm to those pimples and spots.



Cleansing your skin properly is important but when you over-exfoliate it, you may cause harm to the upper layer of the skin. This can result in more sensitivity and damage to the skin.

Sleeping in your makeup:

Sleeping in your makeup

Take an oath now and stop doing this like forever! You may feel lazy to take all that effort so to make it easy, simply use micellar water to wipe off that in no time. But sleeping with makeup on can clog the pores of your skin causing acne and other skin issues. 

Skipping sunscreen:

Skipping sunscreen:

Repeat, remember and revise that you will always apply sunscreen. Even if it’s a cloudy day, remember that the strong UV rays can still cause harm to your skin. Reapply after 4-5 hours if you’re outdoors the entire day.

Staying awake until late:

Staying awake until late

Ever felt that you’re doing skincare but your skin doesn’t care? This might be because of the lifestyle that you have. Staying awake until late can take away the moisture and freshness from your skin. So ensure that you maintain a healthy sleep schedule.


GIRL Smoking

Spending a lot of bucks for your skin treatment but not giving up smoking will only undo the treatment that you do. It’s simply tampering with your skin for no good. Any skincare products and treatment will only work best when you stop smoking.

Touching your face:

Girl Touching her face

Loving yourself is important and hence to do so you might want to touch that pretty face of yours every now and then. But don’t forget that your hands carry bacteria and can cause acne to your skin. So avoid touching your face unless they’re clean and you really need to.

Sugary diet:

Sugary diet

You love for something sweet can cause harm to your skin as they make the skin look older and can also break down the collagen of your skin. Switch to healthier alternates instead. 

Using dirty pillowcases
Using dirty pillowcases

Your skin needs to rest on a clean and soft material like satin. The reason being cotton pillowcases cause more friction to the skin, stripping it off its natural collagen. Also, acne-prone skin ladies need to pay special attention to using clean pillowcases. 

Talking on the phone:

girl Talking on the phone:

Use earphones or wireless means to talk on the phone. We’re not asking you to stop talking on the phone but do it either on the speaker or other modes that don’t need you to stick your face on the phone screen. Your mobile phone accumulates a lot of bacteria which can lead to causing pimples. Also, remember to clean your phone frequently.


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