A Guide To Best Products For The Right Beard Care

Beard is every man’s best friend that adds to the confidence. With so many products out there, many of us wonder how exactly to achieve that on-the-point beard. So why not learn to groom them right? 

Here’s a guide to keeping your beard at its best-

Wash your beard:

Wash your beard regularly using beard wash at least 2 times a week. This will keep your beard at its best while it stays free from bacteria and dirt buildup due to sweat and environmental factors. 

Man washing his beard

How to wash: 

Use plain water to wash the beard first and then lather up a small amount of the beard wash. Let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute and wash off. Use a comb to clear any knots in the beard if needed. 

Oil your beard:

If you want to keep your beard hydrated and free from the coarseness, get yourself a good beard oil. This will also keep the itchiness at bay while making it healthy. 

Men Oiling his beard

How to oil:

Take 2-3 drops of beard oil in your palms and massage evenly starting from the base and spread evenly all around your damp or dry beard. Ensure your beard isn’t wet.

Trim routinely:

Trimming is essential to make your beard look its best. It helps trim out unnecessary strands and give them a neat look. Skip using trimmers as they tend to cause split ends. 

Man Trimming his beard

How to trim:

Take a pair of scissors for more precision and with the help of a comb, trim the hair for uniformity in length. Follow the natural shape of your face for trimming.  

Use a serum to detangle:

If your beard tends to get tangled and rough, a beard serum is your best bet. It not only detangles them but also adds shine. Some beard serums also gradually help in boosting growth.

Man Applying Beard Serum

How to use:

Once you have applied the beard oil, take a few drops of the beard serum and apply evenly on the beard hair. 

Set the beard:

Use a beard cream to set the unruly hair of your beard. Whether you’re heading to work, an event or a date, this will boost your confidence and save you from having to set your beard every now and then. 

Man Applying Beard Cream

How to use:

Take a small amount, spread it around the beard and finish by combing to set them. 

And that’s it you’re ready to rock with the best beard face! Happy grooming!