10 Best Effective Tips To Follow For That Bridal Glow

Your big day is decided and now it’s time to plan to look your best! To get that pretty bridal glow, you need to make a few lifestyle changes and be more alert as to what you put into your skin and diet. 

Here are a few tips that are assured to give you that bridal glow you dream of-

  • Get enough sleep:

Better Sleep

This is the most basic step and you sure are aware of it. But most of us are guilty of staying awake late at night. As a bride-to-be, you need to start getting enough sleep so you are fresh and are able to sort out all the things before your wedding day. 

  • Get body massages:

body massages

There are tons of benefits associated with body massages.  Other than providing relaxation and releasing stress from muscles, it also reduces stress hormones. Many brides-to-be undergo stress due to work and all the wedding-related tasks. Body massages are perfect as they also help improve the skin tone. 

  • Consume diet having anti-oxidant:

Consume diet

A diet rich in anti-oxidants helps prevent premature ageing and repair the damaged skin cells. Onion, garlic, grapes, tomatoes, oranges and spinach are some anti-oxidant rich foods. Consume a diet which is rich in vitamins A, C and E.

  • Try stress boosting activities:

Budget issues, arrangements, outfits and the list goes on. To top it all, you may be having a really busy schedule both at work and at home. The pressure to look beautiful keeps lingering around. So indulge in some self-time by practising Yoga, meditation or any other outdoor activity to keep yourself in a good state of mind.

  • Say no to caffeine and alcohol:

Say no to caffeine and alcohol

If you’re someone who can’t do without a cup of coffee in the morning, try replacing it with an apple. It will make you feel more active compared to coffee and is a healthier choice as well. Excess caffeine can hamper your skin and sleep patterns as well. 

Replace your weekend alcohol plans with some fruit juices and drinks like tender coconut for that flawless glow.

  • Go for full-body scrub:

A body scrub helps buff away dead cells and dullness from your body giving it that rejuvenated glow and freshness. Start doing this at least 6 months before your big day once every 15 days or a month. 

Get your body care essentials - Body Care

Body Care
  • Get regular facials:

regular facials

Depending on your skin type and the kind of look you want, you can schedule your facial appointment once every month. This will help in toning your face and give it that healthy glow. 

  • See a dermatologist:


If you are facing skin issues like redness, allergies or excess acne, see a skin doctor to help yourself out. Your skin will get better if you follow advice from an expert.  

  • Use home remedies:

For those with normal skin, you can go for home-made packs which you can make using just a few ingredients from your kitchen. Yoghurt, gram flour and rose water make an excellent face pack for glowing skin. For spots, you can also apply mashed tomato pulp and wash off after 15 minutes. 

You can even do the cleansing, scrubbing and apply face packs at home.

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Masks & Peels

  • Under-eye care:

Apply almond oil or an eye-cream under your eyes every night to give it that well-rested, fresh look. 

Under Eye Cream & Serums

Get under-eye care essentials - Under Eye Cream & Serums

These are a few simple yet effective tips for every bride-to-be that will help her achieve that bridal glow. We wish you have a happy married life!

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