5 Easy Tips For Men To Make Perfume Long-Lasting

Smelling great all day adds to your confidence and also gives that lasting impression to anyone who meets you. There may be several reasons that the perfume’s smell doesn’t last long on your skin such as excess sweating, dry skin or using the wrong product. 

Hence if you’re fed up of investing in perfumes only to find that it’s going in vain as the smell doesn’t last long, read on as we have the best tips for you!

Apply on damp skin:

Timing is key in everything and that includes applying your perfume as well. Apply your perfume on damp skin when you hop right out of the shower. This will lock in the smell better making it last longer.

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Shop the right product:

Different perfumes come with different concentrations and can smell different on your skin. Furthermore, varying levels of oils and flavours are blended together to make perfumes. The next important thing to note is that perfumes are made of 4 different bases. These are citrus, earth, musk and floral.

So, the next time you use your perfume, pay attention to what base lasts long and smells great on you. You can make this perfume your signature perfume to smell great all day!

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Store Perfume In a Cool Place:

Perfumes can also be a great addition to decorate your room but make sure that when you do so, sunlight does not fall on them. Moreover, while storing them in any place, do note that the place does not get subjected to varying temperature levels. 

So definitely do not store your perfumes in your bathroom. Always store them in a cool, dark place in your room to retain their fragrance.

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Spray on Pulse Points:

When you spray perfume on your pulse points like the wrist, behind your neck, ear, elbow and knee, the fragrance reacts to the body heat generated by these points. Thus, the fragrance stays in the body for a longer period. 

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Avoid scrubbing the perfume:

If your perfume doesn’t have a spray nozzle, block it by inverting it into your fingertip and then dab the perfume on your pulse points. Wash your hands after dabbing it but ensure you do not rub the perfume. This is because the friction caused by rubbing or scrubbing the perfume tends to make it fade.

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By following these tips, you will see your perfume last longer for sure!


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