5 Reasons To Apply Oil On Your Body Regularly

If you want your skin to remain its best, body oil is a great option. Although a body oil sounds greasy, they are lightweight and after application get soaked into the skin for a protective layer. Not only are body oils made of natural ingredients and free of chemicals, but their regular usage can also benefit your overall well-being both physically and mentally. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should apply oil to your body regularly- 

Improves circulation:

Oil Massage for Improves circulation

With an oil massage, the stiff joints of the body are able to ease which results in improvement of the blood circulation. The added attention due to oiling provides the body with a boost of energy as well.

Keeps the skin moisturised:

Keeps the skin moisturised

Most lotions get rubbed off easily and do not last long as compared to body oils. But with body oil, the moisture remains locked into the skin for hours as it penetrates deep into the skin. Let the oil soak into your body for 3-4 minutes before you dress up. 

Can help fade stretch marks:

Oiling help fade stretch marks

Although getting rid of stretch marks completely isn’t possible, regular oiling can help reduce the appearance of these marks. The marks fade away gradually with regular application of oil and hence provide firmness to the skin.

Ease Stress:

Ease Stress

Your overall health can improve with regular oiling as it relaxes the mind along with the body. Your body ache and pain reduces thus helping to decrease stress. It also aids in the anxiety caused due to winter. 



Compared to body lotions, body oils are low priced. In some cases, there might be an exception, but these oils last longer and need not be applied in the same quantity as body lotions. To make the most out of your body oil, apply it immediately after a shower as it will cover more area. 

So these are a few reasons why you should start applying body oil regularly. The best way is to exfoliate the body first and then apply the oil on the body immediately after a shower. 

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